Power Easy Video Splash Site CreatorPower Easy Video Splash Site Creator is a brand new splash site creator that turns ordinary and boring Youtube videos into wonderful looking web pages with features like:

* Full screen view.
* Internal SEO optimization.
* FB News Feed sharing ready.
* Time redirect to any secondary offer.
* More attention to your secondary web pages.
* Absolute ease of installation and use.
* Unlimited pages creation.

And all this could be done in less than 5 minutes per video page, through incredibly simple steps. Are you ready to literally transform your Youtube videos in something unique and never seen before?

Thanks to Power Easy Video Splash Site Creator you can increase social likes and shares, grow your authority, enhance your personal branding and get brilliant results from each one of your videos.

It works marvelously with webinar replays, with instruction videos, with product review videos and lots of other video types. This can really change the way you build your business with videos!

What’s the hottest video trend so far in 2014? FULL SCREEN Video Background landing pages.

Paypal, Wetransfer, and other big companies are framing their sales pages, checkout pages, and SQUEEZE pages with dramatic videos and still images. Why? Because it relaxes the website visitor, or conveys a message, or more importantly puts them in a BUYING mood.

BUT the software to create the effect has been very restrictive “for the rest of us” until now.

Mark Dulisse has packaged up the most visual module of his SalesPress Pro 2 WordPress theme, and has made it ultra-simple to not only create video backgrounds for virtually ANY foreground element, but is throwing in some of the most head-turning, jaw-dropping videos that work with the software right out of the box.

The price? Unbelievable and in fact, there’s a “Developer’s License” option for just a few dollars more that will let you stun (and charge) your clients when you make THEIR business pages look great.

This is an introductory price only, which will be moving up in just hours, be one of the few charter members to grab the most VISUAL WordPress Theme released to date, right here.

Best font for landing page headlines

Posted March 11th, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

According to Ryan Deiss, the best font for landing page headlines is Tahoma Red 36 point. “This font just seems to work great in headlines, partly because its san serif and partly because it scrunches up more than a font like Arial, fitting more words per line,” he says, adding that red 36-point Tahoma outperforms all other fonts, increasing conversions by 17%. San serif fonts like Tahoma can give your headline a boost. Adding a drop shadow to your red Tahoma font can give you another 5% boost.

Source: 43 Split-Tests That (Almost) Always Boost Conversions

Sensible Website Design Suggestions

Posted March 6th, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

Use a website layout that enhances exploring. Try to keep your page content in a proper narrative and progressive order. Use a simple vertical design for easy visual eye movement and flow.

You may want to start with a good eye-catching headline and a simple description above the fold. Then, tell the visitor about your best features, show your clients’ stories, list people who are using your services or products.

Divide your content into parts, but make sure there is a clear connection between them. This way your visitors can read it like a real story, with no pause or break.

Also remember to have a good visual balance, both horizontally and vertically. Let your readers’ eyes smoothly move from left to right. If one section is left-hand heavy, make the other one right-hand focused, and vice versa.

Source: Copyblogger, 2/6/14

Speed Demon Backend SEO

One second is all it takes.

You blink your eyes and you just lost $1.6 billion…

If you’re Jeff Bezos, that is.

You see, Jeff Bezos (Founder & CEO of Amazon.com) lives in constant fear of the very same thing that is destroying your business even as you read this message.

He is so afraid of this lurking danger in fact, that he has invested millions of dollars in special technology just to ensure that it doesn’t happen to Amazon.com.

What is it that keeps one of the most wealthy online entrepreneurs up at night?

Site Speed.

That’s right, a one-second delay on Amazon.com and Jeff Bezos kisses $1.6 Billion in sales goodbye.

It may not be as sexy to talk about as “crushing it” with special offers, or “dominating” a niche, but the speed of your site DIRECTLY affects your bounce rate, which affects your rankings, which affects your traffic, which affects your conversions, and eventually, your site speed starts robbing you of sales.

Now, you may not be losing $1.6 Billion for every second it takes your site to load, but you are losing money, and probably more than you can afford right now.


You shouldn’t be losing money on something that can be so quick and easy to fix just because the ‘gurus’ would rather sell you “shiny object” products and “how to get rich in 15 minutes” guides!

It is time that we start addressing this issue as an IM community.

Trust me, fixing site speed is so easy once you know how that you could probably start offering it as a service and it wouldn’t even feel like you were working.

I am no tech expert, but my new friend Luke is. This guy has created the most easy-to-use guide on turning your site into a speed machine that I have ever seen.

I want to let you in on a little secret about Site Speed Demon. Not only are you going to increase your rankings by learning how to increase your site speed…

And not only are you going to see an increase in conversions as your site gets faster…

But if you order within the next 7 days, you are going to get:

• Free upgrades for life

• Free access to Luke’s VIP member’s forum (a HUGE value)

• An insanely low Early Bird price

Don’t wait to pick this amazing training guide up. Someday it might cost you $1.6 Billion.

According to SEO expert Trond Lynbo, good information architecture, website structure, and internal link architecture are critical to rank new product pages well. His advice: Link categories from your home page, and your product pages from the category levels. This will ensure that Google finds, crawls, and indexes your content fast. Also link to the new product pages from their parent category pages.

