Landing Page Monkey just launched! This app is totally awesome. In just a couple clicks you can create beautiful lead pages, webinar registration pages, contest registration pages, and any other sort of opt-in page to build your mailing lists. Plus the app even tracks your impressions and conversions to help you optimize your campaigns!

Best of all, the pages are absolutely gorgeous, and you can even include background videos in a snap. These modern pages look like they were created by a high-priced web designer – no one will believe you created them in 5 minutes using an app.

You also get 5 marketing videos revealing sales and list building secrets you’ve never heard about anywhere else. You get a reseller license so you can sell these videos to others and pocket all the profits. And you get a GREAT deal if you order right now!


Every BIG guy uses membership site…and you should too!

It’s the most powerful way to brand yourself, host your info-products, use it to hold content, etc.

And as you’ll see, with a membership site you can create multiple streams of passive income faster, easier and with long-term continuity than ever.

But let’s be honest. Building them is a pain…

Even the latest and greatest WordPress themes are CLUNKY.

But this brand new membership theme called AmazeTheme is coming out to solve it.

AmazeTheme is super flexible, fully responsive and loaded with tons of amazing features. It’s fully customisable: theme color, header layout, menu style, archive variations, etc…you CAN change and customise them!

Let’s take a look at the features:

– Fully responsive
– Top floating bar
– Retina ready
– Font icons ready (retina ready icons)
– Products/banners slider
– Custom login page
– Extra content (above and below content)
– Custom logo
– Custom favicon
– Custom header & footer script
– Pre-made color schema
– Unlimited color options
– Custom body background (color or image)
– Custom text link color
– Custom CSS and Javascript feature
– Sidebar position options: left or right
– Social media profiles
– Multiple header variations
– Multiple archive variations
– Dropdown menus
– Boxed and wide layout
– Multiple menu variations
– Works with ANY other membership plugins
– Flat and modern design
– Translation feature
– Typography settings
– Protected page and post settings
– Opt-in form design ready: vertical and horizontal layout plus customisable design
– Full width page template
– Menus with icons
– Backup, restore and import theme settings
– and many more…

WOW that’s great! And it’s not limited to membership sites; you can use it to build a professional blog.

AmazeTheme is designed to make your blog and membership site look attractive. It’s going to make other webmasters and bloggers go green with ENVY!

P1 Video MagnetHere is how it goes (usually):

1. You pick a keyword that you think can drive serious traffic to your site.

2. You get a domain and hosting and you build your website around your keyword.

3. You write a bunch of SEO content pieces to make sure Google can rank your site for targeted keyword (or you spend ton of money by outsourcing it).

And all of this takes you about a week in the best-case scenario…or a few weeks, if you don’t know technology or you have a limited budget.

But let me ask you a question: does completion of your website guarantee that you will make MONEY?

The answer is NO!

In most cases it turns out to be a complete waste of time, which you can’t get back, not to mention the other opportunities that you lost because you were busy building that site.

Now, the good news is that with what I am about to reveal to you…

You don’t need to invest weeks in website building (it takes just 5 minutes or less).

You don’t need to get an MBA in SEO to make sure you are targeting the right keywords (goodbye to long and boring training webinars).

And you don’t need to write content for Google…

It all can be done with just a few click.

You can literally take 900 keywords and turn them to laser-targeted and unique content pages with just a few clicks.

There is nothing like this out there, so make sure to watch this short video.

Best colors to use on your landing pages

Posted November 19th, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

On my sales pages the type is black with blue and red used as second color, mainly in heads and subheads, for emphasis. My webmaster also uses brown, gray, green, and sometimes orange as a background color for the screen surrounding the sales copy; the copy itself is on white.

