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Good day , the 2 keywords to pay attention to this week are 'reality' and 'articles'.


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Domain Names: Writing From Experience

2 Neat Tricks To Easily Increase Traffic



Domain Names: Writing From Experience


Try this article first.


Strategically speaking, a URL must be easily remembered both for its hook and length.


People remember sony.com, but nobody remembers nsyo.com if the 4 letters stand for a company's initials.


However, people seem to remember ilovetheiraqiforeignminister.com (taken off oredi).


If you need a long one, restrict to just 3 most powerful keywords that describe your industry and string them together, dot com.


The ideal combination of keywords is one which people remember as your brand name.



2 Neat Tricks To Easily Increase Traffic


Here are 2 tricks for increasing traffic. Both can be implemented in just a few minutes and are free to set up:


1) Replace Error Pages: Have you ever checked your Web logs and noticed error codes like "404 File not found" in your stats? These occur when someone enters a page address incorrectly, or the page they want has been updated and the file name has changed. Many ISPs allow you to create your own error pages with links, e-mail addresses, and notes on them. This way, instead of a disappointing message that will likely make the viewer hit their back button, you can send them to a free gift page, a subscription page, a once-in-a-lifetime sales page etc.


2) Replace dead pages: Check your referrer logs to see who is sending you traffic. Sometimes you find links to old content, including pages that don't exist anymore or are out of date. You can increased subscriptions by simply identifying dead pages and replacing them with your message. Also, if you find dead links on search engines leading to inactive areas of your site, replace them with a specific offer.


Fresh Picks


Instant Attention Breakthrough Popups



Instant Attention Breakthrough Popups


Boost Subscription Rates, Lead & Sales Conversions and Affiliate Commissions with new-generation popups that don't look intrusive, are eyeball-friendly and beat popup blockers. See it for yourself.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


4 Ways To Eliminate Toxic Conversation by Brady Wilson



4 Ways To Eliminate Toxic Conversation by Brady Wilson


Adversity and negativity in workplace communication is bad for individual and corporate, then finally financial health! Before a verbal war can take place, find out the 4 main types of toxic communication and how to counter them. *click*


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


The Power In Polarity Thinking Part 3: Where Did Their Reality Go?

He Can Go All The Way



The Power In Polarity Thinking Part 3: Where Did Their Reality Go?


A friend of Nelson once told him, "Do you realize where the bosses of so-&-so restaurant or boutique are? They always go missing." It sounds funny, though that doesn't mean they are not working. Wherever they are, that's their reality, simply because they are rightfully called 'bosses'. It seems strange but true: you hardly see leaders on the streets as you walk around the business district. Everybody is rushing :)


Immensely successful people who live a life of absolute and complete freedom know that the power of choice is always coursing through their veins. They who continually exercise their rights to choices know they can never be trapped by the 'current' reality they are in. We're talking about rich people here. We're talking about the kind of 'freedom' under which they actually enjoy doing the work they love, improve/invest on themselves, live a stress-free life and get PAID for it. Laziness basically breeds laziness and becomes a self-fulfilling sin.


We all know success has a price. At any time before success is met, ordinary folks could have easily gave up, and that's a choice. Perseverance, persistence and tenacity is yet another choice, but there must be a target to aim for otherwise there's no sense of direction. The power of Choice is the fulcrum for success to happen. The power in polarity thinking is the primary motivation for exercising your choices in life to the fullest.


Do you like watching movies? We don't mean blockbusters...you know, the film festival type. These films present so many facets of reality, if you are long-time fan, at some point in time you may come away with a "I've-just-seen-my-life-pass-me-by" feeling. And then you say you prefer this film to that film or this genre to that genre and you begin to develop a taste for specific liking and what particular films resonate with your viewpoint in life. This is Choice.


Likewise, until you TASTE various extremes of different realities, from sleeping on the streets to the presidential suite, until you can go through hell and high waters and heaven and sunny skies, you would not have become resolute with the one and only reality you desire to work towards. Many, many poor people out there who live wretched lives are just not resolute enough to believe in not just getting wealth, but living the kind of good life only they themselves know how to deserve...if only.


You may a Brit who lives in Manchester and we note that the sky over there is mostly overcast, so it kinda makes people moody. You wish, "If only I can live in sunny Singapore," but the folks here can't wait to get out of this stressful society to have a taste of the rolling greenlands and quiet life in your great country. So, if you want to come down here, you gotta work for your airfare. Meanwhile, your current 'reality' is what will push you to get out of your comfort zone for as long as you are not satisfied with who you are and where you are. Likewise, if the man in Part 2 knows his rights and has an idea, he would pull the dog up from the nail and put him down on the ground at a different position.


Given a choice, most urban people want to make money of course. Our pastor said, "God is no respecter of men." Similarly, money is no respecter of gender, education level, family background, height, weight, age, nationality, language, character, personality etc. Simply put, any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a millionaire. If you lose a dollar, you can make it back. If you lose a million, you can make it back. If you make a dollar, you can make another. If you can make $500,000, you can make another. You cannot lose anything which you don't have to begin with. Polarity thinking will push you.


To make money, you must do this one action...we tell you next week.


To answer the mighty question first asked by dear Ruth, "I have done extensive self-development and I still have a challenge to overcome scarcity mentality, especially when finances are not where they should be—I know that I should not allow this to affect me, but it is reality after all........I know there is no 'trick' to finding the solution, but all the millionaires tell us that they mentally thought themselves rich and then the universe played its hand and it just happened—where did their reality go??"


"Your Reality Is What You Make Of It."


This climax may sound like crap but we have come to the end of Part 3 with our 2 cents worth. We guess the masters have a sharper answer...By the way, we're not sure if you had heard one person told another (maybe it's you), "You can do whatever you want," and you can't decide whether there's encouragement or sarcasm in the tone of voice.


If only you feel in your bones what you can do like nobody else in the world can and be professional and excellent about it, you are taking every step closer to financial freedom. See the example below and find out what this guy's reality is.



He Can Go All The Way


The blind soulful singer is now in the men's final 16. Here's an earlier extract:



What kind of reality belongs to this man who bowls, surfs the Internet and plays computer games? What if he becomes an Internet Marketing guru?? If this is not a triumph of the human spirit, we don't know what it is.



To your virtual success,


Nelson Tan


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