Automate Your Facebook Reach

Posted December 24th, 2017 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Social Media

There are immense opportunities in posting your links to offers and content in Facebook groups and you are already a member of hundreds of them, but you are put off by the idea of manually posting to every one of them. Worse still, you can’t afford to manually post to each of them without a time interval in between, otherwise Facebook will suspend your ‘spamming’ activity for 24 hours at least. I found the ideal wait time to post between groups is 10 minutes, but this is very distracting to productivity as it will affect your other tasks.

So what else can you do? Use Social System Elite. This software will help anyone to overcome the challenge of manual posting, thus saving you time and money. It enables you to reach more people in Facebook groups, while keeping your post active and in the top post positions to get you more interaction, traffic, leads and sales.

Check it out over here to get the details.