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Don't Touch My Ads! (DTMA)

"March To Motivation" Special Still Marching On While It Lasts!

A Little Request...

Resource Recommendations



Don't Touch My Ads! (DTMA)


Mike Filsaime must be the Internet Marketer of 2004. He just about created more than 10 major traffic-pulling sites, created communities out of them and redistributed the benefits of online advertising to his members. He deserves our personal thumbs-up for having mastered the art and science of traffic-pulling.


, in case you haven't come across DTMA, it's time you should take a look at this passive ad exchange. What is 'passive'? Well, first it doesn't claim to be 'viral'.


Second, you receive ads from DTMA members as they are shown on your computer screen the moment you let your computer become idle, as much as your own ads will beam into another fellow member's screen somewhere else in the world after you created them inside your DTMA account.


It's FR*EE, unobstrusive and doesn't require any substantial effort on your part. You must be online and idle to allow other people's ads to show up on your screen to earn credits, so that you can spend your credits to show your ads, though you don't have to take the trouble to be idle, of course.


For the full FAQ, click here, then sign up if you want to get your products and services noticed...YES you do!


What we really think as the more interesting part is also where you can take part in a JV to promote and $ell one particular product of Mike. You may have known what this product is, and it enjoys a high conversion rate. Look out for a "Joint Venture" link inside your account. That section will take you by the hand and you will be able to set up your sales page within minutes. Here's another great opportunity to monetize traffic!



"March To Motivation" Special Still Marching On While It Lasts!


Yesterday, you have receive a Great Red Notice from us announcing your immediate access to $5,000 worth of exclusive self-development resources contributed by the likes of Joe Vitale, Mitch Axelrod, Eric Lofholm, Rene Godefroy, Randy Gage, Stacey Mayo, Frank Gasiorowski, Remez Sasson, Guy Finley, John Harricharan, Brent Filson, Kevin Eikenberry, Loral Langemeier, Mike Davison, Terri Levine, John DiLemme, Julie Jordan Scott, Joe Tye, Ron Henley, Jim Donovan, Tom Beal, Lynn Ward, John Assaraf, Glenn Deitzel and many more.


Access: Full-year unlimited + 365-day guarantee or your $$$ back

Investment: 1/100 of $5,000 = a dinner for 2 at a nice little restaurant :)


There is a simple analogy for self-development and it goes like this: we have one man with a blunt axe and it takes him every 4 hours to cut down 1 tree. And we have another man who sharpens his axe for 3 hours before he cut down his first tree. It takes him 2 hours.


If you compare the 2nd man with the 1st man, you can tell the 2nd man is late by an hour. But if both men begin on the 2nd tree...The one with the sharper axe finishes first because 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 hours of effort! You see , the tortoise still wins.


Heh heh, what we are saying is the moment you are willing to sharpen yourself for the price of a dinner for 2 at a nice little restaurant, you would have most assuredly swear off eating fish-&-chips in that damn bistro across the street every night! :) You don't want to eat slave food ever again! You want juicy meat and red wine every night! YES!


So, since you want to have your dream diet come true...sharpen yourself. The "March To Motivation" Special is only valid up till Saturday, 12 March 2005. Take action before Sunday comes.



A Little Request...


It has been a great pleasure to interact with some of you as our subscribers. We could name a few like Scott Parat, Anna...Internet Marketing don't usually allow such things to happen because oh, everything has been taken care of through a God-given gift that is called Automation. BLAH!


That is true to an extent. Business being business forces us and YOU to excel in giving value and keep on at it before our big break comes. In the meantime, please work hard and encourage one another through the next 295 days.


Kindly grant us your most positive testimonies when you like what you read from "A Moment Of Sharing" and YOUR main site, internetmasterycenter.com. Leave your name and URL address with us so that when we put it up publicly, you also leave traces of your web presence and just might get some traffic from there. Many thanks!


Anna - I'll get back to you on the JV after this issue. :) - Nelson



Resource Recommendations

1) RSS Domination: Derek Franklin and Joel Christopher have collaborated to bring you...another RSS e-book? Not quite, because it contains some unique strategies like:


a. how you can get ahead in your niche market by locating 'hidden' content before your competitors.

b. how to use RSS to track ebay auctions easily and automatically.

c. how to create your very own collection of RSS feeds to share with your clients in a highly organized manner.

d. and many more!


Basically with this e-book you will never need to worry about running out of content! There are also a few samplers and a FR*EE demo video on the PLUCK Newsreader software. Find out more.


2 ) ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips: You are staring at the book title of the Internet's foremost authority on making the most out of ClickBank. Written by Mr. SuperTips a.k.a. Harvey Segal, you will learn everything from preventing affiliate link theft, locating the hottest or the newest products and even ClickBank products not found in the Marketplace, tracking click-through performance, maximizing your commissions while taking preventive measures on security etc., right down to knowing how to join the RIGHT affiliate program. To be a top ClickBank affiliate, *click*.


3) How To Sell Just About Anything Online: Over 200 pages of concise practical advice on creating a product-based Internet Marketing system in LESS than a month! This step-by-step online business blueprint reveals every single dirty secret used by high-impact Internet Marketers. If you do not believe in using devious techniques to boost your business while eliminating the competition, stop reading immediately! Check out all the listed benefits inside here.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


P.S. Something About The Dark Mind Of Kobe Bryant Even Michael Jordan Can Learn...


Just yesterday I was talking with a friend over the phone who is also an avid US sports fan. And we talked about how great sportsmen and sportwomen overcome great odds in their personal lives to attain glorious victory at the finishing line: Lance Armstrong against his testicular cancer to win consecutive yellow jerseys, Michael Jordan against his stomach flu to score more than 40 points to win a crucial playoff game...Such examples deal with an indomitable spirit that elevates these legends to the next level.


Kobe Bryant? I got the surprise of my life when my friend quoted from a Sports Illustrated report saying that Kobe's winning edge is a double-edged sword. You may be aware he had to go to court over a charge of indecent assault. If you are a Laker fan, you may even be aware during this period when he had to frequently attend to the Court of Justice, he could still score 30, 40-odd points per game.


How did he do that? Well, he did not let the court case distract him from the game, but it has nothing to do with an indomitable spirit. Here's the kicker: his behavior has been displaying a symptom of a particular _:*mental disorder*:_ which he never had in the first place. That means he is perfectly healthy, but whether Kobe is aware or not, he is also practicing a technique...!


Therein lies the secret to optimizing your performance in all areas of your life, particularly your business! Once I get to the bottom of this matter, I will come back with a full-blown report. Meanwhile, let your jaw drop and say, "What??" - Nelson


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