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All About The Internet, Software And Business


What Is Google Up To?

Chris Attwood's Alliance Secrets Recorded Call

The True Capability Of Your Signature (Or Resource Box)



What Is Google Up To?


Here's a comparison of all the offerings the Internet giants have right now.


Digital photo management
Online maps
Google Maps
Yahoo! Maps
MSN Maps
MSN Portal
Instant messaging
Google Talk
Yahoo! Messenger
MSN Messenger
Yahoo! 360
AOL Blogs
Online music services
Google Desktop 2
Yahoo! Music
MSN Music
Yahoo! Mail
AOL Mail
Internet telephony
Google Talk


* And there's Google Print too.


What is Google up to?



Chris Attwood's Alliance Secrets Recorded Call


You can call Chris Attwood a staff of List Crusade but he really is an expert in the field of personal development. While head of several major corporations, he's personally responsible for selling millions of dollars of consulting, training and products to companies like Dell Computer, Ford Motor Company, Sprint, and others.


It is precisely Chris' talent for engaging big names to work on projects with him and completing large $$$ deals which Tellman Knudson, List Crusade's head honcho, tap on as his partner. Chris is a big part of the behind-the-scenes success of List Crusade as well.


In this recording, you will discover all of Chris's Alliance techniques to build his projects for years. You will find out how he put 6 and 7-figure deals together for years, what makes the super successful tick, and the principles needed to create amazing win-win deals that profit everyone.


Picture yourself with those kind of skills. Getting in to talk to anyone you want. Putting mega-deals together. Without having to invest huge sums of money. Without having a popular site, or massive customer list. Being able to team up with the biggest most succesful people you could want to take your ideas and life to the next level.


Here it is at almost 90 mins and 36 MB. Click here and save.


Next, you may want to head on down to Alliance Secrets...



The True Capability Of Your Signature (Or Resource Box)


A signature file is a short paragraph that is included in every e-mail you send out. You can learn to set up a signature file by looking at your e-mail client help file.


Most of the signature files that I have seen are used to promote various products that they want to offer.


Well, we did that before too. However, this is not the best use of a signature file.


The best way to use your signature file is to promote a list, not a product. It is a better way to give away a special report or an e-course.


A report or e-course is relatively short and you can use them as a teaser to get them to your signup page. After they hit the "Send" button on the signup form, your autoresponder sends the special report or the first lesson of the e-course to their e-mail Inbox.


Here is an example of what a signature file says:


Terry Dean, a 7-year veteran of Internet Marketing, will take you by the hand and show you exact results of all the Internet Marketing techniques he tests and uses every single month!


Now you have a carefully designed signature file that will pull in many new subscribers. The point is, when you promote a product in your signature file you only have a chance to make one sale.


But if you promote a list you have a chance to make many sales because you now have their names and e-mail addresses. You can even promote the product you originally were going to use in your signature file numerous times. Everything you do online should be designed around building your list.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Little Known Joint Venture Secrets Revealed! by John Metcalfe



Little Known Joint Venture Secrets Revealed! by John Metcalfe


Here's a very simple procedure for creating JVs using 3 FREE tools. The only tough parts not mentioned are the actual content of the JV proposal, your language and how you carry yourself.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest







Limitless Possibilities are YOURS. Acknowledge your own self worth, free of judgements and restrictions. The only things we can't do are the one's we believe we can't. Each new moment in your life is enriched with the fullest potential.


Do your best to make the most out of every opportunity presented to you every day. Know that achieving your fullest potential means willingness to take risks. Attachment to comfort zones and unvarying day-to-day routines can keep us stagnant, because they don't allow us the growth that comes through change. When we make an effort to stay conscious of the potential for growth, we take less for granted. Move forward NOW without looking back. When we continually look backward we stop walking, losing the rich potential of the present moment.


Envision yourself walking along your unique path. Enjoy the stroll, paying attention to all that is around you as you walk. What do you see? What do you hear? Don't rush. Take a nice leisurely stroll. How does what you see affect your mood? Your outlook? You are in control of this walk. Feel your connection to God, the Universe, your own Spirit.


You choose your path by your reactions to all that goes on around you. Keep moving and looking forward to the awesome potential that waits with each passing step. Incorporate this into your daily life, knowing that each step you take holds the potential you put into it through your attitude and actions.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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