According to marketing guru Debbie Allen, associations for these colors are as follows:

Black: seriousness, authority, power, and boldness
Blue: trustworthiness, success, security, authority, seriousness, and professionalism
Red: excitement, strength, love, passion, impulse, action, adventure, aggressiveness
White: purity, cleanliness, devotion, simplicity
Orange: celebration, fun, youth, affordability, excitement
Green: health, freedom, freshness, healing, and nature
Brown: earth, nature, simplicity, richness, and helpfulness
Gray: authority, professionalism, earnestness, and practicality

Note: I was surprised not to see green associated with wealth and money. It made sense to see orange associated with affordability, as fliers for sales and discounts are often printed in orange.

Source: Debbie Allen newsletter, 7/15/14

This FREE plugin is HUGE time saver.

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Free Smart Pages Plugin

This WordPress plugin is designed to make the setup of your sites EASY and done in seconds.

Just put the keyword or words into this new plugin and in seconds you will have LINKED, OPTIMIZED Pages ready to go.

Put in more than one keyword and all the pages are instantly created and optimized AND INTERLINKED which is GREAT for an SEO boost straight away.

You can grab this advantage right now for FREE. You can lock in the INCREDIBLE “Head Start” with this tool now and every time you use it from now on in.

For each and every site you build, you should optimize some pages for the SPECIFIC keywords for each page. This plugin does all of that for you with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

You will want to grab this plugin with BOTH HANDS and use it on every site you ever do…so right now you can get an unlimited MULTISITE LICENSE for the plugin and not pay a dime for it.

Don’t hesitate. Grab the Free Smart Pages Plugin now and use it and you will be SO glad you did.

Being an Amazon affiliate is a great way to make money online right?

• You can find products for any niche you care to name
• There are tons of niches to chose from
• They only stock things which people actually want to buy…Unlike most affiliate networks!!

There is massive potential in being an affiliate for Amazon.

That’s why I’m so excited about the re-launch of Fresh Store Builder 5.0.

They have really knocked it out of the park this time.

Fresh Store Builder 5.0 is easily the most powerful application for getting highly profitable Amazon affiliate stores online in just minutes.

Practically everything is done for you in a handful of easy steps…from the design, to the SEO.

Products, images, pictures and content will upload automatically while you sleep.

It couldn’t be simpler!

Click here to see why so many people are snapping this money-making software.

The call to action (CTA) is arguably the most important part of your web page. Yet a shocking number of sites play hide-and-seek with their call-to-action buttons, making them “blend in” with the color scheme of the page or burying them so far down on the page that the likelihood of a visitor scrolling that far is nil.

You can increase CTA response with copy that specifies what the call to action is, e.g. Amazon gives visitors the option to “Add to Cart” or “Add to Wishlist”. Good CTA copy has the instruction (click here, download now), a description of the offer (free report, free demo), and a benefit. For example, the main call to action might say, “Download your FREE Selection Guide to saving money now.”

Source: Tim Ash, Clickz, 4/15/14

My Azon Store

Now you can create your very own Amazon affiliate store in about 8 minutes that:

* makes you money when people buy from Amazon
* is totally unique and looks awesome
* can be a superstore or focused on 1 niche
* can include unlimited products and categories
* requires no tech or graphic design skills
* sets up with simple point-n-click design
* generates hands-free commissions

This software does all the work for you: My Azon Store

Niche Website Success

Are you looking for a solid end-to-end blueprint for developing and promoting a niche website, regardless of the niche you’re in? “Niche Website Success” is for you! Lisa Irby has detailed all the important steps for getting a website up and running towards success, in an easy-to-understand manner.

There are no tricks that will get you noticed faster, but then lose ranking and client ratings a few months down the Internet road. Her leads and procedures, will serve you well, over and again for years to come. Her unique advise is; hard work and diligence, equals success and a profitable website.

Niche Website Success” comes with a workbook, with which you can write your own notes while reading through the main ebook. This is a handy feature to reference back to, as you develop your successful website. The guiding questions in the workbook will save you many hours of work and anguish, as you lay the foundation for your profitable site.

