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Recurring Commissions For YOU

What A Weekly Newsletter Can Do For You

8 Things To Look For In Evaluating An Ideal Web Host



Recurring Commissions For YOU


Cody Moya's at it again. His new Private Label Books membership site launches on August 30th.


"Why is it important for me?" You may ask. There's a few reasons.


1. This kind of website converts very good.


Cody promoted for Russell Brunson's The Lost Files and he already got thousands of dollars in recurring commission from Russell.


Since Russell's membership invitation is closed Cody decided to make a site serving the same market. In fact, Cody expects PrivateLabelBooks.com to convert even better than Russell's. Here's why:


- Cody offers 3 books monthly instead of two


- Membership is $29.97 compared to $37 which was tested to convert better


- He offer much more marketing materials, tutorials and help not only to get prospects become a member but stay for a long time, keeping high retention rate. Cody will keep adding and helping them for as long as they stay.


2. Cody is paying 50% recurring commission on 1st level every month


You do NOT have to purchase membership to be able to promote the site.


There will be information on the sales page that only Private Label Books members can become partners so it will increase convertion a little bit more.


3. Cody is paying 20% recurring commission on 2nd level every month


Become a broker, invite other partners and earn 20% commission from their sales every month.


Cody now earns 2nd-level commission every month from affiliates he referred to Russell's The Lost Files. He is now getting e-mails almost every day that somebody he referred made a sale, and so does he.


Cody's program works the same. You invite partners, you get recurring commission from their sales every month.


Click here for signup and invite as many affiliates as you can and watch recurring commission from their sales every month.

After you login use menu "Your Downline" => "Sub-affiliate link" to get link.


This is a long link so we suggest to use menu "Links" => "Shortened URLs" to make it shorter or just use redirection on your side.


We wish you many sub-affiliates and big monthly commission checks from their sales every month.



What A Weekly Newsletter Can Do For You


Running you own free newsletter or e-zine can bring massive benefits to your website and profits. Did you know that newsletters are one of the most important components for you to drive traffic to your website and build your online business?


The popularity of newsletters is based on the thirst for information by information-hungry Internet surfers. The main reason people are online is because they want and need information and that is exactly what newsletters provide.


There are 3 major advantages of starting your own newsletter, no matter what product or service that you are offering. They are:


- Being able to maintain regular contact
- Being able to build a relationship with your subscribers
- Being able to offer new products and services


A newsletter allows you to keep the connection with your site visitors reminding them of how your product is suited for them.


The other, often overlooked, advantage of having a newsletter, is the income it can generate, not from selling your products and services or links to affiliate programs, but from selling advertising space in it.


You do need a medium to large subscriber base before other businesses will be interested in advertising, but this is not that hard to achieve, especially if it is regularly full of quality content. You can earn a few hundred, even thousands of dollars, every month just from ads if you play your cards rights.


Your online customers will eventually become your offline customers if they trust the information you regularly send them. Put simply, a newsletter is your way of helping people. If you help people online, eventually they will buy from you.


However, running your own newsletter involves a considerable amount of work. It is vital that you regularly write a lot of quality content before your next release. Ideally a newsletter should be sent out every week or at least every fortnight. This is not always easy. It definitely takes consistency and a keen eye for content.


You see, just as it is on your website...content is KING in your newsletters.


You need to offer valuable information, products, services, and more to keep your subscribers clicking on every newsletter that you send out.


Where can you get quality content for your newsletter?


1. Article directories like ezinearticles.com or findarticles.com. Also get articles from yahoogroups. The downside to this is that you need to include the author's signature or resource box.


2. Forums. One of the most dynamic and updated places on the Internet is where people write off the cuff and in real-time. Thread after thread, reply after reply of the latest information comes off the minds of forum participants. Combine interesting topics and reword them into an original article.


3. Your own Inbox right under your nose. Whatever other marketers are writing or selling about, use them to your own advantage and recreate them as your own.


4. Your own insights are really your best resources. When you have passion, you will never stop talking about what you know. Be consistent at no. 4 and soon enough you will find a way to mold yourself into an expert. Continue to expand your knowledge database and add value to it.


In conclusion, running your own newsletter can have a very positive impact on your website and online business. If you dedicate yourself to keeping it up, you will find it well worth the effort. We have seen incredible success on the Internet that is most encouraging as we integrate work, play and home into a lifestyle, one that we're sure you have a desire for too. We wish the same for you.



8 Things To Look For In Evaluating An Ideal Web Host


A personal friend sent us this URL and ask whether this service is good. The rates certainly look 'incredible', but pricing should not be an influential factor on your purchasing decision. There are at least 3 things you must look out for before certifying it as 'reliable':


1) Uptime. A web host's downtime must be at least 99.9%. That means your site does not get cut off 99.9% of the time. It's a hint the service is in the league of 'cheapo'. To our knowledge, even this fact may be bad advertising. If you find this just fine, all is well then.


