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Quick Keyword Research Tip

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Quick Keyword Research Tip


Go to Google and do a search based on a keyword of your industry e.g. 'lawn care', 'facial treatment', 'small business advice' etc. Check the top 10 sites and observe why the sites are designed the way they were (that's precisely why they rank on the first page). Look out for how they get subscribers, present their products, their keyword density and their meta tags (View → Source). In their meta tags, find out what keywords the webmasters fill in, then imitate them, simple.



Have you download these toolbars yet?


The Google toolbar displays your PageRank and contains functions like popup blocking and auto form-filling while the Alexa toolbar is great for searching site and traffic information about your own site and other related websites. If you want to know how far your site has accomplished based on these 2 crucial info on a weekly basis, you should install these toolbars which show up on your browser. It's quite mandatory.


Here's a major thesis on Google PageRank. Woah!



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Here is another excellent place to exchange links.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Joint Venture Tips



Joint Venture Tips


11 Joint Venture Ideas To Get You Started On The Fast Track To Quick Profits by Liz Tomey

How To Create A Risk-Free Money Making Proposition Using JV Marketing by Terry Dean

Sending A Joint Venture Proposal by John Kovacs


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


The Dedication To Truth




The Dedication To Truth


"What is truth?" – Pontius Pilate


The first and most important factor in the dedication to truth is absolute integrity. When action and intention align themselves, they become congruent. Once that happens, you get integrity. The dedication to truth starts with what all great thinkers would say, your mind, specifically, clear thought.


In a self-development course, we were asked this eye-popping question, "Who has more integrity, Bush Jr. or Uncle Osama?"...We shouldn't talk about politics but there is no bigger (read 'Influence') comparison between 2 contemporary figures in our times than these 2 folks. Some people thought Osama is more convicted and passionate to his cause, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Maybe it would be more interesting if Osama goes 1-on-1 with Roosevelt to see who flinch first. Or it could be easier to compare Mr. President with the other er...'flip-flopping' presidential candidate.


The answer to the question is, "Who's to say Osama or Bush has integrity? Only he best knows himself."


Therefore, your level of integrity cannot be measured against the quality of relationships you forge with other people. The 'social' definition of integrity is "If nobody can ever prove that I lack integrity, then I must have it. Innocent until proven guilty."


This works fine if your only concern is how you appear to other people. It permits a variety of deceitful behaviors, such as allowing another person to continue in a mistaken belief, or failing to tell someone something that they should know.


The reasoning used to justify such behaviors is destructive to clear thought. First, it is impossible to engage in deceptive behavior without in some way believing the untruth in some corner of your mind. That means there MUST be falsehood. Every time you tell or think and act anything less than the absolute truth, you create a little wall in your mind, and then you must maintain that wall for as long as the consequences of the falsehood may come back to you. After a while, your mind is full of walls. How can you think clearly with a cluttered mind? Integrity is not for the benefit of others; it is for your own benefit. It smooths the path to the Truth, which is ultimately the most correct destination.


That's the way of all things. If you want money, you have to be absolutely dedicated and make no compromises in the most noble and wonderful manner of pursuit, and we have plenty of people doing the opposite and they are quite 'integral' about it. Who are we to help them if they insist they are 'right'? But because of their own integrity, quite likely they can achieve their results—that is, $$$—if they stick their neck out to the end (persistence), regardless of morals, ethics and methods... unless there's a larger source of opposing influence.


Again we say the pursuit of Truth starts with the highest possible form of congruency between action and intention. It doesn't take long. *SNAP* It can start NOW. If you think you do not understand the last statement, your mind should be in a gray area. It's simply cluttered. Don't worry. Log off, switch off your PC and have a cup of warm coffee or take a walk and enjoy the breeze, birds, flowers and trees. When you realize some things in your heart, come back and make a phone call to someone whom you always look up to as a 'guru' and ask him/her, "Who has more integrity, Bush Jr. or Uncle Osama? Don't ask, just answer the question."


If s/he goes, "Well uh...I think it's..." and name either one of them, stop listening, hang up the phone and smile, thinking that you can do better.


It's not who think who is, but who IS to him/herself!


Who is going to retire online? We won't want to encourage by saying, "Yes, YOU! Now buy my product." Well, you're suppose to. What we want to drive at is, when you are convinced you can get rich in the best possible way and in the most righteous manner and you integrate clear thought of that into your whole being, you're absolutely right. Go for it.


Otherwise, continue to engage in less-than-perfect behaviors. Compromising integrity in pursuit of objectives doesn't make bad people. It just makes them bad thinkers.





What is Influence? Our personal definition: Influence is Integrity Amplified Outward. It can be good or bad, only that it is the unseen transmutation that makes you look 'larger than life', so to speak.


All men and women have some amount of influence, but most fail to recognize it in themselves. As a result, they aren't able to harness and direct it purposefully. They also fail to comprehend the larger implications and consequences of their own actions.


Influence is more than winning people over to your side by pursuing them. It is accentuating your integrity in everything that you do. You are saying, "This is who I am, what I stand for and why I do it. No apologies." And when you say it long enough, the right people will take notice and come. The period of gestation a.k.a. the question of "How long?" is the real challenge. Your patience will look after you on that.


When you know how to direct influence in order to gain back desired results, you are on your way to practicing leadership.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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