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What's Your Most Pressing Question About Internet Marketing This Month?

4 Types Of Web Pages

Priceless Affiliate Marketing Secret by Stephen Pierce

SEO Articles by Ryan Allis



What's Your Most Pressing Question About Internet Marketing This Month?


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4 Types Of Web Pages


Insofar where web design is concerned, it is crucially important to design your web pages in such a manner that your visitors must instinctively know what to expect and how to respond to your content.


I define response in terms of 3 types of 'click':


1) Click to subscribe (for example, to download a free gift).

2) Click to earn (your visitors are attracted to click on an AdSense ad).

3) Click to buy (your visitors purchase your product).


The website is a reflection and expression of the marketer's mind. If a web page is muddled with different intentions, it shows the marketer is not asking for something hard enough.


Therefore, there are 4 types of web pages that would elicit the 3 types of 'click' responses:


1) Opt-in page

2) Sales page

3) Content page (a good example are the articles published in Ezine Articles)

4) Blog (blog is essentially content, but I consider it a different animal)


Keep pages focused: a sales page is a sales page, a lead capture page is a lead capture page, a free bribe page is a free bribe page and so on. Simplicity in design is a key factor to focusing your pages.


If people click on other choices that are seen as available other than the 'buy' button on a sales page, they got out of the sales page and half the battle was already lost by default. These classic design mistakes can be avoided as you study other websites that inspire you in their designs.



Priceless Affiliate Marketing Secret by Stephen Pierce


We supposed you received a mail about this yesterday. If you haven't seen it, here's the article.



SEO Articles by Ryan Allis


Dispelling Common Search Engine Optimization Myths

Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly

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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Lousy Copywriters Can Still Convert Lots Of Visitors Do You Believe That?



Lousy Copywriters Can Still Convert Lots Of Visitors Do You Believe That?


There are 3 necessary entities which come together to form a business: the RIGHT mindset, environment and products.



In a most similar fashion, you can also say the business (your site), list and content (free and paid) establishes your overall online presence and one of them cannot be missed out.



Believe it or not, what goes on between your business and your list of people (customers and subscribers) is the same communication as it is when you talk to someone else in your surroundings. Sales communication is not copywriting per se; like a language it involves a whole sequential process of what sentence comes before or after another.


There's a saying, "People don't speak through their brains," and that's to mean most people hardly think through what they say so they can't get optimal results out of an interaction. That's why we are such poor communicators. However, some talented marketers or experts think it's easier to break down online communication in a systematic form because basically there is more clarity in the act of writing. If a sentence doesn't feel right, you can always amend it. You can amend what you write but you can never amend what you say, heh...TOO LATE! That means you have endless opportunities to keep on testing until you get your communication right.


The greatest secret in communication is in your mastery of sequence. Once you become strong and assertive in your sequence, you can exactly guide your list of people to do exactly what they have to do for their benefit, whether it's signing up into an e-course or getting the sale.


I recall a time in my young days standing at the end of an escalator distributing flyers. Now that's TRAFFIC! However, people normally won't like to take it from his hand because here is a stranger intruding their private space. This flyer contained instructions to where they could get discount vouchers and they all missed out! It's like what Michael Enlow said before...he tried to pass $20 bills on the streets and people are running away from him!


And so I discovered 2 tricks to solve my flyer distribution problem. One is, I can stretch out my hand with the flyer and if someone is staring at it, pull back. That will create an impulse of curiosity in them and make them think, "What the...! Give it back to me!"


The second trick is to simply stretch out with flyer in hand and say "thank you" in advance. This one really works. Why? More people will feel kind of embarassed for not accepting it, and when I projected a tone of sincerity in my voice, people were more than willing to take it out of courtesy. The 'conversion rate' actually soared.


I'm telling you this because it's mind-boggling when you realized you can write a headline as "THANK YOU! You now have FREE access to discount vouchers!" instead of the usual "Discover How..." It's like instead of starting a conversation in your most normal way, you begin in quite the opposite manner...


Here is your homework:


1) What can you expect your web page to say to your visitors in exchange for their cooperation? "Thank you", "I know what you are thinking...", "Fantastic Opportunity?...", "Before you close this window like any other popup..."


2) If you have a set of web pages linked together, how can you make max. profit from its sequence? Does your opt-in form come before or after?


We are also telling you the popup is your FLYER! Popup blockers are here to stay because over 90% of the marketers fail to appreciate the power of the popup and that is it can carry the element of surprise.


The normal popup is how you shove the flyer in people's face, and that's a definite distraction. The popunder is like you hold something and hide it behind your back and by this action you either invoke distraction or curiosity as it makes them think "Uh, are you holding something?" Your reply or headline should read, "A-ha! Now that I got you, this is..."


The popup-on-exit is a new window that opens after the original window is closed (do you see a sequence here?). It is as unexpected as seeing me at the end of the escalator. While the original web page contains the popup-on-exit code, the popup-on-exit web page contains a link to a sound file that says "Thank you!" with a headline that reads, "Read once and you'll never read it again! Here's your FREE access to discount vouchers!" By the way, you can do a search for "popup on exit html code".


Who thinks it doesn't convert more visitors, raise your hands? I can tell you, ever since I started saying "Thank you thank you thank you..." repeatedly, quite a few people came back to the escalator and asked, "Excuse me, can I have a flyer?" Because that voice kept ringing in their ears.


Flyer distributors, unlike popups, will never be banned from the face of the earth.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow by Jim Rohn



Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow by Jim Rohn


The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives, it is called today. Today is yesterday's tomorrow. The question is what did we do with its opportunity? All too often we will waste tomorrow as we wasted yesterday, and as we are wasting today. All that could have been accomplished can easily elude us, despite our intentions, until we inevitably discover that the things that might have been have slipped from our embrace a single, unused day at a time.


Each of us must pause frequently to remind ourselves that the clock is ticking. The same clock that began to tick from the moment we drew our first breath will also someday cease.


Time is the great equalizer of all mankind. It has taken away the best and the worst of us without regard for either. Time offers opportunity but demands a sense of urgency.


When the game of life is finally over, there is no second chance to correct our errors. The clock that is ticking away the moments of our lives does not care about winners and losers. It does not care about who succeeds or who fails. It does not care about excuses, fairness or equality. The only essential issue is how we played the game.


Regardless of a person's current age, there is a sense of urgency that should drive them into action now—this very moment. We should be constantly aware of the value of each and every moment of our lives—moments that seem so insignificant that their loss often goes unnoticed.


We still have all the time we need. We still have lots of chances, lots of opportunities, lots of years to show what we can do. For most of us, there will be a tomorrow, a next week, a next month, and a next year. But unless we develop a sense of urgency, those brief windows of time will be sadly wasted, as were the weeks and months and years before them. There isn't an endless supply!


So as you think of your dreams and goals of your future tomorrow, begin today to take those very important first steps to making them all come to life.


This article was submitted by Jim Rohn, America 's Foremost Business Philosopher. Go to his website to subscribe to his free weekly newsletter and receive 20–60% off on all audios, books and tapes. Also review the complete Jim Rohn archive of articles, vitamins for the mind and Q and A. Copyright © 1999 Jim Rohn International. All rights reserved worldwide.



To your virtual success,


Nelson Tan


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