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#1: Blogging For Fun And Profit

This report takes you through the process of making blogging into a very fulfilling and profitable activity, from identifying the best identity for your blog and your target market to providing the best possible web content and engaging your blog readers to serve their needs. Includes real-life case studies and numerous resource links to blog tools.





#2: Blogging With The Midas Touch!

Ewen Chia's "blogging 101" guide outlines the benefits of monetized blogging, blogging in relation to affiliate programs, traffic generation, SEO etc., a whole lot more resource links (like submission sites) and a practical step-by-step for creating Blogger blog.






#3: How To Explode Your Blog Traffic!

Kevin Birch felt he failed miserably in his first attempt at monetized blogging. After some research and reconsolidation of proper strategies, he earned his first Adsense check of over $400 in the first month!

This e-book focuses primarily on helping people to find your blog and on convincing them to stop by to read what you have to offer. It outlines some powerful ways of creating blog traffic and should help any blog develop a readership. It is a guide to traffic generation. It does not discuss Adsense techniques or some other aspects of operating a profitable blog, so it should be of value to both those who are looking at blogging as an entrepreneurial pursuit and those who are more interested simply in sharing ideas with others.

#4: Blog In A Box 2.0

You will find all sorts of blog related items inside to help you get started on your own blog within minutes. Be sure to read everything included thouroughly to grasp a better understanding of 'Blogging' in general and to get more advanced tips on how to create your blog either using one of the blog scripts included or using a popular web-based blog site like Blogger®. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet before you use Blog In A Box as much of the content is only accessable this way.




#5: Quick Niche Blogs

Advanced blogging tactics are discussed including scheduled posting, desktop posting etc. You also have 7 links where you can examine in-demand niche markets, including exactly where in eBay, Amazon, ClickBank and Yahoo! stores to get a feel of what people are looking to buy right NOW. Also get a FREE WordPress autoblog plug-in right in this e-book!




#6: WordPress Tutorial

Installing a WordPress blog is as easy as following a 5-minute instruction, but the interesting beef of this e-book is the list of resource links for free and paid blog templates and plug-ins.







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