You obviously know that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started online:

– you don’t need a product of your own

– no payment processing

– no support

– easy commissions without too much work

And so on.

But, although it was dead easy 10-15 years ago, the Internet has changed.

The days where you could just pick any offer, rank a simple web page for any keyword overnight, or even direct link ARE GONE FOREVER.

Shockingly there are many marketers who still think this the way to do it. Is there any wonder why 90% of affiliate marketers don’t make any money?

We have to adapt new marketing strategies accordingly.

Of course you can’t do it on your own: Meaning you have to create great content, keep your visitors engaged, turn them into ambassadors and make sure they stick to your digital properties (you’ll need a lot of those if you want visitors to keep reading your content).

Then you need to understand your visitors behavior and how to turn them into buyers as well.

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