Google AdWords Made Easy

Google AdWords Made Easy” the new PLR package is ready for business!

You can:

– Sell it to your Subscribers for $9-97 a pop and Make Huge Profit
– Sell it to Businesses for $97 a pop
– Use it to Create a Private Membership
– Use it to Build your own List by Offering it as a Gift
– Use is as High Quality Bonus to your products
– Use it to Grow your Own Business Online
– Use it as High Quality Content for Your Seminar, Webinar, or Training
– Use it to Train Your Team
– Use it to Train your Clients & Charge them BIG Bucks
– Use it to Prospect your Client & close the deal
– Use it to Offer a Professional Internet Marketing Service for Thousands of Dollars

Or Anything Else that comes to Your Mind!

It is also:

– 100% Unique & has Latest Content on The Topic
– In A Hot and Evergreen Niche
– Proven and comes with Step-by-Step Training
– Packed with High-Converting Sales Copies, Sales Pages & Killer Graphics

All you have to do is:

1. Download it
2. Slightly customize it
3. Upload it
4. Send some traffic to it
5. Keep 100% of the profits (including the buyers list)

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside!

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind Map (Valued at $40)
Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)

That means, if You Buy Now then You will Get a Product of $2020 value at less than $10.

The quality of this product is fabulous and it’s completely ready to sell. Don’t waste any bit of time & start selling it with your own name on it for BIG Profit today.

Need Traffic?

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My good buddy Reed Floren has had a ton of success getting targeted traffic from cheap, targeted Facebook ads.

Now you can learn how you can get traffic for your websites!

Over 40 of Reed’s students have left a testimonial for his Facebook ads training!

Hurry on to this exclusive dime sale: How To Get Traffic From Facebook Ads

If you were offered the chance to be mentored by a $100k/Day FB Super Affiliate and a $10 Million+ product launch expert…

Would you grab it with both hands?

If you’re struggling with Facebook pay-per-click advertising…if you don’t know how to track your advertising, where to find the hottest offers, how to optimise your campaigns for mobile, split-test, target international offers, scale and automate then this if for you…

If you’re launching products that are hitting $3, $5k or even $20k+, while you see other people hit $100,000+ like clockwork and wondering what you’re doing wrong this is for you…

If you’re a great programmer with amazing products but can’t seem to “break the code” and are struggling to get the products the exposure they deserve this is for you.

If you’re struggling to write red hot sales copy that converts like gangbusters every single time this is for you.

DNA Wealth Blueprint

Until Sunday, December 15th, Andrew & Peter are having an “early bird” special into DNA Wealth Blueprint.

If you plan to launch ANY products in 2014 check this out right now.

You will never look at Facebook, CPA marketing and product launching the same way again.

The more popular the keyword, the more cost-per-click (CPC) it’s going to have. So it’s very important to do your keyword research before you start selecting your keywords as you’re setting up your campaign. The lite version of KeywordSpy is free, but you can also upgrade to the full version and see more results and have more capabilities for a monthly fee. Google used to have its Keyword External Tool, which has since morphed into Google AdWords Keyword Planner. You need a Gmail account to access this free tool. Either of these tools will allow you to enter keywords or key phrases and then view popularity (actual search results), as well as what the average CPCs are. This is important for your keyword selection and bidding.

You can also type in your ‘core’ or focus keywords and get additional ad group/keyword ideas. To help refine your search terms, you can also choose broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, exact match, and negative match.

Source: Wendy Montes de Oca, Target Marketing, 7/29/14

1. Your target customers are not looking on search engines for the types of products you sell.

2. The bid prices are so costly that PPC is too expensive for your product category.

3. You do not properly manage the campaign or track its results.

Source: Entrepreneur, “Who Should Use PPC Advertising,” 3/11/14

2 Cent Facebook Clicks

Are you paying outrageous amounts for traffic?

Is the high cost of paid advertising reducing your profits?

Are SEO strategies that USED to work doing very little for you?

