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Shout #4, 04/12/2004 | Whitelisting Instructions


How To Make TrafficSwarm Work For YOU!

A Simple Guide To RSS and Blogging

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How To Make TrafficSwarm Work For YOU!


There are traffic programs that work, and there are traffic programs that don't work just as good. TrafficSwarm is one of those better designed programs that allows you to earn more credits than you ever need to 'work' on, and you can earn more credits and faster than you ever need to spend as a free member.


Earned credits are automatically spent on displaying your designated links (you create your desired links within your account) in the form of short ads or search results. TrafficSwarm can attract a high inflow of total strangers (that means, fresh eyeballs) to your site so this is really an established program.


We have an article on TrafficSwarm just for you. Click here for the full story and set up a new source of fresh visitors to your site!



A Simple Guide To RSS And Blogging


Merriam-Webster Online had just voted the word 'blog' as the Word Of The Year 2004. Congratulations, Mr. Blog! On the other hand, its close friend Mr. RSS has been the talk of Internet Marketing forums. Now many people want to know how to get these 2 pals to make money for them.


We are most pleased to reprint an article by Neil Shearing, a 'simple guide'. This article comes in very timely while we were looking for something that can be understood by your grandma. Here it is.



Resource Recommendations


We have just created an EXE e-book entitled "Business Web" for your download. It has something for everyone.


The software used to compile the e-book in its EXE format is Sbook Builder 9. Download and unzip the file into a single directory and start running. No installation is required and it is very simple to use. However, it has limited capabilities and no rebranding companion software is available.


It's version 10 now, but we think it's even more buggy. Sometimes, don't expect too much from free stuff, but Sbook Builder 9 is good enough. The home site of the software is http://www.jansfreeware.com.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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