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If You Can't Sell To Humans, You Might As Well Sell To Spiders

What Are The Top 10 Ways Of Making Money Online?



If You Can't Sell To Humans, You Might As Well Sell To Spiders


If too many advices out there on the art of selling are confusing you, just remember this fundamental: If you can't sell to humans, you might as well sell to spiders, we mean, search engine spiders. Where spiders are concerned, winning the PPC battlefield in the area of AdWords/AdSense is all the rage now, and while we are experimenting with some tactics which we look forward to give you a good report on, we also want to highlight that affiliate marketing is truly the fastest and most straightforward method to raking in an online income when you can't wait to sell to humans.


What the article writers mean when they say you should not create your own products is it takes time to build your brand name and credibility, particularly since most of us are trying our hands at the Internet Marketing game. The most number of products we have ever heard created by one marketer is 20, by Marlon Sanders. This evergreen is the inventor of the "long sales page", so you can guess how old he is.


The last time we had a good talk with Armand Morin during his stay here to conduct the IM workshop with Alex Mandossian, we noticed he had white hair at the fringes. That's not obvious in his photos. Let's suppose he has more than 10 of those 'Generator' products.


But unless you know how to outsource the creation of your products and manage the datelines for your projects, or purchase the rights to an open-source software (smart move eh?), and even if you can come out with 10 products with a *poof* like a genie, it would still take 6 months to a year to establish in people's mind who are you behind that website and that brand. Before that, it already takes a tremendous amount of time to understand market demand and develop a careful plan to define a profitably feasible product, and before you begin to sell, there's already the development cost.


, we don't know if you have the mistaken idea of doing the 'guru' business for the sake of vanity. Forget about it, you want to make money NOW and FAST! When Frank Kern, the world's first and foremost self-proclaimed 'underachiever', said in one of his webcast (we are compiling a special e-book at the moment) he'd better get out of Internet Marketing fast, he is really saying there's much, much more money to be made in 1001 niches out there, even if you know nothing about wedding dresses or iguanas! Why stare at a single tree when there's a forest around you? You must have a paradigm shift in your thinking on this.


Read this to yourself in the mirror every morning:

Money has no EYES! If anyone can make it, so can I.


Frank Kern and his partner Ed Dale have very simple methods for you to get into those niches with a good understanding of PPC marketing and the required techniques. And yes, it's still an online, INFORMATIONAL business, nothing physical.


If you are not into niche marketing, and you prefer to do Internet Marketing at this time, and you don't have enough resources at your disposal to build your big sandcastle from scratch, we recommend that you either 1) get into a team like a mastermind group, or 2) ride on somebody else. Affiliate Marketing is all about riding on other people's products, that is, *OPP*.


In a sense, affiliate marketing is a 'fast' selling model because you don't have to worry much about the credibility issue. In fact, your very act of selling as an affiliate is already an endorsement to the product concerned and that's just the way the perception is. There's also some work that needs to be done on the affiliates' part, and particularly, there's one major strategy all affiliates must absolutely do to stand out from the rest: create your own context.


You see, in a bad MLM scenario, all sorts of people from the desperate housewife to the Citibank VP get into the act of selling 'X' brand of shampoo. You think the Citibank VP is going to make it the next day he enters Corporate Banking division and talks to all his colleagues, regardless of gender, about the shampoo he is SELLING as he walks from department to department? People would think he's a mad man simply because Image and Integrity do not align together.


You can't run away from the fact that the best affiliate marketing principle is to sell OPP as if it is your own.


It doesn't cut for us to sell you anything until you know what your money-making blueprint or plan requires. Similarly, you can't sell 1001 products until you can present a blueprint which other people can be confident of following to emulate your success with only a few selected products, or you know what kind of blueprint your client prefers so that you can match the RIGHT products to his/her preferred choices correctly.


You heard of the word 'Preselling' bandied around, don't you? That's exactly what creating your own context is. The USP difference between you and the affiliate next door are still your own website, your own articles, your own special reports and all the other little things you can quickly create to spread the word around with YOUR name on it. We are talking about creating the little viral marketing things, not products. It doesn't take too much time, and you can do them progressively.


And yes, ultimately you end up just like any other netrepreneur with your own website and building your own list. If you'd observe us carefully, isn't that's exactly what we do on a week-by-week basis?


Here's your homework. Go back to your Internet Marketing directory in your c:\ drive and revise all your affiliate marketing and traffic generation materials. What we have here are 4 reports (zipped up) you can download to study through about affiliate marketing. They are all written by affiliate marketing winners.


1) 5 Quickest Ways To Massive Windfalls Of Cash Online by Ewen Chia

2) Autopilot Inbox Cash by Ewen Chia

3) The 7 Day Traffic Solution by Anik Singal

4) Striking Affiliate Gold by Ewen Chia & Jo Han Mok


In the ZIP file there's an extra report 10 Untold Traffic Secrets by Anik Singal. Who is this guy? Well, he recently set up the first-of-its-kind affiliate marketing coaching class and he's getting rave testimonials for it. You have the opportunity to gain a 14-day access to all his materials for only $1.00! Check the details in his 2 reports.


Just remember: if you can't sell to humans, you might as well sell to spiders. This special report contains most of what you need to know to get started in AdSense Publishing.



What Are The Top 10 Ways Of Making Money Online?


