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The Strategies Of Long And Expired Domain Names

What We Believe And What We Did

The Secret Technique To NOT Give Away Everything By Steve Yakim



The Strategies Of Long And Expired Domain Names

In the world of 21st century, it is no longer surprising to find that most business had already establishes a web presence to support their brick-and-mortar businesses. There are many advantages of establishing a web presence on the Internet such as selling globally to prospective customers and disseminating information to the public.

Most business owners would have already understood the importance of a web presence to their businesses. What most of them had failed to understand is that the domain name in their websites can contribute significantly to their online marketing strategy.

First, we look at a few rules of a good domain name. Most would agree that a good domain name should:

1) be able to describe your business when people first look it.
2) include hyphen in between the words to make it easier to read.
3) have an appropriate .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org to reflect the nature of the business.

What I differ in opinion is that a long domain name can be as effective as a short domain name depending on the context where the domain name is used. Many people would probably disagree with me on this point as they believe that a short domain name is easier to remember, but short domain names are easily imaginable and would have already been snapped up before you know it.

Still, when the context is right, having a catchy long domain name such as http://www.dont-miss-a-thing.com or http://www.once-in-a-lifetime.com definitely helps to draw attention to your business rather than promoting your website name like http://www.yourcompanyname.com, which is a usual practice, but remember this: customers don't care much about your company name or even your name until they can find the solution to their needs. When people reach http://www.dont-miss-a-thing.com or http://www.once-in-a-lifetime.com, you are already communicating the meaning of a message before driving them to the appropriate web page. That's why context is so important in aiding keyword research, and having the right keywords in your domain name for increasing appeal.

Thus, depending on the context where the domain name is used, a domain name can actually help to make or break your overall marketing performance.

On the other hand, buying expired or unavailable domains is a smart move. These are truly underrated traffic sources. It's like people going to a shop when it has already closed down and they suddenly teleport (redirect page) to your shop. Once you bought it, make sure the web host company doesn't own it (YOU own it) and you can always transfer the domain to a cheaper host. Do a search for 'purchase expired domains' and you get good leads.

People going to an invalid hair gel site are not going to buy an e-book on viral marketing, so you must buy domains with the right keywords related to your business.

And of course, those cyber-squatters who make a living out of buying and selling domain names (read: GOOD keywords) are playing a different ball game altogether.


What We Believe And What We Did


We never believe in buying traffic. How did you came to know us? Did you get paid to know us? Most probably you subscribed because of a free download in the first place. You may not remember how but YOU are the traffic. You are targeted because we hit your hot button correctly :)


There are enough free resources out there on the Net to keep one busy with getting traffic. There are only 4 most effective methods: search engine optimization (SEO), link exchange, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and viral marketing. The basis for these methods lies in the universal law of traffic composition.


Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your pages for the search engines so that your pages are optimized for the search engines to be searched with the most optimized keywords. You get the idea? SEO English is a bit like tongue twister. If you know the exact keywords your business or industry is famous for, you increase the density of those keywords in your page.


Actually, we don't understand why some folks make SEO sound so complicated. On the other hand, other folks say SE spiders are so smart at discerning quality of content such that SEO is really much ado about nothing. Moreover, SEO English is just so unnatural sometimes and abuse may constitute as keyword spamming, unless you know the secret to writing it 'fluently'. SEO is absolutely crucial in niche markets where competition in SE listings is not hot.


Exchanging links with like-minded webmasters create a network for increased traffic distribution. Interested visitors are free to visit your site when they see your link on other people's sites. SEO targeted towards Google is only half the battle. Its PageRank tool measures your page's link popularity and ranks it higher according to scale. The more links pointing into your site as opposed to pointing out, the merrier.


* PageRank looks at pages, not sites.


Pay-per-click advertising is all about how much you are willing to pay the PPC program for a high listing so that visitors take notice of your link and visit it. You incur the bid price you set for yourself for every visit (click). Considering ROI, this is particularly useful when you are selling a product. Security features are in place so there's no point being trigger-happy if you don't like some sites. ;)


Viral Marketing is everything and anything to do with propagating your name and URL through giving away free e-books, reports, article and e-zine submission, classified ads etc. But this is only by technological means. With people, we are talking about word-of-mouth.


Our awareness and application of the 4 above traffic generation methods slowly but surely builds a good list of followers who are willing to patronize us.



The Secret Technique To NOT Give Away Everything By Steve Yakim


Pay special attention to this...


I am going to give you another secret.


I know you have watched a good TV show and became engrossed in a show. Then at one of the exciting parts of the show a sign pops up and says...


To Be Continued!


Don't you hate that?


To Be Continued!


What do you do? You watch the rest of the show the next night because you want to find out what happens.


Apply this same principle to your reports and articles. Don't depend on the resource box at the end of your article to drive traffic to your web site (but don't leave it out either).


Write your article in 2 parts. At the end of the first part of the article inform the reader that the rest of the report is available at...


You give them a URL where they can get the second part of the article, which is a form that puts the reader on another one of your automated lists. After filling out the form, they are redirected to a web page with the second part or the second part is sent to them in an e-mail delivered by your autoresponder.


It's cruel, but effective.


Fresh Picks


With regards to reliable products to boost your traffic generation, here is your list.



