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3 Ways To Get More RSS Subscribers For Your Blog



3 Ways To Get More RSS Subscribers For Your Blog

It doesn't take much effort or work to begin and run your own blog today but in terms of getting and then keeping blog subscribers...now that's more complicated. There are lots of different methods for gaining subscribers for your blog's RSS feed but it is not necessary to all the methods or that they work well for you. The article below gives you 3 methods to help you get more subscribers to your blog's RSS feed, but the only way to find out how well they work is to test them.

1) Reader encouragement at the bottom of each post: People need to be encouraged and they need to be reminded about the fact that they should and they can subscribe to your blog's RSS feed. Posting a small message at the end of your post explaining to your readers that they can subscribe to your feed and how to do so is one very effective way.

If you want your blog to be more interactive and you're committed to communicating your ideas across to your readers, your little message is going to come within this flow and it won't look odd. All you are doing there is showing your readers the benefits they can get out of subscribing to your blog's RSS feed. Additionally, this would be the right time to put out the message because your readers will be in a receptive mode, especially if they liked your post.

2) Focus your blog content: More and more people will want to subscribe to your blog if your blog is clear and focused on a few major topics. If you are unfocused and write about too many topics, instead on focusing on a few, people won't have a need or reason to subscribe to your blog. The content of your blog should be tight and focused so that you know exactly what you're giving, and your readers know exactly what they can expect if they subscribe. There's a great demand for specialized and targeted knowledge today, and through your blog, you can actually give your target audience that. Making your blog focused and less scattered will get more people to subscribe and opt-in, so the time to do that is now.

3) Track your feeds: It is incredibly common to find out that you have a broken link or some other tech glitch that has rendered your RSS Feed broken and unusable. You need to try to keep track of your feed so that you can be sure that it is working all the time because when you don't do it you could lose lots of valuable subscribers who might be trying to get on to your list.

This does not mean, however, that you need to get obsessed with just this one thing; checking periodically should be enough. Beyond that, having a broken link or other similar glitch could make a bad impression on your readers; they might even stop reading your blog because they find you unprofessional. You never know how a reader is going to react so do everything you can to make the experience as smooth as it can possibly be.

The early stages of your blog development and gaining your audience are always going to be a little bit hard and that is why you need to focus on attracting repeat visitors because that can help you balance out your traffic. Growing your blog's RSS subscribers will elevate your desire to continue to provide good quality content, thus I hope these 3 methods will motivate you to write better for the good of your subscribers.

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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


And They Call Some Of These People "Retarded"...



And They Call Some Of These People "Retarded"...


At the last Seattle Special Olympics, 9 contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting line for the 100-yard dash.


At the gun, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish to run the race to the finish and win.


All, that is, except one little boy who stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times, and began to cry.


The other 8 heard the boy cry.


Everyone of them slowed down and looked back at him.


Then they all turned around and went back to him—every one of them.


One girl with Down's Syndrome bent down and kissed him on the forehead, saying "This will make it better."


Then all 9 linked arms and walked together to the finish line.


Everyone in the stadium stood, and the cheering went on for several minutes.


People who were there still get emotional every time they tell this story.


Why? Because deep down we know this one thing:



What matters in this life is not in being first or being number one; but what matters most is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


3 Questions For Leslie Householder: The Private Mailings Revealed



3 Questions For Leslie Householder: The Private Mailings Revealed


1) On page 46 of the PDF version, you wrote a person must experience the feelings of success as though it has already been accomplished. This I must agree as it gives a person a strong sense of direction and purposefulness. It's the "Acting As If" trick. Then you made it sound very easy to catch a butterfly. I still have a difficulty in here. For lack of life experiences, a person finds it hard to move out of his comfort zone because of a basic, underlying fear for the unknown or unforseen such that he may go 'blank' on a first or fresh encounter.


For example, a person who still carry little remnants of an abusive family background reads about 'The Jackrabbit Factor' and knows that he has to love people in order to gain love back while also knowing he can't be too hard-up in his approach. However, just when familial love begins to find him, 'defenses' come up yet again and he freezes...


Do you have an answer for this? What is this person missing? Do some kind of "mind-clearing" techniques help?


The comment on page 46 about the "acting as if" trick runs deeper than that, and this is what many people gloss over and do not take literally. The visualizing and feelings one generates actually change your spiritual/physical makeup to where you begin to attract anything you need to see it through. It simply comes to YOU. If you can believe that, then that's most of the battle.


Going blank, or feeling fear, is something I've experienced again and again, but I learned from Bob (Proctor) where to file the feeling. Did you ever learn about the stick person from him? It conceptualizes the process of identifying and challenging ingrained ideas in your subconscious mind, and knowing just
how to break free of them. It works. It's how I broke out, but I had to push through a terror barrier. The easiest part about doing it is that I finally knew what to expect, and I understood why it was happening, and instead of panicking and reverting back to my old life as I knew it, I knew it was simply a sign that my subconscious mind had finally taken hold of the new picture for my life, and was wrestling with two opposing "truths". The inner conflict manifested itself as feelings of discomfort, fear, anxiety that I couldn't really put my finger on. But I recognized it, and pushed through in spite of it. Then within 4 months we had nearly quadrupled our monthly income, and it had come so effortlessly after passing the terror barrier test.


As for the 'defenses' which come up? These are because he has done nothing to change the images dominant in his subconscious mind. Either that, or he has planted the new self image successfully but he is facing the terror barrier as I mentioned above (how does he change the images? By deciding what he wants, writing it down, visualizing it, and FEELING it).