If so, I have good news. There’s an effective way to push Facebook ads at 2 cents per click!

By now you’ve probably figured out the easy stuff in Internet marketing. You may know how to pick a niche, build websites, shoot videos and do social media.

But there is still one thing nagging you…

“How Do I Get Traffic FAST So People Will Buy My Products?!”

2 Cent Facebook Clicks” is a brand new course that reveals secrets to getting insanely cheap traffic for as little as 2 cents per click!

This is not ‘dirt’ traffic either…this is targeted traffic that are full of buyers!

If you’re working too hard to get your traffic organically using articles, link submissions, press releases, video submissions and so on, and need another source of traffic that doesn’t require any effort on your part, then this new course is ideal for you!

Here’s a quick sliver of what’s inside…

Video #1: Introduction To Facebook Ads

Video #2: Setting Up A Tracking System Using Prosper 202

Video #3: Research Analysis

Video #4: Creating A Good Image

Video #5: Working With The Headlines

Video #6: Working With The Body Content

Video #7: Targeting Effectively

Video #8: Getting Your Ads Approved

Video #9: Landing Page Secrets

Video #10: Tweaking Your Campaign

Video #11: The Facebook Ad Panel

Video #12: Custom Audiences Overview

Video #13: Getting Your Campaign Started

Video #14: How to Find The Perfect Audience

Video #15: What’s Inside The Names

Video #16: Uploading Samples

Video #17: Selecting Audiences

Video #18: Add Email Marketing To Your Ad Campaign

Video #19: Creating i-Frame For Affiliate Offers

Video #20: Creating Tab For Your Page

Video #21: How To Send People To Your Videos

There’s no kidding that this course is massive and very detailed and rightly so because you’ll be learning how to MASTER the Facebook Ad system so you can send traffic to your website on auto-pilot!

Want to get cheap quality traffic without lifting a finger?

Want an alternative to Google’s expensive PPC?

Need a bigger mailing list and make more sales every time you send out an offer?

Need to make more affiliate sales?

Want to make more product sales and increase it’s popularity?

Want to expand in other niches quickly to see how profitable they are for you?

Facebook advertising is the answer to all the above questions. What you need are the skills to implement them so you can draw in your your largest possible share of prospects asap.

Grab your essential course now!

Placement Intelligence

Placement Intelligence is a unique Google AdWords software created by online marketer and programmer Robert Matthew. The software makes it easy to find highly targeted and relevant web pages for advanced Adwords users who want to target specific ad placements on the AdWords Content Network (ACN). The strategy of manually selecting specific targeted ad placements from the ACN can provide targeted clicks at a fraction of the price of sponsored keyword clicks.

The Placement Intelligence software comes with numerous advanced features to help automate the process of finding the most targeted pages, together with their estimated traffic and authority (based on the number of backlinks). Placement Intelligence searches through organic and sponsored results, as well as Squidoo, Hubpages and article directory sites. Its in-built URL formatting tool will enable you to almost effortlessly create and manage your campaigns. All you will need to do is enter the destination URL, add tracking IDs and your CPC/CPM bids, and click ‘create’.

Placement Intelligence comes with a Quick Start User guide that will have you up and running in no time. You also receive Adbuyers guide with more than 39 advertising sources, 8 image ad templates, campaign setup and tracking spreadsheet, and free lifetime updates and upgrades.

Can you still get traffic from Facebook?

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Facebook Traffic Explosion

If you’ve been wondering how to turn Facebook into a reliable stream of traffic and income, you’re going to want to see this…

Of course, you won’t just sign up for Facebook and start instantly getting tons of traffic.

Today there are so many people out there fighting for the same traffic that it’s becoming ridiculous!

This basically closes the doors for those who don’t have the financial clout to advertise and get more exposure for their business.

While this may sound a bit disappointing, it surely doesn’t have to be.

In fact, there’s a new way to generate traffic that has low competition and can get you fresh customers for just PENNIES!

If you want a way to get traffic that is more like the “old days” which is cheaper and easier, this is for you.

