Although the craze to get your business online started a few years back, the demand for businesses to be present on social media is still only increasing. The new area that top businesses and their executives are looking to boost their brands on social media is in the arena of customer care. This research from best website builder shows us that social media customer care is quickly becoming the secret layer of strategy that brands are using to boost their revenue and keep their customers.

Customers Are Demanding More On Social Media

Long gone are the days when a business needed a simple telephone number or e-mail address to deliver quality customer care. Today, 34.5% of people actually prefer social media as a primary customer care channel, followed by website/’live’ chat at 24.7%, e-mail at 19.4% and toll-free phones at 16.1%. But this is good news for most businesses, both big and small since it only costs $1 to solve a customer’s issue via a social media platform, versus the $6 it costs to deal with that same issue via a call center interaction. Social media customer care, or SMCC, is almost 63% cheaper than phone-based customer care, and SMCC agents are actually 167% more efficient for companies than traditional voice agents. But that’s not all.

63% of customers expect companies to offer customer service (CS) on social media, and 56% also expect that level of service to be higher than past levels of CS. One of every seven U.S. citizens are on social media today, and 90% of that group have already used social media to try and reach out to a brand or company. In the U.K., 25% of all social media users have used a social media platform to complain about a brand or company. This goes to demonstrate the worldwide effect of social media and how it has changed the way we do business.

Social Media Customer Service Can Make Or Break Your Brand

So much of the spending population is on social media for the specific purpose of reaching out and connecting with fellow community members. As brands aspire to reach more customers on a personal level, in hopes of achieving customer conversion and retention, there is nothing as capturing as a solid customer care strategy that utilizes the use of social media as a primary means to reach and interact with customers. For every 10 people that a brand or company reaches out to on social media, 7 of them are likely to use the brand’s product as a result. Of those same 10 people, 6.5 of them, or 65%, will demonstrate brand loyalty when reached out to. Of potential buyers, 31% of them will turn to social media to make pre-sale enquiries before making a purchase. If the social media customer care experience is good, 71% of those consumers will likely tell their friends about your brand.

On the other hand, neglecting your customers on the social media forefront can leave your brand name tarnished. Poor response time can make a brand experience a 15% increase in customer churn. 30% of people move on to a competitor when they don’t receive a response from their target brand in time. An unanswered complaint can decrease customer advocacy by 50% and if they have a bad CS experience, 31% will post it online.

Final Word

The facts speak for themselves. Social media is where it is currently at for any enterprise’s customer care. For those looking for a good place to start, Facebook is home to 80% of the world’s online population, and 80% of all customer care inquiries on social media can be found happening on Twitter.

For more insights, refer to “The Rise Of Social Media Customer Care” infographic.

Karthik Reddy, Community Manager at websitebuilder.org.uk, is also the author of India’s no. 1 travel blog. Boasting an MBA in computer science, he once decided to get away from the office desk life and take a breathtaking journey around the world. He is eager to use the power of the global network to inspire others. A passionate traveler and photography enthusiast, he aspires to share his experiences and help people see the world through his lens.

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