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3 Incredible Downloads

10 Amazing Product Selling Formulas



3 Incredible Downloads


1) YPOPs!: Ever fantasize receiving and sending your Yahoo! mails in Outlook/Outlook Express? YPOPs! is your answer. I've been using this for a few years and it is consistently great. However, the software is subjected to constant revision due to algorithm changes on the side of Yahoo! mail servers. If it stops downloading mails into Outlook for several days, it's time to download a new version. If you can't send mails out, you have to mail out directly from your Yahoo! account (by keying in the anti-spam code). You have to get used to the tell-tale signs.


2) Dotcomology: In broad-based Internet Marketing style, Stone Evans has released an awesome 325-pages e-book on everything he knows about the science of making money online, and it's worth at least $47 and it's free.


3) Mark Tse's Free Download Area: There are 26 files to keep you busy and up to speed at starting a profitable Internet business.



10 Amazing Product Selling Formulas


1. Sell your products at a wholesale price to retail websites. You could sell them individually or in bulk.


2. Set up joint ventures with other businesses to sell your product to new customers. They can introduce it to their customers for a set price.


3. Allow other websites to sell your product for a set commission. They can take a percentage of the sale and send you the rest of the order to drop ship.


4. Sell your product through an affiliate program. You just pay people a set commission for each of their sales or click-throughs.


5. Sell people the rights to reproduce your product. You could sell them straight out for one price or collect royalty payments from each sale they make.


6. Set up a cross promotion deal with another web business. Allow them to sell your product as a backend product to their existing customers base.


7. Sell your product in a package deal with other web businesses. You can both advertise it and split the profits.


8. Rent your products out for a set period of time. It's like selling but, you get the products back to rent again.


9. Allow people to subscribe to your products. It works best when selling info products, services or memberships.


10. Allow people to lease your products. It's like renting them but they have the option of buying at the end of the lease.


Fresh Picks


Holiday Toy Guide

Brainstorm Generator




Holiday Toy Guide


This is a quick message because time is running out on this and if you want to generate some easy income in the next few weeks you need to get out there as soon as you can with the Holiday Toy Guide.


December 10th through the 25th is usually known as CRUNCH TIME on eBay.


Parents start to panic as they cannot find the special toy their son or daughter desires most. And in this panic, they are willing to go to EXTREME measures and PAY incredible prices!


In many stores around the US (and the world) items sell out but in other places they still line the shelves. That's where you can come in and just "clean house" a.k.a. buy them at retail and resell them. There's still enough time to take advantage of this but you have to act soon.


You will know which products are extremely in demand right up until the last few days of Christmas, and how to clean house quickly and make some decent extra cash!



Brainstorm Generator


No idea what niche you want to be in?


No idea of some highly profitable keywords and keyphrases that you simply don't know about?


Brainstorm Generator does the thinking, niche finding and keyword research for you! With a few clicks and searches, its keyword research results are as fresh as a fish just pulled out of the sea. BG refreshes results every minute and has one simple special feature that will make it almost impossible for any two BG users to get the same keyword results!


That means every user avoids a situation of competition! Even if BG has to find 10,000 fresh and non-competitive keywords, it is still less error-prone, smarter and faster than any human being! Get top paying Adsense keywords, more commissions and profits from your Adwords campaign and sure-fire product ideas that sell with BG!





PDF-Creator allows you to create your own professional-looking PDF files from ANY document. Simply open your file, such as a Word document, and click File > Print. Select the PDF-Creator printer and you're done. It'll create your PDF for you! Get your free trial.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


8 Ways To Generate More Ideas In A Group by Kevin Eikenberry



8 Ways To Generate More Ideas In A Group by Kevin Eikenberry


There is a degree of mastery on the part of everyone as they come and coordinate together as a mastermind group. Without the required teamwork skillset, all too often group thinking is not optimized to reap the maximum benefit of highly useful ideas. Here are 8 tips you can take away and apply in your next meeting.


Your Personal Mastery


Success Is A Journey



Success Is A Journey


People may think success is luck, and they keep trying to win the lottery of life. But success is really the result of planning. It happens when preparation and opportunity meet. More people may think success is learning how to never fail, but that's not true. Success is learning from failure. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Failure truly becomes failure when we do not learn from it. Some people still think success is instantaneous. They look at it as a moment, an event or a place in time. It's not. Success is really the process. It is growth and development. It is achieving one thing and using that as a stepping stone to achieve something else. Success is a journey. It is a choice. Success is not given to a few; it is chosen by a few. Not all educated people are intelligent, but intelligent people will educate themselves.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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