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How To Promote Your Local Business Online



How To Promote Your Local Business Online


The full title would be "How To Promote Your Local (Location-Specific) Business And Keep Out Overseas Clicks". We personally told 2 budding entrepreneurs they are bound to receive overseas clicks if they have a site so how can you prevent yourself from going global when you are just an URL away? There are a few tricks you can do while thinking of emphasizing the local context, but you also cannot ignore what the Internet can do to inform and sell your business presence worldwide. As we all know, a business can be run TWICE at the same time: on the Internet and in the real world.


1) Localize your domain name. Some people naturally take what you mean when they see your URL as yoursite.com.sg, or .my, or .cn. Unless they are sure to find meaningful information*, first-time visitors are not likely to register your site in their minds or 'favourites' bookmark.


* It is precisely with information that you can tap into overseas markets you have never dreamt before! Say you are plumber and of course it doesn't sound right to cross the sea to fix someone else's sink, but with your knowledge you can write a book on how people can do DIY repair and save themselves the expense, or rather, use that money to buy your e-book. The trick to 'globalizing' your Internet business is to make that information universally applicable in principle and make your site look as accessible as a 'Welcome!' carpet. Check your web designer gets the visual aesthetics right.


2) Leave your phone number and addresses on your site. Actually this is good practice for everyone regardless of the business. Again, seeing a localized number and e-mail/mailing address gives the impression that you cannot step out any further than where you are now.


3) Display testimonials from people within your community. Testimonials are beneficial to businesses to begin with. The presence of local names enhance the location-specific scope of the business. In fact, local testimonials bodes very well for businesses and have the greatest impact on your immediate surroundings.


4) Localize your web content. It's in the language. Set clear limits to all necessary aspects of the business. If you write "customer support is always ready to respond to you within 24 hours", you're bound to receive 'unwanted' business in the form of a phone call at 3 am halfway round the world.


5) Localize images and motifs. Upload snapshots of your customers and the business location. Put in local faces.


6) Post classified ads in local online directories. Do a diligent online search or check from word-of-mouth where these directories are hiding. Also check if there are online local business networks, communities or trade groups you can join. The funny (and unfortunate) thing is you cannot advertise any further than you need to.


7) Create a mirror site in a native language. When in Rome, speak Roman. It helps to reach markets which may have people who are less comfortable with English. In a globalized, flat world of the 21st century, a site that enables a visitor to read in his native tongue has the potential to convert him/her into a good prospect very easily.


Finally, don't forget offline promotions. Ultimately, your site, whose main function is to inform, only serves as a complimentary platform to what you can do to promote in the real word, and definitely there is so much more at work:


* Distribute name cards

* Seek permission to place your brochures and flyers in someone else's shop or office

* Attend business networking events whnever possible

* Join networking chapters like BNI

* Joint-venture with people in the same industry or those which compliment your business

* Take part in trade shows

* Hold talks and seminars

* Write a book and give it away (it's a BIGGER 'name card')

* Get interviewed in the media

* Do up a press release

* Invest in a printed ad in the classifieds or trade publications

* Build great relationships with your customers such that they will spread the word-of-mouth


So with a little more creativity, you can always think of effective advertising methods for very little budget. This article will get you started thinking about how you can leverage on current resources and contacts.


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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


The Myth Of The Communication "Problem" by Tom Terez

"Relationships" by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott



The Myth Of The Communication "Problem" by Tom Terez


In most circumstances, the solution to workplace communication merely scratches the surface as amendments are made to printed guidelines and protocols. This meaningful article has a deeper implication that all communication challenges must be faced with practical changes among the people. In fact, these changes should be powerful enough to cause a paradigm shift.



"Relationships" by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott


Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott are well known within varsity circles for conducting their relationships courses to students. Their landmark work, aptly and simply called "Relationships", explores deeply Man's longing for relationships and how it affects his/her personality. One Amazon review says this book is great for dating. Truth is the content encompasses an understanding of the opposite gender, family ties, friendships and your own personal relationship with God. For a 'relationships 101' book, it is very good as we read it now.


"Les and Leslie Parrott are two of the most gifted and engaging communicators I know. They understand real relationship issues and offer highly practical and proven advice. This dynamic book will encourage, equip and inspire you to build relationships you never imagined possible. It's a must-read and sure to be a classic relationship resource." – Alan Loy McGinnis, Author of "The Friendship Factor"


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


Walking Tall

Get "The Jackrabbit Factor" Today!



Walking Tall


"The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore when your eye is good, your whole body is also full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness." – Luke 11:34


Last week, we wrote about "surfing the wave" compared to "chasing the wind". You also note that true personal growth comes from the internalization of knowledge into your being (or heart) to bring about an effective change as you begin to act on this change and bring about a different behavior. You'll never be the same person as before.


To show this internalization, the secret must lie in your posture. If you understand your knowledge, by all means SHOW it. Beam the light that shines out of your eye. A trainer and friend we know once said ever since he paid attention to his state of physiology/body language, his whole life literally changed. Nothing is further away from the truth: what you see is what you get.


There is a clear correspondence between mind and body. Anxiety and fear tightens and agitates the body. Depression makes it heavy and sluggish. Confidence and a positive outlook imports energy, gaiety and self-renewal into non-verbal expressions.


The first step is to objectively recognize the effect our minds have on our bodies. This opens the way to become self-aware of our mental state for all important occasions. Understand that the mind constantly streams "messages"—good or bad—to the body, which always seems to say "YES" the way a ship crew obeys and says "yes" to the captain.


Think metaphorically: The mind-body correspondence is like the captain-crew relationship, the captain representing "thought", the crew, "decision", and the ship, "action". The captain commands, "Steer in this direction," the crew responses and initiates the command and the ship, all steel and tonnes of it, moves in accordance to the command. Answer this: which carries more weight, the command or the ship?


There's nothing funny in this. It's not only impossible for the crew to disobey or contradict the captain, it doesn't make sense. For too many people around the world, the ship is drifting, the crew is sleeping and the captain is missing!


Now knowing that any time you feel like behaving on the negative side, apply a stimulus to snap yourself into a positive state. This stimulus requires that you mental-program yourself to associate a positive emotion with an image, sound or action (sources of motivation). The technique is called "anchoring".


Next, bring the invisible into the visible. Apply this sense of positive change into your posture. Have a bounce in your step, perk upright, shoulders back, chest up, head up, looking straight ahead. Take deep breaths and even hum or whistle to relax yourself. Soften the focus of your sight to look at the far space; this helps to reduce self-consciousness. However, you should look sharp whenever appropriate.


The mind-body correspondence is also a self-feeding cycle; it becomes harder to change direction the longer you persist in one, so it is absolutely important that you start now and start it right. Maintaining a positive and supportive attitude towards ourselves and others can encourage better performances in our lives.



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To your virtual success,


Nelson Tan


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