All you have to do is follow this nicely detailed plan for exploiting Facebook with a *unique twist* you’ve got to see to believe.

Turning Facebook into a viable traffic source doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch the short video before you do anything else online in an attempt to make money…

1 Cent FB Clicks: Can’t Get Any Cheaper!

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1 Cent Facebook Clicks

Here’s how to get highly targeted traffic from Facebook ads for just 1 cent per click!

The video above will show you how to combine DIRT CHEAP traffic from Facebook ads, with affiliate offers, to make a minimum of $205 in the next hour.

Go check it out as it won’t be online for too long.

1. The offer: “Free consultation” vs. “Free special report”

2. The call to action: “Call now” vs. “Click here”

3. Credibility: “Since 1996″ vs. “BBB accredited”

4. Ad headline: “Solve packaging problems” vs. “Low-price packaging”

5. Display URLs: customized URLs sometimes boost clickthrough rates.

6. Price: “Only $35″ vs. “30% off”

Source: Brad Shorr, Content Marketing Institute, 6/6/13.

10 years ago, when the screws of Google AdWords were not tightened yet, a surfer dude called Chris Carpenter came from nowhere to release the “Google Cash” e-book, and since then thousands of readers have vouched for his PPC marketing method.

He was thought to retire and live the simple life somewhere on a beach in Mexico…

You know the rules of affiliate marketing have changed when he is coming out with what’s gonna be another best-seller.

Here’s the background: Facebook and Microsoft just joined forces to create the most powerful search engine in the world, yet most people have never even heard of their new system.

And with Facebook already having more than a billion active users, it is poised to overtake Google as the most searched platform.

This is the perfect opportunity to earn money by exploiting the FB/MS partnership while it’s still fresh!

Chris Carpenter has just released a FREE VIDEO that reveals a proven “7-Step System” to make money online through Microsoft Bing and Facebook!

Chris has dumped his best information online for free (for now) and it is one of the best videos you will see all year. Don’t miss out!

If you’re into Facebook Advertising, this is for you.

Michael Somerville is using a new method that costs him pennies on Facebook to generate massive leads for a high ticket item he sold, and in the process leverages over $19,000 in less then 24 hours.

If you can do this well, you can also provide a service to your offline clients and charge them like $497 plus ad cost to your monthly invoice.


AdWords Fastlane

For some years now, online marketers have taken advantage of the power behind PPC marketing to aim squarely at their target audience. PPC platforms like Google AdWords is a brilliant way to drive laser-focused visitors to any site.

Yet far too many marketers don’t get the results they want, despite doing everything the gurus say they should be doing.

What those marketers have completely overlooked is that PPC advertising is absolutely ideal for attracting visitors to any website at all, but it won’t make them buy anything unless you’re attracting the RIGHT visitors.

Unfortunately, most people who try their hand at PPC marketing see lots of extra visitors arriving. But those visits don’t seem to turn into actual sales.

This means paying out money on PPC campaigns and getting very little return as a result. In order to really succeed with this type of marketing, you need to see those profits rolling in!

That’s where the majority of PPC marketing guides fall completely flat. They show you how to get visitors and they show you how to price your bids per click. But they don’t show you how to turn those things into actual profits.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a brilliant system that shows you precisely how to leverage the power of PPC marketing to your own advantage. When done correctly, using Google AdWords as part of your marketing strategy can be a massively powerful strategy for any website owner who can master the right tactics.

The AdWords Fastlane guide was created so it walks you step-by-step through everything you’ll ever need to know in order to harness the power of PPC marketing to really increase your profits massively.

It also shows you exactly how to:

* Uncover the precise keywords for your niche that will help you achieve the best results

* Create ads that aim squarely at your target audience

* Keep your ad bid prices as low as possible for highly competitive keywords

* Increase your click-through rate enormously

* Drive huge amounts of targeted traffic to your website or blog

* Create a high-converting landing page

* Create successful ad campaigns that multiply your success and your profits!