Optimize your website theme so that new products are always presented on your home page where they’ll get found and indexed. A good internal link architecture will get your new product pages indexed and ranked quickly.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing

84.4% Conversion Rate Squeeze Page!

Posted December 9th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

You won’t believe this. Heck even I couldn’t believe it once I saw it.

This guy has created multiple squeeze pages that converted as much as 74.3%, 81.5%, 77.2% AND EVEN 84.4%!

And now he’s selling the tool he used to create these insane pages.

This tool is crazy. It’s packed with functions that I haven’t seen ever before in any other marketing page builder.

Anyone can easily produce killer pages that convert at ungodly levels with it.

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Fresh Store Builder 4.0

Being an Amazon affiliate is a great way to make money online right?

• You can find products for any niche you care to name
• There are tons of niches to chose from
• They only stock things which people actually want to buy…Unlike most affiliate networks!!

There is massive potential in being an affiliate for Amazon.

That’s why I’m so excited about the re-launch of Fresh Store Builder 4.0.

They have really knocked it out of the park this time.

Fresh Store Builder 4.0 is easily the most powerful application for getting highly profitable amazon affiliate stores online in just minutes.

Practically everything is done for you in a handful of easy steps…from the design, to the SEO.

Products, images, pictures and content will upload automatically while you sleep.

It couldn’t be simpler!

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An article on Copyblogger (7/26/13) correctly insists that traffic generated to produce sales or leads should be directed to a landing page created specifically for that offer, and not to your website home page. They write: “The single and solitary goal of a landing page is to overcome the ‘paradox of choice’ dilemma that emerges when people are given multiple options…resulting in a decision NOT to choose at all (read: your sales are dead in the water). And because of this single-minded focus on selling, landing pages convert infinitely higher, whether you are promoting an e-book, membership site, or any other product (digital or not).”

Do you have a box on your home page where people can download a free report, subscribe to your newsletter, or otherwise opt into your e-list? You should also have a dedicated opt-in page. According to entrepreneur Ali Brown, you’ll get up to 10X more opt-ins from a dedicated opt-in page than having it on your home page.

Top Tips For Building A Website

Posted September 3rd, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

For individuals and small businesses, the cost of hiring an agency to create their website can often be prohibitive. But in recent years there has been a proliferation of website-building programs, which have all the coding included, making DIY website building far easier and much less expensive. That said, there remain many pitfalls, which need to be avoided along the way. If you’re thinking of building your own website, here are some basic tips to get you started.


Naming of your site is crucial, as this is one of the building blocks of your online brand. Web domain names always have a prefix, usually http://, followed by the site name, and then a suffix such as .com or .net. Most of the most common names for these suffixes have now been taken, so a lot of businesses are looking at suffixes including .biz or .info instead.

Choose a domain name that is succinct, relevant, and easy to spell, and give it serious thought! Remember, with any website name, the most important thing is to make it memorable. Think Google—20 years ago the word probably didn’t even exist, but now it’s synonymous with the Internet.


Your site will need to be hosted on an external server. There are many hosting providers you can choose from, and their fees vary depending on the services you require, such as e-commerce solutions or databases. It’s essential to choose one that includes technical support and reliable, fast servers. Use a comparison site such as WebHostingBlueBook.com to find the best option for you.


When it comes to design there are 3 things to keep in mind: Quick Build, High Quality, Low Price. You will rarely be able to achieve all three, so choose one or two, which are most important to you. If you don’t have the time to learn HTML coding yourself, you’ll find it best to use a website template within a content management system, such as WordPress. Once you’ve mastered the basic skills needed, key things to keep in mind include the layout of your site, making it easily navigable by the user, clean and visually enticing, and putting important information in eyeline; selecting good images; making it responsive, so that it will work on mobile or tablet devices; paying attention to your website’s SEO and writing unique and relevant content, and any add-ons you may need such as shopping carts or payment processing.


Before launching your site, double-check everything: your content for spelling or grammar mistakes; that all pages load okay and links work; the information you want on show is there, and anything you don’t want visible isn’t. Far better to spend a few hours checking than risk a problem later on when you don’t have time to respond quickly.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the art of positioning your site as high in search engine results as possible. There are innumerable techniques, and like all Internet disciplines, it’s constantly evolving. The basics are very easy to pick up and implement though, with the most important thing being to keep a constant eye on new developments in the industry to ensure your site is performing consistently in searches. Follow blogs by industry leaders such as moz.com for valuable insights and advice.


Once your site is up and running, it’s vital to keep track of data such as who is visiting it; how they find it (i.e. by typing the site address directly into their browser, or a search engine); which pages they visit; how long the stay on each page, and more. This will help you improve your site and find any flaws. Tools such as Google Analytics make this very easy, and are especially essential for trading websites.

Disaster Recovery

Potential problems abound. Your Webmaster could be taken ill, or your site may be hacked. Be sure to keep a record of important log-in details; keep copies of your website data off-site, and use a hosting provider whose technical support you can rely on.

