Right now you can SAVE 40% on SitePogo.

It creates commission-generating viral video websites in minutes…even if you don’t own a single video or product…complete with Amazon, eBay, and Commission Junction products.

Watch a demo of the software in action.

VoiceStakToday a new solution is changing the way that site owners interact and engage with their visitors + customers.

It’s called VoiceStak and LIFETIME accounts are available for 7 days only.

VoiceStak blends List Building, Branding and Customer Support into ONE.

With a little piece of code and 2 minutes, you can start collecting voice AND video messages on your websites.

Start gathering:

– Website/Software Feedback
– Visitor/Customer Testimonials
– Real Intelligence for Real Visitors
– E-mail Subscribers & Loyal Followers

Backed by robust features and integrations, it takes engagement and support to a NEW LEVEL:

[+] Audio & Video Messages – Easy manage, play and download every message that is collected in all of your campaigns at a glance. Capture both audio and video messages.

[+] Site Widgets & Designs – Choose between a wide variety of professionally designed widgets and CTA buttons that you can place on your site so visitors can leave a message for you.

[+] YouTube Integration – Have your video messages automatically uploaded to your YouTube account for easy embed onto your site.

[+] E-mail Integration – Automatically add visitors to your e-mail autoresponder for follow-up, promotional e-mails, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

[+] SMS Integration – Have each message can be transcribed or sent a video link, then delivered directly to your phone and/or e-mail for instant monitoring and follow-up.

[+] Helpdesk Integration – Integrate your existing helpdesk to allow visitors to automatically submit a support ticket when leaving their voice message.

[+] Embed Anywhere – Place your VoiceStak widget anywhere. Add to sales pages, membership sites, squeeze pages, webinar pages, support desk…literally anywhere you can embed the few lines of javascript code.

Quick warning: After the 7 day launch special, VoiceStak accounts will cost a monthly/annual fee.

So NOW is the time to lock in a lifetime account and use VoiceStak forever with no ongoing costs!

There are literally 1001 different ways to utilize the power of VoiceStak. This is a MUST in any marketers toolkit.

Imagine if every single one of your videos you create could effortlessly be re-sold over and over again, giving you the ultimate extra income stream?

Now it’s possible!

A new software called Video Store Pro just released and because you’re reading this you qualify for a massive discount if you act fast and go here now.

This incredible software is going to change the way that you make money from videos forever.

Not only will it let you create a professional looking store, but you will actually be able to add either your own, or videos from the video library INCLUDED in order to sell those videos to business owners!

Any videos that you add to your Video Store Pro store will go on to keep selling for you over and over again!

You have to see this to believe it. Check out this ‘LIVE’ demonstration here now.


If you’re an active Amazon Associate, you probably would love to see an Amazon store builder that builds a fully functional, professional-level Amazon store in a matter of minutes.

Also, with the unique “instant monetization” feature it is possible to monetize ANY site in seconds.

This really is the fast way to generate multiple income streams I have ever seen and you simply have to check this out.

Azon Store Creator

Amazon sold over $88 BILLION last year alone.

Now there’s a fast, simple, hands-free way to get YOUR share of it…

Help people find stuff they already want to buy, and YOU get paid commissions…

By setting up your very own complete niche-driven Amazon affiliate store in 8 minutes!

Here’s your software: Azon Store Creator

The menu on your home page should not be duplicated on your landing pages. Reason: Offering multiple click options and choices decreases conversion rates. The only two choices a landing page visitor should be given are to buy or not buy. That’s it. If they try to leave without buying, serve them a popunder window with a free gift offer to capture their e-mail address. Then follow up with an autoresponder e-mail series to convert non-buyers to buyers.

This unique, ONE-OF-A-KIND WordPress theme called Local Lead Magnet has Google AdWords technology BUILT IN!

This technology enables the user to generate 1000s of SEOed landing pages IN ANY LANGUAGE in a couple of clicks!

It also has a drag-and-drop page builder so you can design a page from scratch very quickly.

Local Lead Magnet is the perfect theme if you are an offliner.

But that’s not all it’s good for…

Local Lead Magnet also works great if you build affiliate or niche websites!

So, it can easily be sold to ANY LOCAL BUSINESS professionals like dentists, doctors, chiropractors, auto repair shops, massage therapists, engineering firms, construction companies and much more!

The uses for the Local Lead Magnet theme are endless and are only limited to your imagination.

Watch this short video to learn more about the theme and 5 accompanying bonuses for your purchase!

The latest update to the Google search engine is penalising sites that don’t put mobile first on mobile devices.

And while website owners are preoccupied with social media and traffic generation, they are beginning to suffer the latest algorithm onslaught…some of thwm without knowing it!