Not strategies or techniques, but business models in a more general sense. To give you an idea:


1. Affiliate type website.
2. Content website with Adsense.
3. Affiliate type + Adsense.
4. Your own product - membership site.
5. Your own product - ebook.
6. JV deals.
7. Your own product - software.
8. Directory type site.
9. Online newsletter.
10. Promote affiliate products using Adwords.
Bonus. Sell on Ebay + your own site.


The VERY top way is to create your OWN business and market it well. Find out what YOU are GOOD at, see if there is a niche, and start your business in that niche. Run it like a professional business with profit/loss evaluation, business plan, goals, etc. You can make a lot of money doing this, but most people won't take the time and effort to make it happen. Question is: Will you be the one to do it?


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Viral Marketing With ViralPDF


If you want other people to help spread your PDF articles, you can entice them with a bait, and that is they can brand the articles with their names and URLs. No doubt ViralPDF is the No.1 choice. Why not brand EXE files? Because the EXE format is not proprietary, some folks won't like to keep many different types of branding software. There is not even a 2nd choice besides ViralPDF, PLUS, you can reach out to MAC users. This Flash presentation shows just how easy it is to use ViralPDF.



FireSale Secrets


Mike Filsaime is best known for organizing 'fire sales'. Now he reveals in all his MP3s what goes on in preparing a fire sale. Click here, log in, and listen to his secrets...



The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords


Just 2 years ago Google created a system that makes it possible for advertisers to deposit 5 bucks, write a couple of ads, and instantly get access to over 100 million people in less than 10 minutes.


Google AdWords is hot, but is not for those who lack a good foundation in PPC advertising/ marketing.


Well, Perry Marshall, the Internet's premier AdWords strategist, has written a very helpful e-course called "5 days to success with Google AdWords" and there's no charge for it. You can find out here.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


4 Types Of Mind, 4 Types Of People



4 Types Of Mind, 4 Types Of People


Do you know who you are talking to?...*grin*. Click HERE.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


The Missing Link Between Dreaming And Experience



The Missing Link Between Dreaming And Experience


What did Napoleon Hill say? "Whatever the mind of Man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." A biblical verse inspires young men to dream dreams and old men to see visions for almost 2000 years. Even a Buddhist saying is quoted, "If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition; if you want to know your future life, look at your present actions."


So what happened to your dream since you last read the 1st 2 chapters of this series? Something is amiss, right?


The motivational gurus push you to slap high-fives and shout, "AWESOME!" and walk on broken glass and fire. You go back home on an emotional high and you still wouldn't care what they did to your 6-inches-between-the-ears as long as the 'drug' doesn't wear off.


You simply need a logical high to balance out. Specifically, you need an understanding of how taking little, insignificant-looking daily actions today can manifest your dream tomorrow. The honest folks caution you by saying Internet Marketing is just like any other business, and nothing is easy. We dare say it becomes much easier if you understand what this missing link is.


The truth is, your perception of Internet Marketing as a business can be broken down into bits and bytes from all that you see on your 15.4 or 17-inch screen. Do you know how easy it is for you to imitate Yahoo! as closely as possible if you so wishes? Why, Yahoo! has this section here and that section there, and an opt-in box here and an opt-in box there. Get your layout ready and fill the spaces with content, and keep on filling it and expand your web pages according to the size of your ambition.


You can never fall short when you feel you are doing your absolute professional best, but for lack of confidence in ideas or proven experience, there are many talented people out there who don't know how to start something right online. And even when they finally found all the pieces for a complete jigsaw puzzle (that means they acquired 'everything'), they still weren't sure because of this funny missing link.


"So Yahoo! has this box that somehow links to this section," you ponder. "But what is that huge infrastructure that makes it work?" But we thought there's nothing huge about Yahoo! except for its servers. The command link between 2 modules is only a few lines of programming code...or is it?


You are a very young child observing from the top of the stairs a party put on by your parents for their friends. You are aware of all the events taking place in the party, but you have little means to understand them. You know a little bit of language, so you can understand snippets of conversation. You certainly understand facial expression, so you can recognize fragementary aspects of the interpersonal interaction. But you know nothing of sexual flirtation, political contention, or the effects of alcohol, so most of what you see makes no sense whatever. After several hours of seeing this spectacle, you return to your room and try to explain to your twin sibling what happened. Would you not explain the party in the only terms you had a grip on: the facial expressions? Would you not fill in the logical gaps in your representation with the meager stock of human behaviors you understood? A sexual flirtation becomes "he likes her"; a political arguement becomes "he doesn't like him", possibly because "he's been bad". Drunkenness is interpreted as dizziness or silliness.


For lack of adult experience, you are amused by what you just saw as the party plays out like a dream. But will your preoccupation with the party today determines the path you will take tomorrow? Quite likely, you look forward to playtime at school, and then by next week, you don't even remember there was a party.


Corey Rudl and Bill Gates, for all their experiences, cannot touch your dream. Your dream in online business is what people will remember and support you for as you try to complete it. Your preoccupation with this dream is the energy devoted NOW to bring about the harvest at the end of the day. Experience counts for nothing except as reference to past lessons. That implies that 'experience' is just a useful tool. You just cannot afford to wait for time to pass you by in order to gain experience...whatever that means, nor perfect timing. Your action starts now. When? NOW.


If there are any missing links that you don't understand for lack of experience, OBSERVE the TRUTH behind the chicken nature of these links, then imitate it.



Amen to that,


Nelson Tan


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