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Are You Doing These Things To Get Targeted Subscribers?

10 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates by Jay Bower

The No-Bull Guide To Making Money Online by Stuart Reid



Are You Doing These Things To Get Targeted Subscribers?


When you seriously put them into practice, turning your actions into regular habits is only a matter of time.


1) Viral marketing via e-book giveaway...your OWN e-book.


2) Get visitors' attention to subscribe to your database by putting in a subscription box in as many pages as possible.


3) Give visitors a powerful freebie they can't refuse...on condition they must subscribe to you.


4) Get your visitors or subscribers active by giving them a stake, thereby giving them control over content in your website, forum, newsletters etc.


5) Showcase your subscribers' websites and their businesses in your newsletters. They will feel IN DEBT.


6) Once in a while, run a chat room session to discuss Internet Marketing with your people. Maintain contact and sustain relationships. Once you are skillful enough this may lead to online seminars.


7) When you finally run your own teleclass, create an affiliate program to encourage affiliates bring new referrals to you! Great way to get targeted newcomers to your site.


8) Encourage recipients of your free works to distribute as part of their own content arsenal.


9) Write articles and e-courses and submit everywhere you can. Reuse your articles to suit every possible form of online and offline media. Just keep your eyes open.


10) Start an article directory service yourself! You can attract more writers and article seekers with the most minimal of effort.


11) Create postcards with your e-zine information to hand out at events.


12) Print out articles and hand them around at events (which must be appropriate in context). Your signature at the articles' end leads them to your site. Show them you are the expert here!


13) Too few people realize the business card can be a very powerful advertising weapon. The 'normal' card is printed on one side containing company and personal names, address and contact. Not good enough. See the sample below. This secret is already worth $47!






14) There are many folks out there who will swap e-zine ads with you. It's one of the best ways to multiply subscriber addresses. We invite you to write in to us with a title, short description and URL of your e-zine so we can display YOU. The beige box below is an example.


15) Hire writers whenever you can afford. Leveraging on another person's effort can help you get more articles out in a month.


16) Send a survey to your readers yearly; get them involved in your business!


17) Include information on whitelisting in your welcome note.



10 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates by Jay Bower


Elevating the status of your clients is not hard when you put your corporate treatment towards them through a systematic pace. Here are the top 10 ways to convert prospects into customers.



The No-Bull Guide To Making Money Online by Stuart Reid


Secrets or no secrets, the strategies that work 10 years ago and 10 years later would be recognized as principles that stood the test of time. Stuart Reid lets you in on the one secret you must apply to...well, make money at all. Here's his article.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Have You JVed Yet?



Have You JVed Yet?


, have you already started to communicate with fellow marketers and JV around? There are plenty of resources out there to help you learn about JV, but unless you have a go at it, all the theories and articles in the world can't help you craft a very simple 2 or 3-liner and ask the other person to accept it.


"Uh...uh...uh...Duh, *Gulp* Hi [Name], you know me well enough such that we can do some JV? How about a simple ad swap for the next 5 weeks?"


It works! That's why you see the beige box above. There's nothing to be shy about...Joint ventures are a fantastic way to:


1. Form new partnerships (often with your competition, who aren't really competition by the way).


2. Build long-lasting, fruitful relationships quickly.


3. Start working with other like-minded people for mutual benefit.


4. Increase your popularity both in the marketing circles online and with the search engines.


5. To gain further exposure and brand your business.


6. Exchange unused advertising inventory in your publication or on your website and swap ads, products, services...all kinds of good things!


All you need is compile a list of established marketers as you go along in your business. Make them your friends first. How? Ask them a question. About themselves, their products, their recent campaigns... anything as long as it's natural, flowing, informal and friendly just like those junk mails we still receive from our pals. Then the interaction begins. You take it from there.


Alternatively, you can belong to a JV program that can give you access to the 'right' kind of business people to help give YOUR business a boost. Think of it as another form of business networking group except that it's online. Typically in such a program, you can:


1. Easily locate a huge army of super marketers who are ready to JV with you, to sell or promote your products/services for you, and help you to expand and grow your business quickly.


2. Get endorsements of your products/services from top marketers!


3. Acquire more profitable products by using what you already have in your inventory! (barter trading)


4. Get products for FREE or at discounted price and resell it for profit!


5. Offer products at much lower prices to your customers than your competitors!


6. Cut your online/offline advertising cost up to half or more!


7. Get thousands of new targeted prospects subscribed to your mailing list everyday!


8. Get professional web designers & programmers to work on new products development at no initial cost to you!


9. Get thousands of new targeted visitors to your site/store everyday!


10. Get your inbox flooded with enquiries of your products/services everyday!


11. Get non-stop payments notifications flooding your inbox everyday!


The possibilities are limitless. Just expect the unexpected of how JVs can turn out for you, as long as both sides aim to make it profitable on a mutual basis.


JV Revolution gives you the power to manage your joint ventures in such a way that has never been offered elsewhere to put you in control at all times, because it has a member's control panel.


* Search for joint ventures
* Make a joint venture offer directly to a member
* See who you have made offers to
* See how many active joint ventures you currently have running
* See who has rejected your offer
* View your completed joint ventures


It's supposed to be a monthly subscription, but you can be a member for just a one-time fee of $5. Will you be part of our group? See you soon.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


Study by Bob Proctor

"The Millionaire Next Door" Chapter 1 Excerpt



Mark Twain said he never let schooling interfere with his education. A good thing he knew what the difference is. We don't think anyone likes to study. If your kid does, well, be happy there shouldn't be much problems in the short term. But in the longer term, a lifetime study in the University of HK (Hard Knocks, not Hong Kong) will be the crucial compass that guides one's path through his/her calling.


Before you discuss with your kid whether s/he prefer to be book-smart or street-smart, read this solid article by uncle Bob. Studying for the sake of it bears no fruit, but when it does, you can be a cut above others. Awareness of this 'cut' is what's missing in plain, ordinary folks! Be extraordinary, and know your 'cut'.


Study by Bob Proctor


A clear 90% of the population in North America read at a grade 7 level. That's because we learn to read by the time we have reached grade 7 and never improve our reading ability from that point on. Shocking, isn't it?


It is not only shocking, it's a shame. What is even worse is this lack of personal development goes well beyond reading. Most people do whatever they do in much the same manner. There are very few people who master anything. Ask any sales executive and they will quickly agree there are mighty few people who ever master selling. The same is true of managers, lawyers, accountants...I could go on.


There is really no competition in the marketplace. You'll have great masses in any profession out there making a noise. Those few souls who are actually studying their craft and attempting to perfect it, stand out in a crowd like a giraffe in a herd of field mice.


The masters in any profession can name their own price and write their own ticket. Yes, their stock is always high; their rewards are great. If you don't belong to this small select group of high achievers, I have good news. There is plenty of room in their club and it is not difficult to qualify.


Begin to study what you do for a short time everyday, knowing you can always perform better. Work toward a specific result well beyond your present level of performance. Just one hour of concentrated study each day adds up to 9 40-hour weeks in one short year.


Think of how much more you would know in 5, 10 or 20 years. I began doing this myself 25 years ago. When I started to study, I learned this great secret of achievement. If you want more, you must know more. To know more, you must study.



"The Millionaire Next Door" Chapter 1 Excerpt


If you have not read the book, you can read about Chapter 1 in this zipped PDF file. It contains interesting statistics and nuggets about the relationships between wealth, occupation, lifestyles and long-lasting marriages and about the tenacity of first-generation immigrants. Very impressive big picture of the way things happen not just to one person but one particular profile of people.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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