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Free Download: Harvey Segal's The Ultimate SuperTips

10 Website Add-Ons That Can Catapult Traffic



Free Download: Harvey Segal's The Ultimate SuperTips


There's a great free Ebook we have just come across which I predict will become very popular.


It presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will never become obsolete. Plus an ingenious twist which will send your traffic rocketing.


The e-book is written by Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips) is neatly set out, easy to follow, written without hype and not littered with annoying links.


In 24 pages, Harvey has managed to include one unique idea after another on a wide variety of topics starting with his controversial stance on search engines and moving on to:


- Getting traffic to your site
- Preselling with free ebooks
- Preselling with articles
- Autoresponders and follow up campaigns
- Ad tracking
- Affiliate marketing
- ClickBank
- Viral marketing
- PDF book creation
- Ebook rebranding
- Creating niche sites
- Resale rights


He even throws in an amazing viral idea for making you money from the book itself at the end his ebook. 'nuff said, get it right here.



10 Website Add-Ons That Can Catapult Traffic


1. Add a message board to your website. People will visit your website to ask questions and answer other people's questions.


2. Add a link directory to your website. People will visit your website to find related web site links for the topic they're interested in.


3. Add an article section to your website. People will visit your website to read and learn new info related to their interests.


4. Add an archive of past e-zine issues to your website. People will visit your website to read past issues of your e-zine that they've missed.


5. Add a free ebook directory to your website. People will visit your website to download, study and read new information.


6. Add a free classified ad section. People will visit your website to place their own free classified ad and to read other offers.


7. Add a free link page to your website. People will visit your website to place their own link and to look at other people's links.


8. Add an "about us" page to your website. People will visit your website to read about your business and yourself.


9. Add a guest book to your website. People will visit your website to leave their opinions about your business and to list their signature file.


10. Add a free software download page to your website. People will visit your website to find new software that will make their life easier.


Fresh Picks


How Did Jeremy Burns Realize He Just Left Ten Grand On The Table?



How Did Jeremy Burns Realize He Just Left Ten Grand On The Table?


He told Michael Rasmussen, "After reading your manual I almost felt sick...When I read one of the tips you revealed, I knew right that second that I had left tens of thousands of dollars on the table during the last sale I held...awww! It could have easily make me an extra $50,000! I can't wait to put some of your ideas into action!"


"Take my advice and take the day off. Get access to the course now, print it and read it today. It will open your mind to the simple possibilities of how Michael and others are making over $50,000 when they put these concepts in to action...over and over and over." – Mike Filsaime


"This is THE step-by-step guide for those who desire to profit wildly from running their own fire sales." – Ewen Chia


"Michael had one of the most successful sales that I have ever witnessed, and his book is an amazing outline showing the steps that he did to achieve this. Take this and model it in your niche and you could be the next 'fire sales' success story." – Russell Brunson


Besides Mike Filsaime's FireSale Secrets, nowhere else on the Internet will you find a proven, step-by-step roadmap to fire sale success like this one. You'll learn:


* The single biggest mistake that newbie marketers make when contacting JV partners.


* 3 little-known places where you can find high-quality JV partners, and get them promoting your fire sale.


* One little tweak you can make to your fire sale affiliate program that will have the Internet gurus lining up one after another to promote your offer.


* And so much more!


Fire sales are now hotter than ever, and there has never been a more perfect time for you to make money off this booming trend. People just like you are pulling in tens of thousands of dollars by using the very same secrets contained in this report.


It would be financial suicide for you to try to holding a fire sale on your own without using this report as your guide. I've already made all the mistakes, and I've included them in this report, so that you don't have to.


Come in and see what the fuss is all about.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


5 Ways To Run A Great Meeting by Helen Wilke



5 Ways To Run A Great Meeting by Helen Wilke


Oh, I grow to hate business meetings more and more :) Looking back from my own experience, I could tell there's so much redundancy in all that talk. What's the #*$&*%@ point in wasting all that breath? It's me I'm talking about.


I failed to listen actively, and I failed to take action massively. I must maximize and optimize your act of doing these 2 things so as to bridge the lag between learning and doing. Again, it all goes right down to fine-tuning my "being-ness". Have presence of mind and awareness of surroundings so that I can feel very awake and right in the thick of the moment. I'll commit less mistakes and get better results with the same usual effort in less time.


Homework: Repeat this mantra every morning in the mirror. Use psychological triggers if necessary. Tell yourself to BE an accomplished professional, and you should be on your way to greater success.


Haha, enough of Jedi-talk. Helen Wilke tell you how you can optimize your meeting time in 5 ways.


Your Personal Mastery


What Do You Want To Be Remembered For Before You...?



What Do You Want To Be Remembered For Before You...?


Following the passing of Peter Drucker, I was reminded yet again of a trigger question that has a strange effect of moving people into immediate and massive action. In fact, the moment you ask yourself this, the answer just might pop into your head without you having to search for it.


What do you want to be remembered for before you DIE?


, you might have begun suspecting I'm infatuated with life and death this past few weeks, but really, it's all a coincidence and I thought I might as well ride the wave and create a series. That's the art of creating a newsletter :)


The life-and-death issue is nothing new and big. Many successful people had drawn strength from the Law Of Polarity, most recently Steve Jobs who had a cancer scare last year. I suppose the religious folks have an open mind more readily, knowing that life on earth is only a tiny-winny phase of the eternal afterlife we are heading next. That indirectly implies that risk is subjective, but that definitely doesn't mean you can go home and sleep the world away, or blow yourself up in hopelessness, huh. A candle that burns twice as long is not as remarkable as one which burns twice as bright and short.


If you agree with the above statement, you have taken the first step towards pulling your future into the present. Warren Buffett said it correctly, "If you say, 'I'm taking this job...I do not really like this job but in 3 years it will lead to this', forget it. Find one you like right now."


You see, the world keeps changing and any sense of security is huh, a false sense. You have to sharpen your instinct or intuition to know where to ride the next big wave or create that wave yourself. Peter Drucker actually created a whole new field of management consultancy. The impression of creation has always been described as a 5-letter word called 'great' since the beginning of time.


I'm coming to 29 in 11th December. Will I still be doing Adsense when I'm 59? Or even 49? Google stock just surpassed the US$400 mark, but touch wood, if it all collapses and my 16,435 sites go with it, what am I going to do next? Am I so stagnant that I can't learn anything else besides Adsense? Again, the spectre of a false sense of security clouds the mind of whoever feels they can program their life like a TV schedule.


What do you want to be remembered for before you die? Do it now. If risk is subjective, I dare say so is your financial status. I don't know how much money you have in the bank, but if it pays you less than 1% interest per annum, I think it's a shoebox. Go and study where to invest your time, energy and capital and move and exercise that money around. If you don't have much cash, get other people's money because they are also looking to move and exercise their wealth around. The difference between the smarter guy and the richer guy is the smarter guy knows better what to do.


Think BIG, Do BIG, Live BIG. Don't worry about your next rice bowl. Looking back, have you ever worried? All the resources in the world are ready to move according to your next decision. If you believe that, you also believe there is more than enough concrete to build more White Houses in China and India than you could ever possibly imagine. At least I say so.


Have something to say? Put it in the SayBox below. Cheers! – Nelson



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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