This comprehensive guide walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to lead your target audience right to your products every time. You’ll learn how to master the strategies and tactics behind an ultra-successful PPC marketing campaign that really takes your business to the next level.

If you’re serious about learning the right way to leverage Google AdWords and PPC marketing to your own advantage, then you really can’t afford to miss this.

Add your location when bidding on keywords

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If your service is one where customers would prefer to work with a local vendor (e.g., cosmetic dentistry, PC repair), bid on key phrases that include your location. Example: “Hard drive data recovery Northern NJ.”

Why it pays: there are fewer people bidding on this key phrase than on the broader “Hard drive data recovery,” so you’ll likely be able to pay less per click and, you attract local prospects more inclined to hire you.

Tip: Make sure your physical address is prominent on your website. Many service providers bid on local key phrases, and then try to hide the fact that they are actually out of town.

PPC Profits BlueprintHow would you like to manage over $5.5 million in PPC budget for clients?

Sounds pretty crazy right?

But it is really not that far fetched.

Ben Pate & Joe Troyer are 2 guys who are doing that in their business today!

They work within a very specific systematic flow to find the clients, run an audit on their current PPC spending and then show them how they can save money and get them to sign a contract.

After over 3 years of using this system in the background they are finally opening it up to the general public for a short period of time.

The PPC Profits Blueprint is not just tailored to the PPC expert. It is designed so that the average person like you and me can run a PPC marketing business. Or you can delegate the PPC marketing to a real expert while you do the client acquisition. PPC Profits Blueprint covers all that you need to know about strategically locating advertisers that are ALREADY spending money on AdWords, doing an audit on their existing campaigns and proposing how they can save more budget through your service and closing them with their signature on the contract.

You have to act fast: it’s now on offer at only $17 down from $297. With persistence, applying the methodology contained inside can bring in a cool 5-figure/mth!

Paid Advertising is NOW FREE.

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Holy smokes, this is *INSANE*.

A young guy has just revealed how to go and get as many “paid” ads as you want for *FREE*.

He doesn’t use any fancy software.

He doesn’t even have his own website.

But more importantly, he NEVER worries about traffic.

He gets thousands of targeted hits every single day without ever paying a dime for them.

And he’s decided to show you exactly how to do it too.

Imagine this…the VERY ads that your competitors are paying top dollar for, you can get for free.

This isn’t some crazy black hat strategy or some secret backdoor software, it’s a neat trick that’s been working for a while.

See this billion-dollar traffic loophole right now.

Being a writer, I have always thought that article marketing is the more valuable search engine optimization (SEO) tool over pay-per-click because article marketing offers a more permanent and lasting effect. Both are operating in completely different ways, with PPC promoting the products and services by way of getting the search engines to exhibit specific keywords and paying when the ads are clicked and article marketing utilizing the power of writing short articles to promote the website, there’s no escaping the fact that these online marketing methods can be very effective in bringing excellent outcomes in terms of getting the website out there within the potential customer’s clicking distance.

I’m delighted that I came across Valerie Mellena’s article called “The Last Word in PPC vs. Article Marketing”. The article methodically compares the two marketing techniques with statistics strengthening her findings. “In figuring out which of the two is better, you have to consider cost-effectiveness as well as click-through rates and direct conversion from visiting user to paying customer,” she wrote.

“Search engine result pages display more listings than PPC results, which does have a psychological effect on the user,” wrote Mellena. “For some users seeing ten search results is enough to convince them that there is enough web information on the subject and that “fishing” PPC ads might not be necessary”. I totally approve of what she said here. I, for one, would almost without thinking scan the search results list first and foremost before I even check out at the PPC ads.

With article marketing, she went on saying that, “In order to actually rank in the Top 10 SEO results for your keyword, you have to have relevant website content, not to mention technical prowess in HTML coding”. Search engines then determine which website is more relevant, unlike in PPC where, to use her words, “whoever bids the highest for each word usually gets the top listing. In the end money talks.”