Other features:

* Google Keyword Tools (GAKT)
* How to monetize a site for success
* Become an authority on a personal subject
* You don’t have to be a programmer
* Find the problems, then build the solutions
* Google Alerts, for current keyword information
* Do the diligent keyword research for your main niche topic
* Use searches to narrow down the main site keyword and results
* Analysis paralysis, keyword research until your head throbs
* Creating an authority niche website with lots of interesting quality content
* Google Trends and Insights for Search, find a steady or upward trend
* Perform Physical Research, check results from similar niches and competition

A successful niche website is only 152 pages away! The low cost of Lisa’s ebook is well worth the wealth of information contained inside. She has several years of website building experience, both good and bad. Lisa has condensed the cream of the crop into the book: Niche Website Success. I fully support Lisa’s ideas and methods, and her informative book for anyone wanting the means to create a noteworthy and profitable website.

Build An Authority Website In TWO Minutes!

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Authority Site Builder

Every Internet marketer knows that the ONE RELIABLE way to make money online is to launch a website and drive traffic to it.

You can monetize it however you want with affiliate offers, Amazon ads, AdSense etc.

So what’s the problem?

It takes time and some considerable skills to create a website.

It also takes more effort than most people are willing to put in, especially when you look at the economics of website marketing.

Usually, the people that make big money with authority websites have multiple domains running at once. Maybe 30, 40, 50—all bringing in enough passive income so that they can kick back, relax, and watch the money flow in.

How do they do it?

They’ve found a way to automate the authority site building process—a way to turn articles into complete websites quickly and easily.

It used to be a secret—but it isn’t any more.

The program they are using is called Authority Site Builder and it allows you to build a complete authority website from a set of articles in as little as two minutes.

All you need is a group of articles and Authority Site Builder will set up a complete, custom website in just a few minutes using the same software techniques that the marketing pros use.

Instant Marketing Pages In A Snap!

Posted September 18th, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

WP Profit Builder

Imagine if you could build lead and marketing pages like the gurus without all the headaches…

Imagine high-converting lead pages cramming your lists with fresh, hungry leads. Sales pages that have people scrambling to buy your products…

Now imagine that you could easily create any kind of lead pages, sales pages, member portals, webinar pages, bonus giveaway pages, affiliate pages…

Now you can with this amazing system that is setting the marketing world on fire…

In fact, in just a few clicks, you can easily build any type of marketing or lead page you can imagine with zero coding and for a fraction of the cost of other systems and zero monthly fees…

By harnessing all the best, proven, high-conversion tactics used by the pros you can literally skyrocket your profits…

Here’s just a fraction of what WP Profit Builder can do:

– Instantly create GURU level marketing pages
– 50+ pre-done, proven marketing layouts for every need
– 50+ instant elements to enhance any page on your site
– Works on ANY WordPress site and ANY theme
– Easy to use Drag and Drop LIVE editor
– Build any type of marketing page you can imagine
– 100% SEO and Mobile Optimized
– Transforms Your Site into a Profit Center FAST

All this and a ton more…

The WP Profit Builder system is far more powerful than many comparable systems, is a fraction of the cost and turns you into an instant marketing master, regardless of experience.

Don’t just take my word for it, go watch the demo video and see for yourself.

I give this two thumbs way up and know this will transform the way you market online.

If you use WordPress and you’d like to grow your online business, there’s something you need to see today.

There are 2 things here that are really important. The first is about landing pages.

A landing page is basically a page that has one and only one purpose: to convert as many visitors as possible into subscribers for your e-mail list or customers for your business.

Ideally, it’s a focused, completely distraction-free page that’s designed to increase conversions as much as possible, so you get the most out of any traffic that hits this page.

And here’s a plugin that lets you create pages just like that, in minutes (if not seconds).

The second important thing is the “2-step” opt-in process. You may have heard about this in the past few months: studies have shown that a 2-step process can increase the conversion rate significantly.

Here’s how it works: instead of presenting your visitor with a page that has a visible opt-in form on it, you show them a page with just a button. Once they click the button, an opt-in form instantly appears (no page reloads) and only then do you ask them for the e-mail address.