Here is where you can come in as a solution provider with the “Cloud Prospect Machine” software.

It is the ultimate system for finding websites that are not mobile optimised.

What it does in detail:

1) Create a target list of vulnerable websites in any niche and region

2) Create detailed reports highlighting weaknesses unique to each site

3) Find correct contact details of the concerned business owners and deliver a ‘pitch’ e-mail to inform them of the situation, problem and remedy

In other words, this radical software finds the right people, gets them to beg you for help and gets you the deal.

Go here to see how you can get a slice of the ‘MobileGeddon’ pie!

Software Store-In-A-Box

Posted May 5th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

Software Store Creator

My buddy Brett Ingram created software that will make YOU your very own software store in minutes!

– it’s point-n-click simple to setup

– it sets up in minutes and looks awesome

– it sells the hottest thing online…software!

– it’s fully automated (takes payments, manages customers, protects downloads etc.)

– it requires NO marketing experience

Access Software Store Creator at an introductory offer. The price is set to rise in 24 hours!

VasQ Videopress

Ever wondered how you can tap on video marketing despite not knowing how to film videos? Now you can. VasQ Videopress allows you to turn your blog into video empire and cash in on the video trend WITHOUT ever creating a single video.

VasQ Videopress is easy to use and it’s completely newbie-friendly. Everything is included and settled to create the best video site ever. Take a look at these amazing features:

– Custom video player skin

– Playlist of related videos

– Watch later feature encourages visitor to coming back

– Fully SEO Optimized: Semantic HTML structure for best SEO practice, breadcrumbs ready for better internal linking structure and rich snippet microdata for better SEO ranking and better CTR.

– One-Click Content Generator: You heard right! Just one click to generate all the video info: title, description, video length and video thumbnail. You can also modify the info as you like.

– Free Social Traffic: Integrated with social sharing buttons that allow your visitors to share your content with ease.

– Lower Bounce Rate: Related videos, “Watch Later”, Browse Video by views, likes, dislikes, date, title with different grid sizes. Search engines will love it and the visitors will love to stay.

And much more…

Watch this video demo and see other amazing features of VasQ Videopress.

There’s no reason to not enter into the buzzing video trend and cash in on this industry because with VasQ Videopress it’s becoming easier…Everything is all set and optimized for video sites!

Look at those indisputable video facts:

– 86% of the Internet audience is watching online video—that’s 183 million people!

– Videos have a 41% higher clickthrough rate than plain text.

– Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine results page if it includes video.

– YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. People love watching videos online!

Believe it or not, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table if you’re not into the video game.

Listen up…

All the top marketers are using videos nowadays! So why don’t you get involved with this buzzing trend and generate a living online?

That’s why VasQ Videopress is created…for people who don’t have a single video.

Imagine, you can build stunning video site and tap into the buzzing video trend WITHOUT ever creating a single video…at the same time generating a living online through the video site!

During this special launch grand opening, there’s a MASSIVE discount at 80% OFF. But this discount is only available for a very limited time, and the price will go up very soon!

Magic Store Builder

Imaging if you can invest $10 in a cool domain name and within minutes you can turn it to a fully functional UNIQUE price comparison site that’s worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Some are already crushing it online with this!

With no technical skills required, Magic Store Builder lets you build an e-commerce site that is connected to +5,000 merchants offering +50,000,000 products online. You don’t need to accept orders, ship products, or do anything other than building more and more sites to grow your e-commerce empire.

Sites built using this software suck out organic traffic from Google and other searching engines. Visitors lands on your site, get the best price for the product they are looking for, and are redirected to the merchant site to place the order; you get paid, and guess what?

It’s all happening on autopilot. Watch the demo video and get the “Tell The Web” software as your free bonus for your purchase!

VideoPages is a software that lets you build INCREDIBLE video landing pages…and it’s built to put your videos front-and-centre.

The templates are all built around making your videos look amazing. Everything is optimized to make sure your page loads fast and smooth.

And that’s not all it has going for it:

– It’s completely hosted. No WordPress, so no huge security holes

– It’s incredibly flexible. The drag-and-drop editor lets you change absolutely anything, and that means…

– You can build virtually any page you can imagine

– There’s a HUGE variety of built-in tools. Countdown timers, opt-in forms, social sharing and more

– Every page is automatically mobile-responsive. Whatever device people are using to watch your videos, you know they’ll look great

– Everything is done in the in-line editor. Want to change some text? Just write it directly on the page


– Amazingly easy to use. I had my first page up inside 5 minutes of logging in to my account.

Here’s the deal.

VideoPages is a one-time investment.

And right now, it’s an incredibly small one for everything it does.

But this discount is only lasting for a few days.

And this is something you REALLY want to have in your arsenal.

