JV Invitation: You Are Invited!

Can I Pay You An Extra $50  
For EVERY 5 Sales Of The OTO?”

If interested, please read on!


From: Nelson Tan
Sunday, 22 Apr 2018 12:53 AM

Dear Valued Partner,

Thanks for checking out YOUR JV invitation. I'll keep this short and simple.

I hope you will JV with me and make easy commissions through a new upsized One-Time Offer consisting of 40 products—a mix of e-books and video tutorial series with Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights.

I've personally selected them to ensure this OTO package can cover a diverse yet complete range of Internet Marketing skills every one of us can learn and understand to become well-equipped when it comes to application.

You can view the product list here.

My One-Time Offer has been converting very well and with this new revision of the product lineup (I've taken down some and add in more new ones), it's going to be too irresistible for your prospects to refrain from purchase!

This is how it works. You refer your prospects to a free download offer. When they subscribe, they will come across the OTO:

Unlike a normal sales page, an OTO page does not hold a prospect's attention for too long. 2 ways to mitigate the problem:

1) I have gotten ready 9 different types of free offers you can promote and each offer leads to the OTO. If you participate with me throughout the promotion period, your readers will be constantly reminded of this OTO.

2) You can offer additional bonuses to entice your readers to purchase the OTO. Just ask them to forward their receipt of purchase for your verification. Don't worry, I have prepared a bonus page for you too!

These are the 9 FREE gifts you will show to your prospects:

1) Marketing System For A Lifetime

2) Monetizing Secrets Of Going Web-Social (completely revised and added with 20 more pages)

3) 2 PhotoShop action script packages + "How To Be Creative With PhotoShop" guide

4) 6 blogging e-books

5) 6 eBay e-books

6) 6 list building e-books

7) 8 PLR e-books

8) 6 self-improvement e-books

9) 10 Internet business software

More titles to come...

Each of these gifts will bring subscribers to the OTO, so there is no chance they will forget about it! NOT only will you earn 50% from the $47 OTO, you also get to earn from the Private Label Rights purchases of all IMC products (that is, all products with my name on them). Their prices range from $7 to $17, subject to future increase.

So where does this extra $50 come about?

5 sales of OTO = $235
50% Commission = $117.50

I take $50 (inclusive of PayPal's fees) out of my $117.50 and add this on top of your commission, how about that?

This incentive goes on until April 2011 when I will review this promotion again, and quite likely I will extend it as I release more products for sale.

IMPORTANT: You must have a PayPal account to participate in this JV program.

No worries, I can track all sales in your name. The OTO has a 60-day guarantee, after which I can release all commissions through my affiliate management software. Say, if you made 43 sales, I add another $400 (corresponding to 40 sales) on top of your commissions, and you start over again.

Please help to keep track of your sales record as I have other JV partners to look after so I may overlook your statistics, many thanks!

All your affiliate links are ready for you to promote! You can "fire at will" (promote immediately) or wait for me as I release the promotional mails for each gift. Stay in the affiliate-only mailing list and stay subscribed!

Clicking the 'promotion' link brings up all pre-written promo e-mails, affiliate banners and other instructions. Remember all affiliate links point to a free gift page and not actual sales pages. You can also download the exact OTO page and customize it for your own website, and the bonus page which you can also edit and upload on your own server.

If you don't have a website, download this PDF file containing step-by-step instructions for creating your own FREE web host account.

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To Your Success,

Nelson Tan



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