In some cases, just switching from the “old” 1-step opt-in process to a 2-step process can make your mailing list grow faster, instantly.

And this same plugin is also the best 2-step opt-in plugin I’ve ever seen.

Now, please keep in mind that this offer is time-sensitive. Go here now and see for yourself.

PressPlayHey, if you’re struggling to get sales, or even free leads, then you NEED to see this.

I was just talking with Mark Thompson and Matt Callen, the guys behind MEGA launches like Rank Recon, AuthoritySpy and Webinar Ignition.

They said they found a way for marketers with NO writing, design or video editing skills to create GORGEOUS high-converting video sales letters (VSLs). I didn’t believe it at first but I got an advance look this software, and all I can say is, “WOW”.

Watch this quick demo to see what I mean.

I’ve been in the IM game for a long time, and to date, I have not seen anything else online that can increase conversions and sales more than video sales letters. You can take me at my word when I say VSLs get a TON of sales.

Not only that, but create “Smart Videos” along with the sales pages is proven to increase conversions by 400%.

What do I mean by “Smart Videos”? Things like:

[+] Timed Opt-in Overlay within a video
[+] Time Call-To Action buttons within a video
[+] Hiding controls
[+] Starting a video at the exact place the visitor left off (if they leave your page and return, the video will restart where they last viewed it)
[+] Integrated Scarcity features
[+] Integrated Urgency features (shown to increase sales conversions by nearly 150%)

So not only does this thing create FULL Video Sales pages, you can create smart videos and embed those individual videos directly onto any page…yes, ANY page!

I was reading an article recently that said that the average VSL converts at 12% (that’s for paid sales, not just free signups!), while a “text only sales page” converts at around .5% to 2%.

That’s a 400% advantage for VSLs!

PressPlay is an app that lets you create BEAUTIFUL VSLs even if you have NO experience in:

[+] Copywriting.
[+] Graphic design.
[+] Video editing.

It comes with comprehensive templates for both copy AND design, so creating a VSL becomes as easy as filling in the blanks.

Pressplay comes complete with:

[+] Customizable VSL Templates (copy AND visuals)
[+] Pre-Designed Graphic Elements
[+] Pre-Designed Video Player Skins
[+] Timed HTML Call-to-Action (call to action that appears after a set amount of time).
[+] Embeddable Videos.
[+] ShareGate Options
[+] Facebook Comment Integration
[+] 3rd Party Email Integration
[+] WordPress Integration
[+] In-Depth Video Insights/Analytics

Even if you’ve NEVER written copy in your life you can now create high-converting VSLs on autopilot.

Your sales may double, triple, or even quadruple overnight.

Check it out here.

You DON’T Need More Traffic…

Posted July 23rd, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

You need higher conversions on your existing traffic.

Everyone thinks more traffic is the answer. But it’s not. It’s making the most of every opportunity to convert your existing traffic. Then you make more sales. Get social shares. And more opt-ins.

Want 7 ways to get more conversions?

Then click here to watch ‘em soar.

WP Traffic Max is a new plugin by Bill Guthrie & Manfred Ekblad from BWI Press. It’s designed to make the most of your existing traffic by showing your visitors 6 different ad types.

* Interstitial ads

* Video ads

* WSIWYG ads

* Custom Coupons

* Opt-in pop-ups

* 2-Step opt-in pop-ups.

* Exit pop

What’s even better?

You specify the posts/pages/categories individual ads appear. And you can redirect visitors to any URL of your choosing on close or other actions.

WP Traffic Max is perfect to redirect visitors to:

* Sales pages

* Affiliate offers

* CPA offers

* Amazon offers

* Social media profiles & posts

WP Traffic Max can do anything with your traffic than you could dream up.

Check out WP Traffic Max now.

Point, click, profit…

Posted July 16th, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

SiteBildz AdvantageThe guys behind SENuke have this cool new software. Works like gangbusters.

100% legal. Completely white hat.

