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#1: Your Personal Excellence

As with most things in life, the results we experience tend to be in proportion to the quality of the effort we put forth. If we give a half-hearted effort, we experience minimal results.

If we give our absolute best, we always get excellent results (even if they aren't what we initially intended). Sometimes the results are BETTER than we expected.

You can still get good results from good intentions and adequate efforts. But the question you need to ask yourself in every situation is, "Am I willing to settle for good enough?" If not, you might want to change your approach and learn to apply your own personal excellence to everything you do.

You might as well get a better starting point by being excellent, and this e-book shows you how!

#2: Slumbering Powers Archives

Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924) is credited with being the Father of the Modern Success/Self-Help Movement in America and has authored more than 50 popular motivational and inspirational books. You get special excerpts from 5 rare selections:

* Courage
* The Creative Power Of Thought
* You Can If You Will
* The Best Substitute For Genius
* 100+ Wise Quotes

#3: How To Make Friends And Keep Them

Online friends are plenty, but true friends are few. The dark side of the Internet is causing people to become more socially isolated and it will continue to cause degradation in socialising and interpersonal skills. This book is your only hope!

"How To Make Friends and Keep Them" addresses these topics:

- Are You Really Ready for More Friends?
- Where to Look for Friends Suitable to Your Tastes?
- Breaking the Ice with New People The First Step to a Potential Friendship
- Watering the Sapling of Your Friendship Fern
- Taking Your Friendship to New Levels
- The More, the Merrier
- Being a Friend Yourself
- Making Your Friendship Permanent
- Where Lines are Drawn Even in the Closest of Friendships
- Ensuring that You Remain a Friend-Maker Forever

This e-book contains Master Resell Rights along with salesletter.

#4: Overcoming The Storms Of Life

Have you always wanted to empower your family life? This book reveals all the secrets on how to empower your life, and the life of your loved ones!

Introducing "Overcoming The Storms Of Life", A Guide to Spirital and Personal Empowerment!

Everything you need to know about empowerment is included in this special report:

* How to Give Yourself Empowerment

* How to Give your Children Empowerment

* How to Empower your Budget

* How to Realize Empowerment from Others

* How to Use Empowerment to Better your Life

* How to Use Empowerment to Boost your Career

* How to Use Empowerment in Social Situations

* Principles of Empowerment

This is the most comprehensive report on empowerment you will ever read!

Even if you believe you are currently healthy, there is something important to learn in this report on how to achieve empowerment.

#5: An Iron Will

In "An Iron Will", Orison Swett Marden explains that will power is the single most important ingredient in success. Learn how to develop willpower and then how to focus and direct it into success. If you have will power there is nothing that you will not be able to reach for and attain! Another rare masterpiece by Marsden!





#6: Law Of Attraction

Discover the "secret" mind trick that is quietly allowing people just like YOU to attract and experience:

* More Money
* Great Relationships
* Better Health
* and anything else they desire...

Let David R. Hooper show you how they're doing it...and how YOU can do it too!




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