She then puts the question if you are ”appealing to the fast clicker or the thoughtful user”.

Mellena cited information with sources from ComScore, Webxico, iProspect, SEOResearcher and Hotchkiss, Garrison, and Jensen, which observed, that “77% of search users choose organic (article) listings over PPC ads”. A few other studies pointed out that organic click-through generated 25% higher conversion rates than the equivalent Pay-Per-Click (PPC) click-through. Reading this got me convinced that article marketing is the way to go when it comes to advertising products, but Mellena wrote some strong points about PPC advertising that made me think again. “The best feature PPC has is that it gets instantaneous results. SEO advertising takes time,” she wrote. “PPC brings you immediate traffic and sometimes brings in thousands of users.”

She also noted that Comscore published figures favoring PPC, revealing that their studied users had an 18.3% click-through rate on paid search results as compared to 4.3% click-through rate for organic search results.

However, the author continued and stated that a considerable disadvantage for PPC advertising is that it capitalizes on the audiences’ curiosity. “When that curiosity fades, they forget your website, especially if it’s just a glorified advertisement.” She also added that, “Most users know that PPC ads usually aren’t relevant to their search; they’re just there because someone is constantly paying big bucks to get noticed.”

She then went on to support article marketing as “an investment that continually pays all through the life of your company (or until you shut the website down) since it generates traffic forever.” An advertising technique like that is nearly unbeatable. Can you think of an unending traffic flowing in perpetually? Now that’s an outstanding marketing plan.

With regards to ROI, a survey conducted by popular blogger Gord Hotchkiss disclosed that article marketing is more consistent (albeit slower) than PPC when it comes to Return-On-Investment. Mellena explained on this issue by giving a series of calculations of sorts, for example: “Let’s say you have 50 high traffic search terms. Now for these 50 terms, there are 2.8 million searches being launched in a month,” she wrote. “If statistics like ComScore’s are correct and unbiased, that translates to 456,000 visitors thanks to PPC and 153,000 visitors thanks to article marketing.”

“The total cost of those 456,000 PPC visitors would amount to over $500,000 with an average CPC of $1.18. Even if you work with an SEO company that charges top dollar ($10,000 a month, let’s say) you’re still paying $10,000 compared to half a million. That means article marketing’s virtual CPC amounts to $0.07. Even if you apply PPC’s higher conversion rate, 3,647 converted visitors, you are paying $147.08 for each individual person. Compare that to 611 visitors you earned through article marketing—you are paying $16.37 for each visitor. And in doing so, you are also earning a higher quality of customer and generating traffic until the end of days.”

It is somewhat clear that in the end, the author chose article marketing as the better technique. “When it comes to earning quality traffic, article marketing gets the last word.” I’m inclined to have the same opinion as hers. How about you?

Don’t Ever Use Google AdWords Again!

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PPC Quake

Forget Google AdWords and check out this new & CRAZY PPC system that generated 8,252 targeted clicks & pulled in $3,890.44 in ONE SINGLE DAY!

Don’t ever worry about expensive keyword bids and traffic that don’t converts anymore. Because this system is almost fail-proof! Even a newbie will be able to set up a money making machine within 2 hours with this system.

Check out PPC Quake today because this will not be up so much longer!

No-cost Google AdWords campaigns

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This may put all those Google consultants out of business: When you open a Google account, Google will help you build your AdWords campaign for free! And who knows more about Google than Google? For more information call: 866-2-Google.

Facebook Advertising Tip

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When advertising on Facebook, send the clicks to a Facebook page and not to your website, advise Perry Marshall and Thomas Meloche in their new book “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising” (Entrepreneur Press).

Reason: If you send your clicks to a Facebook page, then the visitors land in known and comfortable surroundings.

Says Marshall, “Their defenses are much lower than when they are taken to a foreign web site for the first time, and they are more likely to engage more frequently with your content.”

In addition, visitors don’t have to worry that you’re about to install a virus on their computer, post offensive material, or assault them with pop-ups and ads.

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