First impressions are important, you only have a few seconds to capture viewer’s attention.

You need to use those valuable seconds to inspire trust, quality and a sense of high value instantly.

Starting a video with a Live Action Intro, will show them that you are serious about your brand and will make them invest more time in the whole video.

You can create Live Action Intro videos in seconds!

It’s so easy to use:

Step 1: Choose your favorite intro video template.

Step 2: Add your logo.

Step 3: Create your video.

Note: Additionally you can add your own music or choose from the included “Intro Music Tracks” plus you can customize your font size, color, and type.

That’s it.

You can use these Live Action Intros to:

– Add them at the beginning of old videos to increase their perceived value.

– Add them in all of your new videos to make them look more professional.

– Sell them to local businesses.

– Sell them on outsourcing sites like Fiverr.

– Offer your services to YouTubers or marketers to improve their videos.

– For yourself, so you can impress your friends or colleagues, they are going to think you are some kind of video guru…but we’ll keep the secret ;)

We are including 3 limited-time bonuses (once they are gone, are gone):

Bonus 1: 5 extra Intro Video Templates

Bonus 2: A Video Editor to merge your Intro Videos with ANY video you want plus training (takes less then 2 minutes)

Bonus 3: A Logo Pack, so you can create your own logos.