In his “Private Newsletter“, Tony Shepherd simply doesn’t ‘DO’ theory.

Every issue of Tony’s newsletters will at least introduce a technique that has been used by Tony or marketers he personally knows.

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5 Steps To Build Your Own Digital Product

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In the latest video from Eben Pagan, he explains the 5 steps to building your own Digital Information Product to sell online.

You’ll learn why it’s important to do each of these five steps, if you actually want to turn your knowledge into a product and monetize what you know and your story.

Eben has built 10 different online digital product brands and businesses to the $1 million mark in sales.

He has a system for doing it that he uses, and right now, he’s also opening up a new class to teach you exactly how he does it.

He calls it “The Digital Product Blueprint” and you’ll learn about it at the end of this video.

Make sure you watch the video and register for the course today, because this new class is only open for registration until Thursday. It will the best training you can get for creating and marketing your digital product online.

Today you have a brand new Social Media E-mail PLR set on offer. This bundle includes a series of 20 e-mail messages with a lot of hand-on advice to use social media to grow your business, and a WordPress-ready opt-in page.

If you are a big fan of e-mail marketing and setting up autoresponder messages, you appreciate that it is a quick and effective way to build relationship with your readers and monetize your list.

The only problem with them is that you have to add to them on a regular basis. And with everything else going on in your business, it’s easy to fall behind on adding messages to your autoresponder.

So this bundle is already done for you!

What happens when you invite 30 of the world’s leading experts on performance living to spill their secrets?


Well, you’ll shortly be able to find out.

Because as a member of my list or reader of my blog, I’m inviting you to a special online event designed to answer exactly this question.

Here’s what’s in store in the days ahead for those who decide to attend this exclusive event billed as The Performance Living Summit.

My friend Dr. Dan Ritchie has convinced 30 high achievers in the areas of health, finance and personal growth to sit down with him so that he can extract the ONE THING they say has been responsible for their immense success.

All for your benefit.

And all because Dan and his co-host, fitness expert Carolyn Hansen, had noticed something strange over the years.

In fact for decades they had mixed it up with some of the world’s most capable types as they climbed professionally in their own careers.

But they also came across people who simply could not make the journey with them.

People who faltered. Repeatedly.

Not for lack of trying either.

So this question slowly formed in the minds of our hosts for the upcoming summit…

What was it the high-achievers were doing that SO outdistanced them from the rest of the pack?

Why did they succeed—seemingly almost without effort—year after year, decade upon decade?

Well, eventually that question got the better of Dan and Carolyn and the result (where they sought to learn the answer to it) is The Performance Living Summit.

For 7 straight days you’ll get access to no less than 4 interview sessions with these bastions of utter domination.

No matter what their chosen field, these people can rightly be said to be crushing it.

And they believe you can use their secrets to do EXACTLY the same.

You’ll hear from experts in the elevation of brain function, the sharpening of the physical senses for all the benefits this entails, and even the attainment of happiness, abundance, and fulfillment.

You’ll hear how to conquer menopause, and not only survive, but thrive in your 40s, your 50s, and beyond.

Maybe your life feels out of balance right now…

Well, these talks are all about fixing exactly that problem, and then taking it to the next level…

Dan and Carolyn even have a speaker who reveals the exact strategies you can employ to achieve superhuman performance WITHOUT destroying your body.

Honestly, there’s something for everyone in this amazing collection of sessions.

But they’ll only be FREE for a very short time, so do take advantage of the opportunity to access them here while you can.

I’ll certainly be attending this event.

And the great thing is that I don’t have to go anywhere to do it.

That’s because the summit is an online event.

You can watch every session (or just the ones that interest you) from the comfort of home.

So go claim your FREE ticket now and get access to the entire list of speakers and their upcoming talk schedule.

FunnelStakHaving the ability to construct sales funnels that deliver consistent 6-7 figures is RARE.

Well, a 10-year marketer spilled his exact blueprint that has delivered over $20 million in sales…

Over the past 3 years alone, his team has created 25+ products, 50k customers and built out 100+ different types of funnels…

[+] Lead Generation
[+] Webinars
[+] SaaS Evergreen Apps
[+] Product Launches
[+] Coaching

Needless to say…think they learned a thing or two?

Now you can go behind the scenes of an 8-figure digital publishing company.

If you have been struggled to build profitable sales funnels…

If you have struggled to maximize the lost potential of each customer you bring in…

If you want to learn from a decade of “in the trenches” experience from someone who has done it…

Then you need to check FunnelStak out now!

1. Promotional e-mails: ideally 2 or 3 to your list as well as affiliate lists.

2. Landing page: where registrants land when they click to register for your event. Captures basic registration information and provides brief details about the presentation.

