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How Can You Start Selling Online Right Here, Right NOW, for FREE!

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How To Get Your First 10,000 Subscriber

There's More To Link Exchanges Than Just Links

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How Can You Start Selling Online Right Here, Right NOW, for FREE!


Affiliate/Reseller Marketing is already a multi-million dollar industry and its global economic value is increasingly so. Don't have your own product? Then sell for others and split the profits. Product creators can't wait to replicate multiple selling sources to get their products as far out and as loud as possible.


Admittedly, one of the biggest reseller star is...Mike Filsaime. We know he has attained star status. but really, he's just another reseller like you and us, except that he's far more creative in marketing approaches. Remember all those fire sales and mega-packages? Don't get jealous over why he did what he did, for it has mostly to do with his professional background.


Mike himself admitted that he sold second-hand cars before he started online for the first time in Oct 2004. What you didn't know or understand is he is able to carry over his car-selling experience into creating successful junk sales online.


Junk sales and selling junk are 2 different animals. You or the other subscribers may have a knack for garage sales or emptying your hands of used goods for a profit. If you understand why you have a talent for it, we're sure you would understand Mike Filsame.


This is Mike's formula: He basically picks and chooses whatever useful Internet Marketing products he can find and combine them into a mega-package. He has control over pricing for some products or seek the kind permission from product creators to include their stuff into the package.


The 2 distinct characteristics of a mega-package is 1) the number of items is so huge you know it's too much to handle, and 2) the package price is suppressed so much you know there's no place else you can get a similar deal.


No USP, copywriting skills or your own products are required. The mega-package is all the 3 things in itself. It is Mike's package, and no one else can take it away from him.


However, this is a very good idea as you don't have to think too hard to start earning online. Here's what you can do: Do a search for 'free master resale rights' or something like that. Look for free stuff which are still worth selling and too valuable to give it away, or invest in the resale rights which are usually less than $17. Then package several items in a unique combo. This leads you to a unique twist in copywriting and a USP for your sales page. Cost: at most $17!


Produce a lead capture page where its main job is to give a bribe away in exchange for e-mail addresses and promote that page like h*ll through signatures in your articles, e-zine directories and major ad locations. Cost: $0!


The lead capture page bring subscribers to the sales page after they sign in, while the autoresponder follows them up. That's it.


Mega-packages are simply over-inflated in value for under-deflated price. What's more, you can even resell some of the items from inside a package. Not many people know what to do with them as they tend to treat the products from a consumer perspective. Available resale rights means you can take the products apart, recombine and sell them as your own package from your new USP angle, so you can start your business right away.



How To Get Your First 10,000 Subscribers


Here's our special e-book and a preview.



There's More To Link Exchanges Than Just Links


We just realize one-to-one manual link exchange is not just manual, but very much pointless.


The idea is this: the link actually has no value and until someone invented PageRank, it begins to take on a currency value. Of course, nobody likes to lose and only gain currency. Other than its relation to PageRank, the link doesn't have much value.


The ugly news is you can actually choose to switch yourself off to link requests. There's nothing the other person can do about it if you choose to ignore his/her request because it gives you greater benefit to focus on other priorities.


One strategy to overcome this problem is to send article submission requests instead of link requests. You can get more inbound links to your site by submitting articles to directories and sites that accept them. Just remember to leave your signature in. That way, you can have more sites 'pointing' back to you any time Internet users find their desired keywords in YOUR articles from doing a search. The webmasters' benefit is fresh content for their sites.


The article is quite simply your act of adding more value over the currency. Isn't that still the same as link exchange?


Another way is to reply to blog posts. For the sake of it, the activity seems like a boring job, but the truth is a link is still a link no matter how you plant it elsewhere on the Internet. It's only the strategy that counts. Keep this date for the record: 28th June 2005. The SOLUTION will be revealed.



Corey Rudl's Last Words?


Corey is widely regarded as the best Internet Marketer and was unfortunately killed in a terrible racing car accident on 2nd June 2005 at a young age of 34. Corey has helped many ordinary folks make real money online. Read this interesting and educational interview of how Corey built his Internet empire on a shoestring budget. We trust that you will enjoy and benefit from reading it.