7 tips for writing websites

Posted August 11th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

1. Put the most important words first.

2. Write clear and very descriptive titles for pages.

3. Headline content should be concise and descriptive and stand out from the rest of the text.

4. Lead with the most important messages.

5. Define technical terms in place.

6. Link to pages that have simplified explanations.

7. Spell out and define acronyms.

Source: Ragan.com, 7/8/13

Squeeze Page Genie

NEW software makes awesome squeeze pages in 5 minutes flat:

- create squeeze pages in ANY niche in under 5 minutes
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But making a good squeeze page used to be HARD.

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83.2% Squeeze Page

Posted June 22nd, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

The biggest challenge of e-mail marketing is setting up a highly converting squeeze page.

If you ever tried to set up one yourself, you know exactly what I am talking about.

So, I want to show you how you can create a squeeze page that converts up to 83.2%!

You won’t need any HTML, CSS, Javascript or any other knowledge, you don’t need to know how to use Photoshop. All the designs are already done for you.

You just need to mix and match the elements. It will only take you 5 minutes to have a squeeze page that converts up to 83.2%!

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Most people falsely believe that building a website is super complicated and time-consuming, so they also believe that to get a rockin’ site that attracts tons of traffic is to shell out mega bucks to a fancy web designer.

Conventionally, web designers also build on the myth by designing their clients’ sites the old-school way: putting in more coding than is necessary and adding extra bells and whistles.

Wait, did I just say ‘myth’?

Ori travels all over the world without a care and makes money wherever he is by building beautiful websites for other marketers.

If you’ve already shelled out big bucks for web design projects, you’d be pissed to know how he works, because Ori has made a small fortune, creating almost instant push-button, but really beautiful websites in 2 hours…and he only charges people $500 (typical web design costs upward in 4-figure range)!

Would you like to learn how you too, like Ori, can charge for providing such effortless web design service while churning out websites faster than others who can complete a web page?

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What is Google Authority?

Posted April 15th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website Development

It’s what will separate multi-million dollar websites from the rest of the pack. It is Google’s best gift to you…if you know how to use it!

The guy on the video is Ryan Deiss and this fella really knows his business.

One of his sites in the video gets 10,000 visits a day…and it’s just a few months old.

Go watch this video now.

WP Optins 2.0

I came across this great new WordPress plugin that allows you to build amazing sales funnels in minutes, and I wanted to let you know about it…

Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Download Pages, Thank You Pages, and Confirmation Pages are now all point-and-click simple!

You don’t need any technical knowledge whatsoever!

And you can create a page in just 5 steps:

1. Select a Layout

2. Adjust Page Settings

3. Select Header Options

4. Add Your Headlines

5. Configure Your Optin Form

This is a MAJOR breakthrough in web page creation!

No more spending HOURS creating just ONE page.

And it’s newbie-friendly too!

Get WP Optins 2.0 now and see just how quick and easy it is.

Commission Automator

Been looking for an easier way to cash in with Internet marketing?

Commission Automator lets you make Clickbank review sites in minutes:

- every site is UNIQUE
- make sites in ANY niche
- include ANY Clickbank products
- add reviews in 1 click (awesome search and select technology)

These sites build your list, grow your Twitter & Facebook followers, and make you Clickbank affiliate commissions all in ONE…

And you don’t need tech skills or marketing experience to use it!

Niche Website ThemeWe all know that a small ad placement change can have a huge impact on your overall earnings.

I just found a new WordPress theme that makes increasing your click-through rate and earnings so much easier!

In fact, the creator, used the Niche Website Theme to increase the earnings on one of his sites to over $655 per month on complete auto-pilot.

Here’s what the Niche Website Theme provides:

- Quickly change theme layouts, colors, and styles on the fly with ever touching a piece of code

- Easily insert ads in previously difficult to reach places for maximum Click-through rate

- Auto-rotate Google AdSense variations and colors to increase earnings

- Auto-match the color of Google AdSense ads to the colors of your theme (super-cool feature!)

- Create and save custom theme designs without coding

Regardless of whether you are creating small niche sites or focusing on larger authority sites, the Niche Website Theme will give you the power and ‘tweakability’ you need!

The theme has been tried and tested on over 2,667 websites and is available now for 7 days at 70% off.


If you run any kind of online business you’re going to have to create landing, squeeze or sales pages at one time another. If you’re not doing so to collect leads or make sales, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Instabuilder is a brand new WordPress plugin that enables you to create these pages in just a few minutes even if you have no technical expertise.

I was fortunate enough to get hold of a beta copy of Instabuilder and found myself creating squeeze and sales page in record time. The sites I created also converted better than their predecessors. The results are outstanding.

The pages created by Instabuilder look fantastic, convert extremely well and have a huge range of high end features available.

This “one stop” solution even enables you to add custom functionality such as delayed content, viral download locking, and Facebook opt-in to your web pages.

I’d strongly suggest you take a look at Instabuilder right now. It’s currently selling for an introductory price which represents huge value for money. I genuinely believe this tool will help take your business to the next level.

Google Analytics integration offered by Wordpress Google Analytics Plugin