3. Confirmation e-mail with details about the date, time, topic, and how to join the event.

4. Reminder e-mails on the day before and the day of the event to maximize attendance.

5. Post-webinar e-mails: one to thank people for attending the event and providing a link to the archive, and another to those who registered but did not attend the ‘live’ event, directing them to the event on demand.

6. A banner you can put on your home page alerting visitors to the upcoming presentation.

Source: 10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar, ON24 whitepaper, pp. 6-7

According to Pardot, the best image to show on a landing page offering a free download is a small image of the whitepaper or demo being offered. This gives your visitors something tangible to look forward to and a much more compelling reason to convert.

Source: “Double B2B Conversions”, Pardot e-book, pg. 6

Everything You Need To Build A List In 2015

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If you’ve been marketing 6 weeks or 6 years you’ll have heard all about the list.

Simple fact is, without a list you

Subscriber MC writes: “I would like you to address the subject of getting people to pay you royalties. I assume this can become a problem for many direct response copywriters.”

A royalty is a fee paid to copywriters based on the performance of the promotion they wrote.

There are all kinds of arrangements. But the most typical online is a percentage of net sales, which is often 2-3%.

For direct mail, the royalty is a fee paid per package mailed, usually 2 to 3 cents.

But really, you and the client can negotiate whatever the two of you can agree to.

For instance, one client agreed to pay me a flat cash bonus of $6,000 if my DM package beat his control, which it did.

Another offered a flat royalty of $3,750 every time they mailed the package.

Many clients, especially small and amateur, offer to pay you a percentage of sales in lieu of a fee.

These deals you should stay away from, because you are betting on something you have no control over.

For instance, what if the client picks the wrong mailing list, changes your copy so that the promotion doesn’t perform, or never runs the promotion? It happens.

The preferred arrangement among top copywriters and top clients is the writer’s usual flat fee PLUS a bonus royalty.

Why would a client pay you both your regular fee and a royalty on top of that?

Some clients pay the royalty on top of the regular fee because they think it motivates the writer to do a better job.

Others do it because they want the writer to have a financial incentive to keep his promotion as the control by doing tweaks and updates for no additional fee.

Notice that above I referred to “top clients” paying royalties.

For the most part, only direct response marketers pay royalties, because direct response is the only marketing channel where sales generated by your copy can be measured precisely down to the penny.

Most local car dealers can’t easily tell on any given day how many customers were driven to the showroom by your billboard or radio spot, so how could they pay a percentage of sales to you?

But if you write a landing page for a direct marketer selling a home study course, you know exactly the revenue it produced.

That’s why most copywriting clients do not pay royalties: they cannot measure the sales results of their advertising.

Clients who usually do not pay royalties include business-to-business marketers, Fortune 1000 corporations, brand advertisers, ad agencies, local businesses, and small businesses.

The only clients who pay royalties on a regular basis are (a) major direct marketers like Agora Publishing and Weiss Research and (b) smaller but very successful, profitable, and experienced direct marketers, mainly online these days.

Copywriter John Carlton advises marketers not to do royalty agreements with copywriters on the first job.

“It may sound great to push off part of the fee to result-oriented royalties paid later,” says John. “But you need to remember that you’re just beginning your relationship with this writer.”

It’s John’s opinion that a good copywriter will usually not even propose royalties on the first job, because he doesn’t know or trust you any more than you do him.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Massive Traffic Explosion

Traffic is the single most important element of any online marketing strategy…

No traffic, no sales.

It doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you’re doing…whether it’s affiliate marketing, MLM, information products, selling your services…

You just gotta have traffic.

My friend Jason Cooper saw a need and filled it, with his incredible Massive Traffic Explosion.

Jason’s been generating regular 5-figure paychecks with the help of Massive Traffic Explosion…his methods work like gangbusters…

If you want to get different results, then you have to try different things.

I think Jason may be crazy, but he’s letting me offer Massive Traffic Explosion to you for 50% off what it usually costs, if you’ll agree to try it out and give him your honest feedback…

The strategies in this package are proven and stunningly effective…and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use them.

In fact, you don’t need any special technical skills at all…anyone can do this if you just put it into action.

Enough talk…what separates the successes from the failures is their willingness to take massive action and not sit on the fence forever…

Jason’s letting me give this to you for 50% off if you take action today…

And since he’s also giving you a 60-day trial period with a money-back guarantee, there’s no risk to you and no reason not to give it a shot…

It’s a no-brainer in my book.

* $7 all-you-can-‘eat’ buffet! *

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Jonathan Leger, in the momentum of his $7 crusade, has opened his $7 resource portal where at last count, there were nearly 100 products available to you. You can purchase all for $7 each and market the products for 100% handsome profit (your niche customers won’t know you’d acquire them for $7…). Great bargains!