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How To FTP Without Using An FTP Program

How To Spot Internet Scams

Q&A: Promote Our Business

The Universal Law Of Traffic Composition

ListCity: Co-Op Your Way To Profits!



How To FTP Without Using An FTP Program


When we heard about this, it was plain shock. But the beauty is in its simplicity. Read this article.



How To Spot Internet Scams


Work-At-Home Typists? We are actually curious to learn if you are successful in this endeavor. Nonetheless, if you are doing any one of these things that Terry Dean points out, it is foolhardy to continue. Time to build your own site and sell something.



Q&A: Promote Our Business


A Q&A interaction happened in our private yahoogroup. Check this out.



The Universal Law Of Traffic Composition


Just a simple fact for you to take note, nothing grand. We've seen this statistics more than once: 45+% of unique visitors found site in search engine, 25+% by word of mouth, 19% random surfing. That's to say no matter how much traffic you gain from intended direct referencing from articles, free e-book giveaways, signatures etc., half of your traffic will come from the least expected places.


The one strategy we use to ensure that SE spiders can register as many web pages in your site as possible no matter how 'deep' they may be is to create a site map, then submit this page, not your index page as per normal. It is the site map that displays all your main site sections, so it's easy for the spiders to gain access and register your content.



ListCity: Co-Op Your Way To Profits!


A long long time ago, you heard or read of Craig Perrine mentioning about Co-op listing. ListCity just might be a good place for you to advertise your newsletter or e-zines if you are doing something like AMOS. Read the details of this business here.


Fresh Picks


Online Marketing Secrets Uncovered & Web Ad Magic



Web Ad Magic


Yanik Silver's Web Ad Magic is a secret collection of the best marketing e-mails, autoresponder messages and e-zine ads by top performers like John Reese, Joe Vitale and many others. Do you want to emulate these examples? Well, you have to sharpen the saw, don't you? Click to find out other names here.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


The Secret To A Good Conversation


In fact, there are 2 secrets. The late Earl Nightingale wrote, "Listening really is the key to good conversation. You can't learn much with your own mouth open."


He dedicated this statement to all talkers whose rapidly moving mouths issue little or no value, or who feel there's nothing to gain from remaining silent.


In fact, the more you say without active listening, the more likely you may end up forcing a statement of untruth in mid-sentence, leading to an embarassing fall.


But listening is no easy task especially when a conversation hits right on something you have a strong opinion about, and then you can't resist the urge to submerge the entire room with your great wisdom. Summon self-control to permit others to share in the topic and dispense your opinions in little portions. You will not only sound 'intelligent', but even learn something new too.


In permitting others to speak, one would go so far as to encourage the speaker to talk more about him/herself. This encouragement grants him/her a sense of time, place and position to be able to connect with someone and relate his/her life in self-importance. As far as we know, successful salespeople are able to use this 'secret' to turn even the most hardened prospects into their most loyal customers, because simply by offering their time to be in the company of these prospects, it already enhances their lives.


>Dale Carnegie wrote, "Do THIS (encouraging others to speak up) and you'll be welcome everywhere."


In Internet Marketing, this can apply to encouraging visitors to:


1) leave their comments in blogs.

2) post replies in forums.

3) respond to a survey.

4) ask for a comment.

5) find out what they are looking for, etc.


The purpose is to elicit a response from them so that you can help them to fulfill a challenge. It is all we can do to keep the dialogue going.


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


The Two Worlds Of Kobe Bryant



The Two Worlds Of Kobe Bryant


"To go from that legal type of setting to the basketball court in one day requires amazing concentration," Lakers forward Rick Fox says. "And Kobe is not only doing it, but he's growing as a player at the same time—if that's possible."


At the time of the report by Sports Illustrated, Kobe averaged 25.2 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.5 assists since the All-Stars break, each number pushing the limits of his career marks.


It's not just the hours of consistent practice he put in. His greatest attribute (?) is an almost sociopathic focus that also alienates his teammates and may be the cause of his rift with O'Neal.


Like what Rick Fox said, Kobe's ability to tune in and out and between 2 very different environments like the Court of Justice and the basketball court is forcing him too deep into living in his own self-made world.


Actually it is a very familiar thing to some of us. , have you, in the midst of doing a top-priority task, got frustrated and shouted, "Don't disturb me!"? You may have the personality to find it easy to become self-absorb and withdraw yourself into ignoring the kids, the kettle boiling etc.


Would you believe this 'amazing concentration' can be learned? This is what you do. Find a good quiet time and soundproof your room (close the windows and door)...all except for a rhythmic sound, e.g. the ticking of a clock.


Sit still, close your eyes and get yourself in tune with the rhythm. When you are ready, start to count along with the rhythm, all the ticks so to speak. The question is when the clock ticks for 60 seconds, did you count at 59 or 61? If you are seriously concentrating, there shouldn't be room for errors, period.


Next, you can fix your eyes on a particular pattern anywhere in your room down to a dot, and really concentrate on that spot while you count up to 60. After 60 seconds, are you sure you are still staring at the same spot? Or have you become groggy?


Now you think you are all right at 60 seconds, extend your test to 2 minutes and more. Some people cannot stand doing this kind of 'crazy stuff', yet it does help those who gets easily distracted. Out of the 5 senses, the senses of sight and sound are through which we receive our inputs from the environment the most, so they are to be trained.


Even when you have a headache, employing this kind of 'sociopathic' concentration and attitude can help you to get a job done. Seriously, why would you not take a rest? A self-development coach we know said, "You will yourself to fix your concentration into the moment despite outside influences because you acknowledge 100% responsibility for that moment."


Internet marketers don't stay up late at 4, 5 am because they are passionate, nor do they need to drink coffee. If there is a thing they must do to finish it, and on time, they will snap themselves into wakefulness in the name of professionalism.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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