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Dos And Don'ts Of E-mail Marketing

Good Quality Content Is KING!

4 Simple Keys To Selling More Products



Dos And Don'ts Of E-mail Marketing


We suppose some of you if not most started e-mailing for business by entering addresses collected from name cards and then blast (or the polite word is 'broadcast') the message, expecting a reply.


While this is fine so long as you remind the recipients where you are coming from, sooner or later you would still need to own an autoresponder to leverage on time, effort and technology. As your autoresponders become your sales assistants and work on their own, you will gradually leave your fresh prospects to deal with them rather than with you.


So instead of knocking from door to door, you want to pull them in by letting them come on their own, which is the fundamental of attraction marketing. No. 1: Opt-in is the only option, whether it's to your autoresponder, blog, membership site, forum etc. Since people are requesting to read your mail, it's 100% solicited, there are no complaints to your ISP, your website stays up, and you don't need any expensive "bulk mailers" to conduct your business.


You see , door-to-door marketing (made famous since Colonel Sanders peddled his secret recipe which almost nobody in the world wanted) is now and forever a classic mistake for one characteristic: it's simply unsolicited. Recently we got hold of a story of how one guy got his desired bank loan to start up his finger food business after visiting the 4th bank. If only our dear Colonel did what this guy did, he wouldn't have wasted his time knocking on the 947th bank.


The guy simply let the bank officers have a taste of his finger food for afternoon break.


If the bankers give the thumbs-up, isn't that opting-in? Unsolicited commercial mailings are hardly free advertising. People need to get warmed up before they can take their credit cards out. The funny thing we don't understand is why some spammers would insert a fake return address. Because they are afraid of tons of replies back to them? Because they think "making money FAST" is like fire-and-forget an auto-seeking missile? Puh-leease! Jeremy Jaynes actually pocketed a cool $24 million out of firing 10 million missiles a day. Now he's dancing to jailhouse rock for 9 years. We suggest you safely stay at home because we don't think you can beat this kind of competition.


More likely, prospects reply because they want to enquire more details, otherwise they wouldn't even care 2 hoots about who you are by filtering your keywords to thrash. Fake return addresses are illegal by legistration anyway, so why break your back and spoil the party?


So, if you are in business, sooner or later, you are going to have to reveal who you are so people can buy whatever it is you are selling. And sell the right thing to the right people! We don't need fake rolexes, manhood pills or breast...whatever. They should promote those to that 'P' industry.


What about those web-based bulk-mailing providers, companies or software on the Internet? Are they worth the time and investment? According to extreme opinions, they are quite doomed from the start. Some of them must be fighting against government regulations that come back to hound on them as both sides find ways to block each other while cloaking, forging and stealthing traces of their online presence and technology, including YOUR mails. Forget it, don't join in the fight. Get away from unauthorized servers, or get out of the way, or find a way to funnel leads.


All you need to do is focus 100% on your primary message, your target market, and creating the highest quality products possible. Interested in the big secret? Send your e-mails only to people who give you permission to mail to them!


You have seen those opt-in entry points and know how they look like: a 'Name', 'Email', 2 blank boxes and a 'submit' button. Get the HTML code from your autoresponder provider and put them on every single page where space permits. The best location is said to be on the top left corner.


Offer a bribe, anything of value and it's still FREE, from e-courses to downloads. State the benefits of the regular messages you are going to send to your subscribers and raise their expectation. Make them clamour for more. If you are in business for the long run, you must, and will find infinite reasons to restate why you are more than willing to share the passion of this industry you are in with them.


Let them know the frequency and day/time of your mailings. If some of your subscribers are flooded with mails every day, at least you can get them mentally prepared to read from you. By the way, you can expect "A Moment Of Sharing" every Friday, latest Saturday.


Say "thank you" once in a while. We know these 2 incredible words always work magic, just that sometimes we don't know what to expect. Life is a box of chocolate, man. *slurp*


Also there are all kinds of e-mail accounts out there. You would want to prepare configuration instructions so that subscribers can filter your mail INTO a specially allocated folder.


Lastly, have an opt-out option. Who's afraid of people opting-out when there's quality? Put that in since it's required by law.


