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Locked Audio Is The Next Interesting Concept In Affiliate Marketing

PayDotCom.com Keeps On Growing...



Locked Audio Is The Next Interesting Concept In Affiliate Marketing


We were writing to Cody Moya the other day (the guy who came from nowhere to churn out mass giveaway events like there's no tomorrow), and he started talking about how he turned ordinary audio files into list building and sales agents.


This is going to be one BIG ANIMAL.


You may be aware affiliates can customize PDF files using ViralPDF to give away to prospects. How about giving away audio files which opens up the sales page via your affiliate link, or a subscriber sign-up page right after the end of play?


You heard it right, It is so amazing that we have to share it with you.


Do you want to discover how Cody's moment of inspiration turns ordinary audio files into powerful robotic agents that build your lists and spawn viral traffic?


As soon as you understand what we're about to tell you, you could start attracting hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers every week. What would THAT do for your sales?


You can read the inspirational story here.


What is result of this "moment of inspiration"?


Answer: An amazing new marketing tool that lets any marketer create attention-grabbing offers that use MP3 audio files as an incentive to compel the listener to take a specific action like joining your mailing list.


But that's just where the magic starts...


You can lock and unlock files, and this is where it really gets good.


Unlocked files will play when the prospect executes the free player that you sent to them. After the file plays it can display a graphic image or banner and trigger a redirection to any web URL.


"Locked" audio files can only be triggered to unlock when the prospect takes some desired action like joining your mailing list, or ordering a product, or visiting a website.


But because Cody wanted to make a powerful viral and affiliate sales tool, he added an amazing "Invite Friends" function that can be set to * force the listener to send your offer on to others before certain MP3 file or files can be unlocked. *


And because your HTML or text-based sales offer is part of the message that is being referred to everyone, the end result is that you have a guaranteed viral marketing tool that the reader is powerless to ignore if they want that MP3 file that you're offering them!


It's the most amazing marketing tool you have ever heard TODAY!


See by yourself how easy is to persuade people to subscribe. Here is a 120-minute detailed fact-finding interview (packaged as a LockedAudio player) with the Father of marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson. Mr. Levinson is the author of the best-selling marketing book series in history, Guerrilla Marketing, plus 30 other business books appearing in 39 languages.


This player is using public available audio resource but you can only use this resource from owner's website, you are not able to download the audio from the website to give away. So the only way to use this resource for your benefit is by playing it from owner's website, and the only thing you can give away is the player itself.


Listen to the player and watch how Cody builds his list with it...the same way you can get subscribers to YOUR list.


Get your copy of LockedAudio now and start building your list!



PayDotCom.com Keeps On Growing...


PayDotCom.com has exploded on to the Internet.


- Our members are raving.
- Sellers are leaving ClickBank (r) by the boat loads.
- Affiliates are selling hundreds of PayDotCom.com items in our hot marketplace.
- Internet Marketing forums are all talking about how PayDotCom.com blows away ClickBank.com (r).


Anyone can use it. Even if you never sold before, PDC is so easy to sell anything!


No merchant account needed! Create and sell anything in minutes. Even an item you have resale rights to.


Go to PayDotCom.com now and sign up for FREE.


Come see why PayDotCom.com is all the BUZZ on the Internet.


It's about time selling on the Internet was this Fun and EASY.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


The Truth About Lying by John Boe



The Truth About Lying by John Boe


Liars...no matter how they try to suppress the truth, their body language shows otherwise. Find out how you can pick non-verbal cues and save yourself in this article :)


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


"Chasing The Wind" vs. "Surfing The Wave"

Articles by Colin G Smith



"Chasing The Wind" vs. "Surfing The Wave"


A few days ago, I asked Leslie Householder, the author of the upcoming "Jackrabbit Factor", 3 very challenging questions, and she graciously obliged. Her answers to me are 'satisfying', and I can tell it is only because she, being a life coach, had very much learned and trained under the tutelage of Bob Proctor, so her answers come predominantly from this perspective.


'Satisfying' is strictly a subjective remark. If I show you her answers, who knows it could so mind-blowing that you cry and thank God for a powerful revelation. What I really think and want to say is the most revealing answers in life should come from...YOU. Continue to search deeply everywhere you can and formulate your own answers. But this is not the wonderful part. It is that you can sharpen them to a point you realize they can now be universally applied by all mankind for its own benefit. Now, that's what I call "self-development".


There is no more precious commodity to trade than to partake in the sharing of the human experience, therefore it gives me no more greater pleasure than to learn from...YOU, .


Let's not take away the fact Leslie has just written what I call "the first book that fully dedicates itself to explaining the Law of Attraction in detail". I've sent her my testimonial as with many others who received a complimentary copy.


Speaking of universal laws or just about anything that work, you need to be acutely aware that they are happening all around you all the time. If you are thinking in this manner, "OK, so this is what this law is all about and I'm going to apply it," let me say you are DEAD WRONG. In a sense, you don't work yourself towards understanding it; that's "chasing the wind". You must integrate it into your being. You don't understand it and you don't even think about it; that's a professor's job. You must ride with it like "surfing the wave". And unless you are a life coach, trainer or teacher, you have no credibility to parrot theories around convincingly, confidently and authoritatively like Leslie.


Know this before everything else: know NOTHING and you'll learn SOMETHING. When the student is ready, the teacher always appears from nowhere. It always opens up new pathways for unexpected education.


Sometimes it feels better to be a student than a teacher, so keep on bettering yourself and saturate yourself with so much goodness until you can begin to contribute unlimited abundance into the lives of others. – Nelson



Articles by Colin G Smith


How would you like to improve every facet of your life while cutting short the learning process? We have NLP expert Colin G Smith on the show. He has a collection of NLP Tools that are specially crafted for resolving, and indeed improving, any area of your life. Each tool is explained in a straight-forward, no-nonsense, STEP-BY-STEP style in one easy access e-book. Get instant access to every NLP trick, tool and technique that accelerates your personal power, performance, growth and change!


7 Surprising Keys To Happiness

The Ultimate Truth In Persuasion



To your virtual success,


Nelson Tan


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