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Good day , here's a list of the best article directories to submit your content.


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How To Use Viral Marketing To Drive Traffic And Sales For Free!

Some Places Where You Can Submit Content On The Net

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How To Use Viral Marketing To Drive Traffic And Sales For Free!


Great article (and an embarassing one concerning MS Office) by Johnathan Mizel presents 6 successful viral marketing case studies that have ever happened in real life. Grasp the magic of viral marketing and decide how you can harness it to your advantage.



Some Places Where You Can Submit Content On The Net


Here are a few places where you can submit your articles for maximum exposure:


1) Article Banks
2) Article Directories
3) Forums
4) Search Engines
5) Announcement Lists
6) Blog Owners
7) Newsletter Publishers
8) Webmasters
9) MSN Spaces
10) Your Blog
11) MSN Groups
12) Yahoo Groups
13) Google Groups
14) EBay "About Me" Page
15) Adlandpro


You can use these professional services to submit your articles:


1) http://Isnare.com
2) http://Thephantomwriters.com
3) http://Reprintarticles.com
4) http://Opportunityupdate.com
5) http://Submityourarticle.com
6) http://Ezinetrendz.com


And 1 e-zine directory worth mentioning: The Directory Of Ezines


With such a list to choose from there should be no complaining about where to publish your articles. And don't forget to optimize your title, headings, sub-headings, body text and links to add that extra punch.



Download The Niche Report


The Internet is full of profitable opportunities you can capitalize on. You will discover a whole new world once you become more familiar with the concept of special niches. With this special collection of unique articles written on niche marketing, you can develop a product or service to satisfy the niche's customers' wants and needs and you're on your way to non-Internet Marketing riches.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


The 7 Worst Communication Habits by Jamie S. Walters



The 7 Worst Communication Habits by Jamie S. Walters


What are they? Knowing these 7 faults can save you lots of trouble before they exact a toll on your business.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


Introducing Leslie Householder

How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven



Introducing Leslie Householder


Oohlala, remember this beauty and her name is Leslie Householder. She just had a new article released and a new book! Here's what a few reviewers are saying about "The JackRabbit Factor", slated for a 9th August launch:


"Brilliant! Profound! Practical! Inspired and inspiring! Where were you, Leslie Householder, when I so desperately needed to read, 'The Jackrabbit Factor'? Your wonderful book is so reminiscent of the spirit of 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' and 'Illusions: The Adventures of A Reluctant Messiah' by Richard Bach. 'The Jackrabbit Factor' is destined to be a classic. Thank you, Leslie, for illuminating the world with the truth about how to live well. With my most sincere thanks and appreciation...congratulations!" Julian Kalmar, author of "Happiness: The Highest Gift"


"Hi Leslie, Tim Ong here from The Self Improvement Site. Boy, am I glad I participated in your launch for your book! I finished reading The Jackrabbit Factor today and was totally impressed by your writing. You manage to convey important and often complicated universal concepts/laws in ways that are simple for everyone to understand. Reading your ebook reminded me of 'Alice in Wonderland' by C.S. Lewis and 'The Wizard of Oz', with one exception— yours has a very important message in it and you convey it beautifully! I can't wait to recommend your book to others." Tim Ong, http://www.theselfimprovementsite.com


"I set aside an hour to begin The Jackrabbit Factor this morning but just 20 minutes into the book, I quickly realized I'd not be 'doing' anything else (but feed my children) until I read to the end! I am a goal-setter. No, I 'thought' I was a goal-setter, but now I know how to be a REAL goal-setter and how to set goals...REAL goals, 'Through Inspiration, Eliminating Risk'. Thank you Leslie, for such a jewel! I'll be giving this book to the leaders in my business and those who have shown interest in becoming a leader! I'm off now to write my goal, using the format Rich (father) shared with Matt (son)." Kathy Schneider, http://www.LivingOnVacation.com


There are many more good words for a good work so check out "The JackRabbit Factor". Here's what we decide: when you buy a copy online during the launch, send us your receipt and ask for either Bob Proctor's "You Were Born Rich" or Kent Sayre's "Unstoppable Confidence". It's your bonus. We'll tell you more about the content of The Jackrabbit Factor till then.



How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven


Titles like these always give us a hook. "How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven" is a book written by Dr. John DeMartini to help people deal with worries that they may compromise their spiritual and moral values in the pursuit of wealth.


Dr. DeMartini began his career as a chiropractor and went on to explore more than 200 disciplines focusing on universal principles of life and health.


His book, though seemingly metaphysical at times, really contains nothing more than common sense that has been distilled in its clearest form, but still we all need a good advice or two sometimes.


For instance, the principle of fair exchange involves a person getting rewards for services rendered. Yet many people try to get something for nothing or at the other extreme, give something without expecting any returns. He warns that such an 'imbalance' will drag your mind out of the ordered present into 'hell' and hence disempower both the giver and receiver.


This books shows you how to overcome mental obstacles to building wealth. It also compels you to re-examine your beliefs and mindsets, and look beyond your current set of belief systems to achieve a greater vision.



To your virtual success,


Nelson Tan


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