If you want to increase your net worth, you need to do 2 things:

1. Focus on INCREASING your revenue…

2. Acquire more assets (not liabilities)…

So, the revenue part is self-explanatory, right?

Instead of trying to cut your expenses (besides maybe obvious dumb things you spend your paycheck on), you should focus on bringing more money in, particularly passive revenue/income.

And there are lots of ways to do it.

What about “acquiring assets”?

It’s simple—they refer to things that PAY YOU.

You don’t pay them like a mortgage or car payment; they pay you—for instance, real estate investment property.

Assets are the key to wealth because they do 2 things:

1. They help you increase your income…

2. They help you build long-term sustainable (even, generational) wealth…

Now, most of us aren’t taught how to do this.

We’re taught to get a job, drown in debt, and try to just squeak by financially.

Well, I got sick of that a long time ago.

So I changed.

I changed my habits, the way I spent money, and even the way I LOOKED AT and THOUGHT ABOUT money.

Which, brings me to the reason for this message.

Robert Kiyosaki, that author of the modern classic “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and the Rich Dad team had held an online event called “The Rich Dad Summit” on Dec. 9th and 10th.

If you had missed it, fear not…

Because they’re now charging only $1.00 for replay access! You are going to learn A LOT about increasing your income and acquiring assets so there’s no excuse you can’t afford it (cost less than…everything).

It’s not often you get in close touch with Kiyosaki and his team PLUS some very notable guest presenters, so if you’re tired of barely scraping by, this is your golden ticket!

Don’t let this pass you up.

To complement your reading experience, I want to share with you a fantastic article called “45+ Real Passive Income Ideas That Don’t Suck“. This will open your eyes to what’s possible in today’s digital world!

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