2) Speed. Is the hosting server fast enough to load up your site on an average day? The old saying goes that a site must appear within 7 seconds to hold on to visitors' attention, provided your site's coding is streamlined.


3) Bandwidth. Everybody wants a massive volume of traffic. Then you must ensure the server bandwidth is not less than adequate or it will create access bottleneck. Lack of bandwidth is the most common excuse for a downed site, like what happened to 117freegifts.com previously :)


The thing to note is we are not in a position to give opinions until you personally try out a hosting service before you can find fault with it, because each has his own specific needs. The best approach is contact the company to gain an initial understanding of it. Review this web host checklist for your reference. It has those 8 things...


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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Taking The Time For Dialogue In The Workplace by Tom Terez



Taking The Time For Dialogue In The Workplace by Tom Terez


It's so easy these days to rely solely on technology and still miscommuncate in our busy world. Tom Terez highlights 6 essential skills to bring up the level of quality in your interaction with colleagues. Here's your article.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Everyday To Change Your Life



3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Everyday To Change Your Life


"You're only as healthy as you feel." Travis Bickle


Just yesterday, I revisited Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver on my old tape so I can do a comparison with a local variation called Perth, now showing in cinemas. Both films are about world-weary lonely taxi drivers trying to make a massive change in their lives for the better, only that they feel powerless in the face of a very discouraging environment which they can't escape. Both films end similarly: the main character literally explodes in anger and goes on an insane rampage.


Haha *sweat*, so why am I, Nelson, telling you this instead of wishing you a great weekend?


I'm sure we all have some things to be frustrated for, some things that are not 'right' and we want to change them. Concerning you , being a part of our group and in the context of Internet Marketing, you CAN translate your dissatisfaction into a source of inspiration, creativity and constructive energy. The (online) environment is YOURS to mold. I wouldn't say the environment is so much 'out there' as it is a mirror image of your own mind. That's why Socrates famously said, "He who wants to move the world must first move himself."


This is your homework. Ask yourself these 3 questions each and every day, derive your answers and execute the necessary actions immediately...MASSIVE ones. As you keep asking yourself, your answers become more concrete. Then you will know exactly what you have to do to solve the challenges.


No. 1: What am I so dissatisfied with that I MUST change NOW? That 10-year-old TV set? That freaking laptop still running on Win98 (Windows Vista is coming next year you know)? Buying an apartment? Or getting married?


No. 2: What can I do this week and this month to finish all the assignments and tasks necessary for me to effect the change? What are the priorities? Is there a deal you must seal asap? Are you confident enough to see your JVs through? What can you SELL?


No. 3: What is the most important thing I can do TODAY to move myself closer to the change?


Now define and write all your goals, decisions and actions on paper. Formulate little steps and procedures around the goal. How do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit. The first sign of success starts with little steps. We have never regreted most steps regardless of the final outcome; We just over-deliver to ourselves on effort. It is all part of the learning and correction process. Never lose sight of the larger goal (that is CHANGE) while doing the little things every day. All things big and small are SIGNIFICANT to yourself; that's why your life is worth LIVING. Don't act slowly, do things fast and be done with them, then call out, "NEXT!" In Internet Marketing, you need the fast creativity to comprehend trends, manipulate information and keep improvising. Why? Because time and tide waits for no man. That's why top Internet marketers churn out e-book after e-book, software after software, webcast after webcast.


If you begin to clean your workdesk, take 5 more minutes to comb your hair, eat your cream biscuits, go to the pantry, look at your bank account etc., your mind is sending to your body all the WRONG messages at the wrong time. Frankly, you need to shake off what I call these actions as "reflexes" because they put you in a comfort zone. Give me a satellite connection and a laptop and I'll set up a sales page on a deserted island pronto...Actually, I wouldn't know. One of the most incredible advice I received is: Do not let your emotions run your business. Is it impossible? This is something for you to aim for.


What Do You WANT? You Want CHANGE. You want the final outcome. You must merge Knowledge, Frustration, Desire, Adrenaline, Opportunity, Expertise, Experience, Understanding, Wisdom and Action into one time frame in a second. What is NOW an opportunity for? A CHANGE! Out with the old; in with the new. I'll not go window-shopping anymore...I'll shop FOR IT!


Is your heart pounding? Is your mind racing? Very good! Synergize yourself. Quick mind gives quicks hands and quick feet. Don't let your mind race to nowhere. Give yourself focus and do the things in A-B-C. Believers, here's your tip: work by revelation. Everything will come in its own sequence and its own season. One who achieves Mastery is one who does his/her own best. Period.


...Maybe I should go relax and watch the lovely penguins. There's so much more to learn from them.



Have A Great Weekend!


Nelson Tan


And don't forget to enjoy the great outdoors.


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