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Shout #1, 13/10/2004 | Whitelisting Instructions


INAUGURAL ISSUE: State Of The Internet Address

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State Of The Internet Address


First and foremost, We want to say a big THANK YOU for getting to know us through Internet Mastery Center. You could have bumped into us by happenstance or someone referred you here...Judging by the site you might even think we have not been around for a long time...but how long we hang around on the Net does not compare with the insistence to provide GREAT value to YOU as a subscriber.


That's what we will continually do and YOU should practice the habit too! More and more newcomers are bucking the trend to lead a well-balanced life of work and play by living at home, not at the workplace! The market for Internet Marketing is huge! Who says it's over-saturated? Have you forgotten India, China, Russia...We think not even Europe's market is half as mature as US.


You may ask, "What about the language barrier? How can we get the message across when they don't understand English too well?" English will persist to be lingua franca of global business communication, but for the moment here is a godsend answer: Babel Fish Translation. Try out the effectiveness of its auto-translation and see for yourself how YOU can tap in markets never imagined before...


We have been thinking about China and India for some time now. For example, we do understand the heavy Internet users out of the young Chinese adults today often express their political opinions in forums during their free time. The market is ripe for ALL OF US to turn their attention to the idea of doing business and doing it online! If the Chinese or Indians can tune their mindset for online prosperity, there's no prob with cultural barriers too.


No auto-translation is perfect, but by far Babel Fish Translation is very accurate and we are pleased with its Chinese translation though we are not masters of the language. YOU should engage a friend for help as you go through your own translation activities.


Back to the habit of offering great value. Notice the topmost title "A Moment Of Sharing"? We initially wanted to call the newsletter "WASSUP!!!" but that's sounds like grandma drinking too much Coca-cola (any of you seen that TV ad?). A title like AMOS promotes intimacy and connection with your subscribers. YOU, Sir and Ma'am, are not potential customers to us; YOU are our Partners. YOUR success is our success. If there's nothing we can help you to improve, we are incurring a loss.


HINT: Take this strategy with you and emulate it. Create a newsletter title for yourself that connects i.e. "Between YOU and Me", "YOUR Special Web Tidbits" etc.


We once came across a European Marketer's remark that "it amazes me to see these Americans hard-selling at least one item every time they send a mail."


Have you heard an 'old saying' that a consistent 3% sales response (repeat or otherwise) on your current list is a success at any parts of the year? Truth is, there are MORE people who won't like to be sold at at any parts of the year. We beg to differ that the solution does not entirely lies in direct-response marketing, only to have more products to pile on YOUR subscribers. Let's ask ourselves: How long do we think we can generate repeat sales from someone until he/she realizes he/she hasn't found the breakthrough to do something great for him/herself and decided to quit from our lists?

So before your subscribers can quit from your list, it would be better for you to take the initiative and elevate them into partners FIRST so that you all can generate ever-lasting opportunities and activities for many years to come. Instead of the usual 'musings' and 'ramblings', we guess it's time to pick up the habit of asking questions more frequently to create a momentum for closer interaction with your list, and thereafter a new pathway for your online business into the future.

There...we hope this State Address does not ramble away. We aim to keep each Shout as short and sharp as possible since you are clearing lots of mail, but whatever tips and techniques you can find in here, by all means, take them away with you or forward our Shouts to your friends. We look forward to opening up endless new opportunities for your profitable online future, ours and all aspiring netrepreneurs around the globe.


Keep your eyes on the prize folks, and THINK BIG! God bless.



Resource Recommendation


It's not necessarily a downloadable file every time this section pops up. We are participants of an Internet Marketing Yahoogroup wherein people help one another out with suggestions and advice. Recently someone ask about getting traffic to her site. Well, this has been asked countless of times and we simply wrote her this:



This mail contains a more philosophical approach to drawing traffic.

First of all, whatever techniques that are conjured up by the minds of Man are already out there in 2 locations:

1) On the Internet. You can invest in them or get them for free...IF you know where you can find them.
2) In your hard disk. Whatever resources you have with you right now, don't let them park somewhere in your disk. Open them up and follow their instructions.

The truth is every single one of us are:

1) either anxious to have hundreds of visitors per day,
2) or clueless at which of the one-thousand-and-one ways to drawing traffic are most reliable,
3) under-appreciate the more significant importance of converting traffic into sales, which must be the biggest primary motivation, because people can walk in and out of your site in as much time as they do to a shop where they CAN'T find anything useful.

Do not be anxious about tomolo. Just keep working on whatever resources you have now, maintain a steady pace according to plan (that does not mean rushing), and in 3 standard years I can guarantee all of you will no longer be where you are today even if you have not reached the ideal definition of success. This still applies whether you are online or not."


Internet Marketing Center has more than 100 members and counting (up!). Join us, introduce yourself on how you come about knowing this group, tell us what do you want to gain out of participating in this group and be a part of this family where we give, take and prosper!



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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