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Good day ! This issue is worth $47: 2 full seminar-duration recordings not found anywhere else + a few good secret reports and even more MP3 interviews. Marlon Sanders hits hard. The "Buy 1, Get 1 FREE" offer is right below.


* One of the recordings starts straight away. Click 'Pause' immediately. Thanks.


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All About The Internet, Software And Business


Marlon Sanders Hits Hard.

How To Profit From Other People's Information

Aaron Sim Interviews The 2 A.M.s



Marlon Sanders Hits Hard.


* Who pioneered the popular e-book format and revolutionized the entire self-publishing industry?

* Who invented the 2-page mini-site format that revolutionized Internet Marketing?

* Whose e-book is sitting on the hard-drives of nearly every successful Internet Marketer?

* Why is he breaking his silence, and revealing exactly how he built his Internet Empire?


Who is this man?

Hot shots like Joe Kumar may come-&-go, but evergreens like Marlon, while a little low-key in their approach, are generally well-known in the business and have terrific consistency. He currently has more than 20 best-selling products.


We have a very exclusive warm-up report leading to his "Action Grid System". Right-click and save this ZIP file.


It gives you a completely free "sneak peek" inside Chapter 6 of Marlon Sanders "Action Grid System" for creating, packaging, distributing and selling your own CD's, DVD's, Audios, Printed Manuals, Ebooks, Teleconferences AND Big-Ticket Multi-CD Information Product packages!


It takes you by the hand and walks you through the 5 steps you need to follow in order to create audio recordings that you can turn around and sell online (or offline) for up to $100 each.


Here are just a few of the things you'll discover in this 12-page report on the topic of creating audio:

* 5 Steps To Creating Your Very Own Audio Recording That You Can Quickly and Easily Convert to CD Format And Sell Online For $20, $50, $100 or More a Pop!


* Will just any old microphone work to create the audio or do you need to shell out the bucks for a professional microphone to get a good high quality audio recording?


* How to test the audio quality of the cheapo little microphone that came with your computer. The results of some $10 or $20 microphones may surprise you and this one step alone may save you $50 to $100!

* The one audio software program I recommend you use to create professional quality recordings and where to get it. This one tip alone will save you hours of anguish trying audio programs that don't cut it.


* On a tight budget? Here are several FREE software programs that I recommend you use if you can't afford to spend a single dime on creating your audio recording.


* The one reason you can't get away with using "Sound Recorder" to create your audio even though it's already installed on your computer and extremely simple to use.


* How far away should you sit from your microphone for optimal audio quality? The distance away from the microphone will affect the quality of the audio so read this first before you start recording.

* How to create, save and test your first audio recording in under 2 minutes using these 3 simple steps.


* What file type should you use when saving your audio? .mp3, .wav, .ra? There's only one format to pick for the master audio. We'll show and tell you which one it is.


* Do you need to save your audio in Mono or Stereo format? 8 bit or 16 bit?


* Save hours of time fiddling with different settings when saving your audio. I'll show you the exact audio settings we use for my own audio recordings.


* And much more!


Get this ZIP file as soon as possible. If you haven't got Marlon Sanders as part of your worthy IM collection, there's no better time than now. Study his reports and tell us what you think.



How To Profit From Other People's Information


Leveraging on what other people know (especially when they know more and better than you) is always the much faster way to create a product in your name.


You can be a student, learn from the teachers and apply what you learn from scratch, or alternatively, you act as a proxy or middleman to aid the teachers in applying what they learn so that you can find immediate students who are interested in them. You want the faster way? Choose the alternative.


Nonetheless, the 'middleman' business requires the skills of a project manager. "How To Profit From Other People's Information" teaches you a 6-step, paint-by-numbers system for creating an unlimited number of information products on virtually any topic you can think of. This system is also the exact strategy which helped sell more than 100 million copies of the "Chicken Soup" books in record time!


Receive this 60-minute audio presentation + 6 other major bonuses (including an interview with John Reese) worth $110 for only $27! Can you afford another day slogging through your 'masterpiece'? Click *here*.



Aaron Sim Interviews The 2 A.M.s


For the info and benefit of our local friends, Alex Mandossian and Armand Morin are coming to Singapore to conduct a bootcamp on quadrupling your on/offline income using their traffic conversion strategies. The dates are 22nd and 23rd of April.


You may go to Seminars2Wealth for details. Before that, we are pleased to present this very, very exclusive 1-on-2 pre-event warm-up interview by Aaron, the event organizer, with the 2 masters, titled "What are the products and services that you can market online PROFITABLY and FAST regardless of your background or experience".


Get your pen and paper ready. We regretted listening once and realized there are things you shouldn't forget and then have to rewind again. Hit the 'Play' button and listen carefully now!



Your Inner Strength Info-chest


T. Harv Eker's Interview On Reprogramming Your Success Blueprint In Your Mind



T. Harv Eker's Interview On Reprogramming Your Success Blueprint In Your Mind


We got hold of this audio recording and upon listening, we thought it will be interesting to some and still plain old news for others who have 'known it all'. Nonetheless, this interview will most likely a) help you recall past lessons you have gained in self-development elsewhere and b) impart one absolutely new lesson when you should open your ears intently. You just might learn something fresh.


Click here to find out.



Happy Listening to your heart's content,


Nelson Tan


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