All of these techniques require you to do some work, but if you aren't willing to go the extra mile for your customers, you don't deserve them. Building a real business takes some effort, and in the long run, you'll find your autoresponders are valuable assets to take advantage of while other 'solutions' just add to problems that get more and more difficult each day...like oil to fire.


50 Tips To Maximize E-mail Marketing Success


How Companies Can Enter And Remain In The Customer Email Inner Circle



Good Quality Content Is KING!


Do you know that top article directories which screen article submissions receive hundreds (some over a thousand) of article submissions each month? And the sad part is, 60% of the articles sent to them are garbage—they get deleted right away.

Let's say you're in the process of adding some quality content to your website and you've found a source to get some quality articles to add to your site. All you need to do is ensure that the authors resource box is intact.


You wonder what impact adding 12000 articles to your website has to PageRank and Search Engine Optimization.


From an SEO standpoint, you'll probably notice that Google will initially index your new pages, but will then filter them out of their search results completely, simply due to duplicate content. Therefore good quality content is KING! One good article can make you world famous over night. A trillion bad articles may not even get noticed.



4 Simple Keys To Selling More Products


1) Present the Problem: All good ad copy, sales letters, articles, reports, and e-mails have one thing in common. They all point out a need that the reader has.


The first thing your content needs to do in educating your reader is to let them know that they have a need by presenting the problem.


2) Offer a Solution: Offer a solution to the problem that you just presented. This will be the meat of the content. Here is where you win your customer. So give it your best shot here. You want to give the reader something that they can immediately use to solve that problem.


3) Make a Suggestion: Here is where the selling part comes in. Because the battle is fought in the solution portion but the battle is won in the suggestion portion. Here is where you recommend a product or service that will further solve the problem.


This is where you turn the reader into a customer.


4) Explain the Results: This is where you present your personal testimony on how you benefited from the product or service. Explain the precise results from using the recommended product or service.


You are not going to find a better selling point than results. People buy your products to get results. Not to own the product. People want results. We are living in a results driven society. So give them results.


You're not going to win your customer with hype. You're going to win them with a system:


1) Present the problem
2) Offer a Solution
3) Make a Suggestion
4) Explain the Results


This is a system for success. It is the surest way of selling more to your list members. Let us give you an example of how to use this 4-step system. First, you may be aware promoters of affiliate programs want to overcome a challenge (problem) that causes 98% of all affiliates to fail.


The glaring problem is that affiliates do not have a way to build a list, so you write a special e-book (solution) that explains and solves this problem in greater detail.


You will need to create a popup-style web page called a lead capture page.


This capture page records the visitors' name and e-mail address by filling out a form on the capture page before they go to the affiliate owner's sales letter which sells the e-book.


As an incentive or bribe to get the visitor to fill out the form on the capture page, you can also create a FREE report to give the visitor for giving you their name and e-mail address.


You see most autoresponders have the ability to create a form that redirects the visitor to a "thank you" page to thank them for subscribing. Instead of sending the visitor to a "thank you" page, you will send them to the affiliate sales letter. BIG paradigm shift. It's quite related to what we wrote about in Issue #20 (look for the section "Lousy Copywriters...").


Your free report, besides the sales letter, is also a platform to offer the solution to the problem. With this report, you have greater freedom to make further suggestions on how to quickly solve this problem plus help you earn income from different income streams!


Well, inside the free report, you simply add whatever affiliate links you have that complements the main content, so you can multiply the number of sources of affiliate income for every report you give away.


It is important to realize that everyone you give this report to can also give it away, effectively giving away your links that can continue to earn you income, but it won't benefit them apart from showing their willingness to share with peope they know, so what you do is you encourage readers how to purchase customization rights to the report itself for a very affordable price that's about the same price as a large pizza (the main e-book becomes a different story altogether...).


So you get another ready-made sales letter that also promotes your customization rights to the report report. You've gotta like that! Another selling opportunity.


This is one of the easiest ways that I used to build my list. This works like crazy for me and I have searched my mind for a reason why this would not work for you also. This is not just theory, but a real live method other successful marketers as well as what I use to earn income while building my list. And you can do it too.


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Who Uses The Term "Centralization" In IM?