Makes a website from scratch in as little as NINE minutes. Just point, click and profit. It’s that easy to use.

* SiteBildz Advantage *

5 signs your website needs work

Posted July 11th, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

1. It has been 3 or more years since the last website overhaul, so it isn’t built to accommodate new technologies including mobile, 4G, oversize desktop monitors, tablets, and Windows 8.

2. Your website isn’t responsive. If your website doesn’t adjust to fit a plethora of different sized monitors and devices you’re losing business.

3. Your website has a splash page. Splash pages had a very important role on the web during the late ’90s but it has been a long time since anyone needed to be funneled between Netscape and Internet Explorer in order to use and enjoy a website.

4. Your design looks outdated, using old-fashioned design elements such as beveled edges, poorly thought-out gradients, and animated GIFs.

5. Your site is dependent on Flash, which had its day but suffers from compatibility issues, search algorithm issues, and long load times, making Flash more troublesome than it’s worth.

Action step: Scrub your site of all signs of Flash and replace it with newer JavaScript or HTML5 interactions/animations.

Source: One Up Web Blog, 3/13/14

WP Mega Pack

WordPress is great right?

Right up until you discover just how expensive it can be to get hold of a professional-looking theme or plugin! Then it’s a case of “OUCH”!

* That premium theme/plugin you want is too expensive

* You don’t know how reliable the theme or plugin will be

* You get hogtied by oppressive usage restrictions, which means you’re charged for additional usage rights and simple updates

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get your hands on hundreds of the best themes and plugins, all organized specifically for bloggers who develop niche sites, and all for less than what you’d expect to pay for a single premium theme?

Check out this Mega Pack of Pro WP Themes & Plugins all bundled together at a ridiculous price for you…

WP Blazer

There’s a brand new site automation tool, that will change the way you run your websites this year.

Here’s the results of one of the many newbie marketers who have tried WP Blazer for the first time and saw quick success.

“I’ve seen over 15,000 visitors a month with a blog I ran with WP Blazer, this software is simply amazing!”

People like this guy are just the tip of the success iceberg,

Because this software not only secretly generates you traffic with the SEO tools inside.

But it also builds you BRAND NEW sites with WordPress, and completely manages them for you, everything from adding new posts, to auto-backing up your sites, it’s all setup for you inside.

Completely built for both newbies and experts, WP Blazer is without a doubt the perfect solution for people who want to:

– Start focusing on their business not on running their sites

– Build real organic traffic for their money sites

– Auto-schedule backups for all their sites

– Easily Transfer Their Sites In Minutes

– Auto Add Themes & Plugins Effortlessly

– Auto-Add Posts To All Of Your Blogs

There are so many great features I can’t even begin to tell you all of them right now, but once you get inside, you’ll easily see how this software will quickly give you a boost past your competition.

This very powerful site automation suite is on an Early Bird Special right now , so you get it at 90% OFF.

Take the opportunity to get access to this now, and there will be over $1,997 worth of extra bonuses waiting for you inside.

The bonuses will help you drive both paid and free traffic to brand new sites you create with WP Blazer!

Covert Shirt Store

If you’re into selling t-shirts online, I’ve gotten your attention!

The brand new Covert Shirt Store theme just went ‘live’. Go here NOW and take a look.

This will allow you to run a fully functional self-optimizing t-shirt store, all from a simple 1-click-install WordPress theme.

Right now you can grab it at the special low early bird price.

But in less than 24 hours the price will start going up FAST!

My friend John has revealed something pretty impressive…

…little known strategies that make sure your paid content, stays secure and several of his tactics costs less than $15.

You’ve probably tried things like uploading your PDFs, videos and MP3s to your website or even YouTube.

But how how secure are these when a simple site:url search on Google can list your content for all to see.

Something just isn’t working, and you’re not securing your products and making all of the cash you want to.

The Membership Manifesto can solve your illegal product download problem.

You just have to follow a couple of simple steps, and you will lock down your content securely.

John guarantees it.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything you want to gain.

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