PR Prowler

Google AdWords & Overture PPC Tips

2 Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Recommendations





Web CEO is a full-range search engine optimization software with advanced site troubleshooting and web analytics functionality.


1) The choice of 100,000+ businesses. Web CEO stands on guard of the rankings of IBM and Motorola. These companies have no right to make mistakes. What about you?


2) Simple and user-friendly. Packed with powerful features, Web CEO still can boast an ultra user-friendly interface that turns a novice into an SEO expert right away after installation.


3) Completely Safe. Employing Google API and cutting-edge human emulation techniques, Web CEO makes the optimization process absolutely safe for you and your site.


>> Learn More about Web CEO.





PR Prowler


PR Prowler helps you locate thousands of high PR sites in a jiffy so that you can propose reciprocal linking arrangements with the desired webmasters. You will get a complete breakdown of that page's quality by being shown the number of outbound links and backward links. It even has a "PR boost to you" estimate! An easy-to-use yet powerfully automated tool.



Google AdWords & Overture PPC Tips


In-depth free e-book by Aaron Matthew Wall lays a good foundation for beginners to get the hang of the 2 biggest PPC programs: Overture and Google AdWords. This is a prelude to the SEO Book.



2 Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Recommendations


Seth Godin's "Unleash The Idea Virus" is a 197-page long and slightly difficult read...a real brain food but classic. The other book that recently made its appearance is "Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become A Volunteer Sales Force" by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. You can purchase it at Amazon or your nearest bookstore, or if not consider it as a birthday gift for someone else. It's coming soon, right? :) Here's a preview.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


The Art Of Communicating By Hal Warfield



The Art Of Communicating By Hal Warfield


If you want to learn everything from ESP, DISC, being a receiver or sender, common space, verbal and non-verbal communication, mutual understanding, temperament, noise, self-image etc., read this ambitious article by Hal Warfield.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


The Magic Of Solitude By Brian Tracy



The Magic Of Solitude By Brian Tracy


The greatest men and women of all ages have practiced solitude regularly. They learned how to use silence to still their minds and tap into their super-conscious powers for answers to their questions.


In this newsletter, you learn how you can apply this wonderful technique immediately to improve the quality of your inner and outer life.


The Magic of Solitude


Your feelings, your emotions, are the access point to your inner powers of mind. The most important part in the process of getting in touch with your feelings is to begin to practice solitude on a regular basis. Solitude is the most powerful activity in which you can engage. Men and women who practice it correctly and on a regular basis never fail to be amazed at the difference it makes in their lives.


Most people have never practiced solitude. Most people have never sat down quietly by themselves for any period of time in their entire lives. Most people are so busy being busy, doing something—even watching television—that it's highly unusual for them to simply sit, deliberately, and do nothing. But as Catherine Ponder points out, "Men and women begin to become great when they begin to take time quietly by themselves, when they begin to practice solitude." And here's the method you can use.


To get the full benefit of your periods of solitude, you must sit quietly for at least 30 to 60 minutes at a time. If you haven't done it before, it will take the first 25 minutes or so for you to stop fidgeting and moving around. You'll almost have to hold yourself physically in your seat. You'll have an almost irresistible desire to get up and do something. But you must persist.


Solitude requires that you sit quietly, perfectly still, back and head erect, eyes open, without cigarettes, candy, writing materials, music or any interruptions whatsoever for at least 30 minutes. An hour is better.


Become completely relaxed, and breathe deeply. Just let your mind flow. Don't deliberately try to think about anything. The harder you 'don't try', the more powerfully it works. After 20 or 25 minutes, you'll begin to feel deeply relaxed. You'll begin to experience a flow of energy coming into your mind and body.


You'll have a tremendous sense of well-being. At this point, you'll be ready to get the full benefit of these moments of contemplation.


The River of Ideas


The incredible thing about solitude is that if it is done correctly, it works just about 100 percent of the time. While you're sitting there, a stream, a river, of ideas will flow through your mind. You'll think about countless subjects in an uncontrolled stream of consciousness. Your job is just to relax and listen to your inner voice.


At a certain stage during your period of solitude, the answers to the most pressing difficulties facing you will emerge quietly and clearly, like a boat putting in gently to the side of a lake. The answer that you seek will come to you so clearly and it will feel so perfect that you'll experience a deep sense of gratitude and contentment.


Trusting Yourself


When you emerge from this period of quiet, you must do exactly what has come to you. It may involve dealing with a human situation. It may involve starting something or quitting something. Whatever it is, when you follow the guidance that you received in solitude, it will turn out to be exactly the right thing to do. Everything will be OK. And it will usually work out far better than you could have imagined. Just try it and see.


You must learn to trust yourself. You must develop the habit of listening to yourself and then acting on the guidance you receive.


Action Exercises


Here are three steps you can take immediately to put these ideas into action.


First, select a specific time and place to sit quietly and practice one full hour of solitude. Don't put it off.


Second, take small periods of silence and solitude during the day, especially when you feel overwhelmed with problems or responsibilities.


Third, take action immediately on the ideas and insights you receive while in solitude. One good idea can save you months and years of hard work. The key is trust.


Brian Tracy is one of America's leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He's a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward peak performance and high levels of achievement.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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