PR Prowler 3.0



Who Uses The Term "Centralization" In IM?


The answer is: John Delavera


Centralization is the Philosopher's Stone In Internet Marketing and John puts it simply: If you don't use CENTRALIZATION today you're destined to FAIL no matter WHAT you sell online.


If you do not know what Centralization means and WHY it's the only stable way for building and/or maintaining an online business, check today's special report.



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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Fight the Fear: The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Feedback



Fight the Fear: The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Feedback


The frontline of the business is where the MONEY is, yet so few people want to get their hands dirty here. Find out how excellent customer feedback can bring you good business. *click*


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


The Power In Polarity Thinking Part 2: The Law Of Polarity

Dropping Comparisons



The Power In Polarity Thinking Part 2: The Law Of Polarity


The lifestyle of the rich and famous is not just reserved for those born to become dukes, duchesses and donalds, for even Mr. Trump had lost it all, only to earn back millions more. Remember he went bust big time in the late 90s? Don't be surprised he still has his buildings, a game show, a board game and some still-selling (if not best-selling) books today. He's not afraid, he's bold and confident, and whether he understands or not, he has the Law Of Polarity planted firmly in his subconscious mind.


We're led to believe Kiyosaki once slept on the streets, and he was stubbornly adamant about finding a job. Now, working for someone else is not a bad thing. If you know a thing or two about investing, you would know how to circulate spare cash for better cashflow and extra earnings on interest. We don't expect everyone in this world to become bosses either, or it would still become a level-playing field. Some of us have all the blessings in this world, not having to worry about outsourcing or retrenchment.


But we are merely stating the cold hard truth which is this: You can forget about witnessing a breakthrough in your income ceiling as long as you work in a business, instead of on a business. This is a big difference in work ethics, for even excellent employees know how to bear a sense of stake in the company they work for, care for the bottomline, financial or otherwise, and do something about it.


For those who felt Fate has not dealt a favorable hand to them, you can take heart that many successful and 'awakened' entrepreneurs, even 'accidental' ones, could not have thought of a better life path than one that leads to complete freedom of choices and from worries. The only requirement for such a future to happen to you is to integrate and optimize the most perfect combination of business mindset, knowledge and skills into your whole being. The way you think will kick several notches upwards and your life will never, ever be the same again.


You do not quit from one income source to start afresh in another—that's foolhardy. You are supposed to make a gradual transition with or without the knowledge of whoever you are working for.


The Law Of Polarity directly relates to lack of faith, boldness or confidence. Essentially, when you experience a 'bad' situation, then polarity thinking may assure you that there is, within it, something GOOD. If something is a little bit bad, then it is only a little bit good. If something is catastrophic, then there is, within it, something phenomenal! It's the same 'equal-opposite' pattern, but the scale of it is different. That's what happens when a person magnifies the little things in life, then the ups and downs just grow bigger and he's on a roller-coaster.


The great thing about the Law Of Polarity is it enables a person to see problems and challenges no other ordinary person could have easily seen, and find matching solutions for them. A dollar for a dollar, a million for a million.


If all this sounds rather academic/analytical, we're afraid you have not caught the emotional resonance of it yet, despite Part 1. If we told you the first step to becoming a millionaire is to give up your wallet or handbag and sleep on the streets, you wouldn't bat an eyelid knowing that come next morning, you can go back home to enjoy toast prepared by mama. It is exactly the same dilemma why some folks just cannot figure out how walking on fire relates to real life.


"Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it

the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit."

Napoleon Hill

1883-1970, Presidential Adviser and Author of "Think And Grow Rich"


A man just had a new neighbour, and ever since the new occupant moved in, his dog never stopped barking. The man was so irritated, he finally went to confront the neighbour and asked, "Can you tell your dog to shut up?"


"No I can't."




"I realized my dog is sitting on a nail, but it isn't painful enough for it to get its butt out."


We only wish, in all goodness, you had enough pain to do something about your life. If one million dollars ain't good enough, you would have strive for greater heights and greater good of society. Just don't lose your sense and sleep over it.



Dropping Comparisons


You are as unique as an oak is to a bamboo. *Click*



Thank you for reading :)


Nelson Tan


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