If you are into mobile app development, you probably have heard of app reskinning. Similar to private label rights or website flipping, it refers to a process of using an app’s existing code to create a new app from that. The new app might come with several changes such as different graphics, themes or sounds, and here you go, you have created a ‘new’ app from an ‘old’ app’s code.

Even though app reskinning makes easy money, it does require you to have a certain level of technical knowledge. You will also need to come up with a good strategy to attract audience in the new niche, and what changes you should make to cover up traces of the “old app” inside your new one. That is time-consuming, but I have an idea for you.

Mobile App Empire

You will be interested in a fool-proof, step-by-step method to turn low-budget $5 mobile apps into real income. Mobile App Empire features a simple and newbie-friendly formula that takes just 30 minutes per project with income results achievable within 24 hours! Find out the details and snag your training at special launch price!

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