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All About The Internet, Software And Business


2 Copywriting Techniques by Mike Jezek

10 Principles To Apply In Building Your Online Business

2 Free Downloads



2 Copywriting Techniques by Mike Jezek


Mike Jezek reveals how you can connect with your prospects' sense of sight, hearing and touch and lead them into a buying mood, using the right words and language in your sales copy. Nothing hypnotic, just scenario projection. Check this article about future pacing.


Do you know how to tap on your prospects' fear of loss? Far too often, many marketers capitalize on this fear with limited promotion. Mike reveals how you can tap on the real fear, that the loss of the solution prolongs the problem.



10 Principles To Apply In Building Your Online Business


Here's something Nelson wrote as a result of his year-end performance review. You can consistently and constantly create opportunities out of doing these things as a habit every single day.



2 Free Downloads


1) The 12-Month Millionaire - 1st Chapter Preview: Last week, we presented the incredible audio call by $100-million millionaire Vincent James. Well, here's the eye-opening 1st chapter and we think this book is destined to be a classic.


2) Discover The Coming EBook Explosion!: The 'explosion' really lies with the niches outside of the Internet, technology and business. In this PDF file, Jonathan Mizel shows a few good examples of e-book selling minisites and 5 main sources of e-book ideas.


Fresh Picks


How to Earn 5 Figures a Month With Article Marketing

Sales Page Designer

Keyword Explosion



How to Earn 5 Figures a Month With Article Marketing


, You have heard the old saying "Content is King".

These days you can find tons of information out there. The challenge is hardly anybody really talks about how to use them, particularly articles, effectively.

This is especially true if you have content but do not know how to use it to generate traffic, boost your search engine ranking, build your list, keep customers coming back, and more.

Cody Moya just finished his new 219-page "How to Earn Five Figures a Month With Article Marketing" Course and decided to offer Master Resell Rights to it too.

Please note the Master Resell Rights for this is only limited to the first 200 purchasers. Of couse you don't have to download this just for the rights so that you can resell or give this hot product away. Using Cody's tips will be worth far more to you in the long run.

So get "How to Earn Five Figures a Month With Article Marketing" and use these same secrets to send your profits skyrocketing!


Sales Page Designer


Sales Page Designer is a user-friendly copywriting software that will generate premium sales copy for you in just a few minutes.

With the Sales Page Designer you don't have to know anything about HTML or how to format your sales page. This revolutionary new software not only creates the sales copy for you, it also formats it entirely for the Web. All you have to do is follow the detailed instructions and simply fill-in-the-blanks.

Once you have entered your information, push click and the info you input is immediately transformed into eye-popping sales copy that is sure to peak your viewers' curiosity.

Here are some main features of the Sales Page Designer:

* Create unlimited profit-pulling sales pages for every product
* Save the money paying for a copywriter for every new product you create.
* Create completely formatted and optimized sales web pages
* Creates your sales page instantly ready for the search engines
* Built-in hover ad generator that automatically collects e-mail addresses for you.

Plus A Whole Lot More...

Now you can start to create order-pulling sales pages in minutes for all your products the easy way!


Keyword Explosion


This is probably one of the biggest keyword database you can get for your keyword/Adsense research. Is this something you are likely to get? You must hurry as the price will increase.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Internet Partnerships—Don't Throw Away Your Business by Richard Chapo, Esq.



Internet Partnerships—Don't Throw Away Your Business by Richard Chapo, Esq.


Usually, a JV on the Internet is informal and quick-&-easy, with each party solely responsible for his/her own sphere of business activities. However, there are legal liabilities you should know to better protect yourself and your business from implications should one party get into a dire situation. Richard Chapo discusses the things you wouldn't have expected behind the scenes and why it's costly to ignore them. Here's the article.


Your Personal Mastery


10 Qualities Of Being Wise



10 Qualities Of Being Wise


1. Be enthusiastic. Never lose your appetite for enthusiasm, for it always brightens and colors other people's lives as much as yours.


2. Be righteous. Never lose your capacity to mete justice for the benefit of the people around you.


3. Be generous. If you can't be generous when it's hard, you won't be when it's easy.


4. Be professional. Professionalism IS the secret to confidence. It creates the ability in you to do anything well when you put your mind to it.


5. Be humble. When you have confidence, strive for humility. You aren't that good.


6. Be discerning. Know how to discover the best that people and resources have to offer. Use them to supplement your own and give credit to them when they have helped.


7. Be understanding. The greatest tragedies in the world and personal events stem from misunderstandings. To avoid them, learn to communicate well.


8. Be proactive. Don't let things happen. If you seek success, you have to make them happen.


9. Be responsible. When you think you have failed any one of the first 8 points, know that only you yourself can make it right. Do not argue, blame, complain, defend, excuse, find fault, gripe, h?, i?, justify :)


10. Be faithful. Abide all good principles of life and fulfill the calling as it is required of you in life.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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