Check it out in action here.

Help the visitor make a decision to convert in your copy. Address a common problem the visitor may have, how your call-to-action can solve it, and why they should feel confident in buying from you or giving you their e-mail address.

If possible, include testimonials from real people. Split-test your call-to-action, different colors, and page layouts, especially placement of the reply form on the page.

Source: Pinpointe white paper, “Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages”

WP LocalhostWP Localhost is a completely new & rapid way of installing a fully configured WordPress Test Server on a PC + There’s a MAC version too!


+ Install process takes less than 3 minutes + 2 clicks (on a PC, a bit longer on a MAC)

+ It Installs 23 ready-to-use WordPress test sites (20 blank + 3 specialist WP sites)


1. You can build sites offline FASTER, without risk & deploy sites ‘live’ like pros.

2. You can take a working backup of any ‘live’ site, deploy it to localhost, know the backup will work + make changes safely offline.

3. You can test themes & plugins offline.

4. You can test anything including major updates before you apply to a ‘live’ site.

5. If you break a test site, you can reset it in 2 clicks.


+ It’s the only localhost that’s IONCUBE-ready so you can use any theme you like including commercial themes from Themeforest & JVZoo.

+ It’s the only localhost that uses MySQL turbo caching which massively reduces page load speed & update lag.

+ You get a fully populated test site for theme & plugin testing.

+ You get a ready-to-use WP multi-site install.

+ Get site cloning tutorials—learn to clone your sites to & from ‘live’ hosts.

+ Get Developer rights so you can use on your own/client projects + install on unlimited PCs & MACs you or your business owns.


1. Install XAMPP FREE (approx. 1 minute)
2. Run the WP Localhost installer 2 clicks
3. Copy the desktop shortcuts provided
4. Start XAMPP & you’re ready to go

As far as I’m aware no one in the world has ever installed 1 fully configured WordPress test site on a localhost server in under 3 minutes let alone 23 sites all ready to go.

Not even pro developers can get this done this fast…see for yourself!

There is an early bird offer for a few days only—the price will go up to $67 for Standard license & $97 for Developer at the end of the sale.


Attention all OptimizePress users!

“The Designer To The Gurus” Chris Andres has FINALLY released his much anticipated one-step upload OptimizePress templates.

This is the same guy releasing the SAME templates that he built for his 6-figure launch clients.

If you have ever:

– Cursed out loud while fiddling with OptimizePress to no avail,

– Accidentally headbutted your computer while trying to get OptimizePress to look exactly how you want,

– Secretly plotted to quit IM because your OptimizePress pages just weren’t converting,

Then you need to check these templates out at LaunchShark.

They are stupid easy to use, and they were built to convert by a guy who knows what that actually means.

Honestly, even if you don’t use OptimizePress, once you see how impressive these templates are (and how solid their conversion potential is) you might just change your mind about using OP in your marketing efforts.

Grab your copy of the templates before he pulls the sales page down.

ProStyler ThemeIt’s so important to have an updated, fresh, clean website that functions seamlessly with your WordPress install.

However, we all know it’s not so simple. It’s a battle that is too time-consuming to do, or impossible due to technical ability.

But the ProStyler Theme is going to change all that. Along with easy one-click installs, ProStyler comes with its own internal page builder plugin to help you create ANY website design you like the look of and within no time at all.

The ProStyler Theme Team has tried and tested the theme to ensure it works flawlessly and is easy to use.

Yet ProStyler Theme has a lot more features like:

1. Easily Insert Galleries: it’s point-and-click easy, just pick your pictures and drop them in the page ready to open up in lightbox!

2. Responsive On All Devices: Never lose a mobile customer again! The theme works on ALL devices right out of the box!

3. Shortcode Magic: If you want to make your web pages sparkle then you can choose from hundreds of different shortcodes to give your pages the ‘wow’ factor.

4. The Best Admin Panel: comfortably work your way around the admin panel & quickly customize your theme to your exact requirements.

5. FOUR Instant Presets: with just two clicks you can completely transform ProStyler with one of the four ready-made presets giving you a foundation to customize further!

6. Header Customization: 3 different header layout options are ready to go. From there you can quickly re-adjust your logo, add social icons and much more!

7. Endless Color: change the color scheme throughout the whole theme with our advanced color selectors found in the powerful options panel.

8. Responsive Image Slider: create stunning slides for your website that work on every device. Add images, video and animation to really keep your audience hooked!

9. One-Page Website: if you’re an Internet marketer that only requires one-page sites to make money then add a section element, add it to your menu and you’re done!

I could go on and on and on, but it’s better you see the demo templates. Plus ProStyler is currently sold at over 50% off with bonuses!