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iProfit eBook Package


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As long as you purchase within the next 48 hours, you can still get your deepest discount on this most incredible range of multimedia presentation software. Watch the products in action right on this site itself. Get an unfair advantage over all others with your very own site that walks, talks and comes alive!


...Don't forget to download a powerful FREE gift in there too.



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Running out of lucrative keywords for your Adsense biz? The Top Paying Keywords database presents the keyword prices of the 20,000 most popular keyword searches. By identifying the highest paying keywords on the Internet, the database allows website owners to dramatically improve earnings in the Google AdSense program. You'll never run out of ideas again.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Working With Difficult People: 3 Questions to Help You Turn Your Tormentors into Teachers by Judy Ringer



Working With Difficult People: 3 Questions to Help You Turn Your Tormentors into Teachers by Judy Ringer


No relationship is perfect, and none of us are easy people, including ourselves. Find out how you can turn every moment of upset into an opportunity to learn. *click*


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


The Power In Polarity Thinking Part 1: Beyond Human Limitations



The Power In Polarity Thinking Part 1: Beyond Human Limitations


There is one mighty question for which we are itching to give a satisfying answer, and we felt it is best done in 3 parts. Previously, we wrote when you can keep a sane and steady mind, no matter how many zeros you have in the bank, it shouldn't be a surprise at all.


But can you really be so sure life would still stay the same? You never know until you MUST get a taste of how it feels like to be a millionaire, the sooner the better. Otherwise, you are just dragging your feet and refraining for fear of success. Remember that if working hard alone can make millionaires, all the employees of the world would be a great source of envy.


There is something very, very powerful about the way successful people see 2 sides of all things in life (hence we call this 'polarity thinking'). Why do you think Warren Buffet still faithfully patronizes a hometown restaurant for his usual dish of steak in Omaha? That's because at least when it comes to eating, he doesn't mind settling for less. Maybe he simply loves it more than any other steaks around the world. Whatever his reasons are, at least when it comes to eating, life is good for him.


That's it. End of story. Happy ending :)


As for you, dear , this is only the beginning. Once you know the power that 'drives' Warren Buffett to settle for less, you will also know that you too can literally alter your reality and change the course of your LIFE to settle for more. This is no rah-rah. Again, we are going to bring you up to a logical high.


If you have read Robert Kiyosaki's books, you may be aware he wrote about his fighter pilot days during the Vietnam War. During those days, young Americans would fight on so others could live. A former classmate told him, "I am alive today because dead men kept fighting. Twice I was in battles where I was the only one to come out alive. Your life changes when you realize your friends gave their lives so that you could live."


Many nights before a battle, Robert would sit silently at the bow of the aircraft carrier watching the waves passed below. In those long moments of silence, he made peace with his soul while knowing that come morning, he would face death again. Through his contemplation, he realized to die the next day was a very easy way out. For such a time like Vietnam (or 9/11), living is in many ways harder than dying. But once he made peace with himself, life and death do not seem to be a struggle at all. Before death would come to pass, what could he do with the LIFE that is given to him? Would he fly in courage or in fear? Once he made his choice, he could call on his human spirit to carry him through the next day, to fly and fight to the best of his ability, regardless of the final outcome.


While war causes people to do horrible things to other human beings, it was also in war that Robert saw the best in humanity, and it is this source of polarity from which he derived a sense of power far beyond ordinary human conditions under most normal circumstances.


It is this same spiritual power that drives young boys and girls to dash 100 yards with all their might... and prosthetic legs. It is this same power that makes a blind man sing so soulfully, he's now in the final 24 in our local TV idol contest (Project Superstar on Channel U).


Physical pain is no match for the power of the spirit. The spirit need not win prizes, but it surely wins hearts. From person to person, spirits are touched to remind us of all the potential power we have stored inside of us individually and collectively.



Happy Father's Day,


Nelson Tan


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