I must point out that it is important he visualize the lifestyle he wants, the family relationships, the freedom, the recreation, whatever...and then the money comes naturally, to make sure he achieves the picture. * He will NOT be left wondering what to do with the money. The money came only BECAUSE he already had a purpose for it in mind. It came BECAUSE he had rehearsed over and over precisely what he planned to do with it. THAT'S WHY it came. In fact, it will feel like a natural extension of himself, it won't feel like a massive windfall. He will have become very comfortable with the idea of large sums of money before it ever materializes.


Our behavior, our responses, even our circumstances are controlled by our subconscious mind and the deep-seated images contained therein. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." This story is all about changing what's in there. You change it by 1) deciding what you want, 2) visualizing it, 3) feeling the emotions associated with it. ** Too often a person wants to understand this better before they'll actually DO this. But if they will, they will discover by EXPERIENCE that it works. Do it, then wait for the results with utter expectation, as you get moving to do your part.


The only mind-clearing technique you need to do is to let yourself daydream. I know that sounds cliche, but have you done it? It sounds too easy, so most people won't do it, but have THEY tried it? No. And then they say it doesn't really work, or they look for some new-agey wacko alternative which seems to better correspond with the magnitude of the blessing they seek. They are looking WAY past the mark.


2) A person at some point in time has tremendous focus or commitment to some key areas. Then some other things that he has always wanted appear unexpectedly at all the wrong places at the wrong time. This is a 'fate' problem. Should he give it all up and catch this butterfly or continue to chase after the rabbit for as long as it takes?


If a person is experiencing this kind of dilemma, it tells me he hasn't forced himself through steps 1, 2 and 3. The person needs to compose his dream life, describing ALL aspects of life, in the kind of balance he wants to enjoy them. Most likely he went after a rabbit for the sake of a rabbit without writing down the ULTIMATE objective for obtaining one. This scenario reminds me of Richard's encounter with Randy (in The Jackrabbit Factor): Richard was so convinced that he needed to visualize and feel the meeting with Randy and it all backfired. This is because he didn't zoom way out to remind himself that the reason he wanted to talk to Randy was to learn how to catch multiple rabbits. Randy quizzed him, "Then why didn't you just go ahead and visualize holding multiple rabbits instead of visualizing our conversation?" Everything clears up after you compose your dream life. It won't be clear without it. It might take a week for it all to come clear, but at least it will. Even if it takes a year or more, it will eventually come into focus. Without steps 1, 2, and 3, there's little hope it ever WILL become clear.


3) How would you go about transforming the environment when after so much work at changing yourself, you still see all around you people remain at a level where they are all their days and you feel you can't make a difference and prosper unless you can make your immediate environment to agree and play along with you?


I admit I don't know exactly what you mean by the above paragraph...



Haha, I take it from here. Leslie did wrote the above statement. After some reflection, it's true you can't bend the environment into playing your game or obeying you. Instead of being god, you become the whiny child who wants everything as he sees, hears and feels is right.


Yes, it's always a broken world out there, and the only way to make a difference is to go right in there and fix it like a repairman in the spirit of sacrifice and volunteerism. So through this process, how do you become RICH in a world like this? This brings us to the next paragraph.


* What Leslie wrote is definitely a huge lesson that money can't buy: that money is never the ends of a rich life. I've always knew 5 bankers holding champagne do not huddle in a conversation to talk about how to earn more money...it's already "second nature" to them and to talk about it is really boredom. But to fill one's life with a sense of purpose and life missions that must be carried out, a way immediately opens up for the person to draw to him/herself all the necessary tools and resources, including the right people and $$$, and channel them into the work, to live life to the fullest. There's no such thing as 'hardship' in life missions. There's no hardship in the face of Mother Teresa, no matter how deep the facial lines run. It's do gloriously or die wastefully.


It's very clear to us the Internet holds a special purpose for each and everyone. Perhaps one of you will start a website publishing inspirational stories and channel whatever PayPal donations accumulated into a "Food For Hungry Kids" program. Why? Why not? Have you ever worried you don't have 3 meals a day? Who's surprised s/he ever had 3 meals a day raise your hands...


So next time don't play yourself to chance trying to win the lottery or some money doubler/cycler programs. These programs just find suckers. You'd be lucky if the coordinators don't shut down their sites suddenly and run and pay you accordingly.


Know your calling, design your life into executing and fulfilling noble tasks. Be BIG. Once you start going about doing it, ** you won't have time to stop and think why it should happen in this manner, but what to do next to MAKE IT HAPPEN. When it happens, the wind chases you.


A Final Word from Leslie:


"I have to say that no matter what your questions are, it will always come down to the one fundamental question: What do you WANT? The answers to these questions will actually vary depending on your answer to that ONE question. You'll have to compose your own description of your life as you want it, in present tense, as though you already have it, as descriptive as possible, and allow yourself to experience the feelings associated with it for at least 5 minutes before you should even bother asking such
deeply philosophical questions. Truly. I am not saying this as a cop-out to not address each of your questions, but the answers will never be clear, and you will not be led to the answers nor the teacher who can answer them until you have nailed down what is it YOU are after. The
questions are irrelevant until you have a description of your dream life solidly in place."


Get The Jackrabbit Factor Today!



To your virtual success,


Nelson Tan


We all have dreams. May your dreams come TRUE!


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