You’ll definitely want to check them out ASAP!

With all the talk about Penguin and Panda updates negating the impact of content syndication networks and link exchange sites, you’d thought it’s game over for the webmasters who own these sites, but somewhere on the Internet, 2 marketers, Todd Spears and Clinton Dixson are still hitting the big time with their private blog networks, and they are so confident of their results that they are now presenting a new SEO course to help you increase your rankings in the search engines.

There are many ways to overcome SEO challenges, but Todd and Clinton will focus on what they are good at: how to build a powerful blog network. Together they have over 18 years experience in SEO and Internet marketing. They have recorded hours of Blog Network training videos so that any newbie could understand it.

They know the money is in the rankings. In order to get PAID you need high rankings and the traffic will come. Blog Networks WORK, that’s why Google KILLED the public ones! If you want to rank where the big money is, then you must create your own PRIVATE Blog Network.

Todd started Private Blog Networking and SEO hosting back in 2004 and it still works to this day…IF you know how to do it powerfully and correctly.

In their Blog Network Blueprint course, they completely rip apart all the myths and BS about blog networks and show you exactly how you can build an asset online that will rank your sites for you with no sweat. Sounds sweet, right?

Don’t wait too long now. The price is going to rise fast, so get in now while it’s still cheap.

Landing Page Monkey just launched! This app is totally awesome. In just a couple clicks you can create beautiful lead pages, webinar registration pages, contest registration pages, and any other sort of opt-in page to build your mailing lists. Plus the app even tracks your impressions and conversions to help you optimize your campaigns!

Best of all, the pages are absolutely gorgeous, and you can even include background videos in a snap. These modern pages look like they were created by a high-priced web designer – no one will believe you created them in 5 minutes using an app.

You also get 5 marketing videos revealing sales and list building secrets you’ve never heard about anywhere else. You get a reseller license so you can sell these videos to others and pocket all the profits. And you get a GREAT deal if you order right now!


Every BIG guy uses membership site…and you should too!

It’s the most powerful way to brand yourself, host your info-products, use it to hold content, etc.

And as you’ll see, with a membership site you can create multiple streams of passive income faster, easier and with long-term continuity than ever.

But let’s be honest. Building them is a pain…

Even the latest and greatest WordPress themes are CLUNKY.

But this brand new membership theme called AmazeTheme is coming out to solve it.

AmazeTheme is super flexible, fully responsive and loaded with tons of amazing features. It’s fully customisable: theme color, header layout, menu style, archive variations, etc…you CAN change and customise them!

Let’s take a look at the features:

– Fully responsive
– Top floating bar
– Retina ready
– Font icons ready (retina ready icons)
– Products/banners slider
– Custom login page
– Extra content (above and below content)
– Custom logo
– Custom favicon
– Custom header & footer script
– Pre-made color schema
– Unlimited color options
– Custom body background (color or image)
– Custom text link color
– Custom CSS and Javascript feature
– Sidebar position options: left or right
– Social media profiles
– Multiple header variations
– Multiple archive variations
– Dropdown menus
– Boxed and wide layout
– Multiple menu variations
– Works with ANY other membership plugins
– Flat and modern design
– Translation feature
– Typography settings
– Protected page and post settings
– Opt-in form design ready: vertical and horizontal layout plus customisable design
– Full width page template
– Menus with icons
– Backup, restore and import theme settings
– and many more…

WOW that’s great! And it’s not limited to membership sites; you can use it to build a professional blog.

AmazeTheme is designed to make your blog and membership site look attractive. It’s going to make other webmasters and bloggers go green with ENVY!

P1 Video MagnetHere is how it goes (usually):

1. You pick a keyword that you think can drive serious traffic to your site.

2. You get a domain and hosting and you build your website around your keyword.

3. You write a bunch of SEO content pieces to make sure Google can rank your site for targeted keyword (or you spend ton of money by outsourcing it).

And all of this takes you about a week in the best-case scenario…or a few weeks, if you don’t know technology or you have a limited budget.

But let me ask you a question: does completion of your website guarantee that you will make MONEY?

The answer is NO!

In most cases it turns out to be a complete waste of time, which you can’t get back, not to mention the other opportunities that you lost because you were busy building that site.

Now, the good news is that with what I am about to reveal to you…

You don’t need to invest weeks in website building (it takes just 5 minutes or less).

You don’t need to get an MBA in SEO to make sure you are targeting the right keywords (goodbye to long and boring training webinars).

And you don’t need to write content for Google…

It all can be done with just a few click.

You can literally take 900 keywords and turn them to laser-targeted and unique content pages with just a few clicks.

There is nothing like this out there, so make sure to watch this short video.

Google Analytics integration offered by Wordpress Google Analytics Plugin