It was once proposed that content curation would be a great compliment to your own content assets. At least, while you are going through a lull period of not writing, you can “cover up” by discovering, compiling, and sharing other people’s content to bring value to your subscribers and followers.

But it would be a missed opportunity not to have a your own call-to-action on other people’s pages, because when your followers in turn share the content to their own connections, you would be able to reach out to strangers whom you never have thought possible otherwise.

But is it possible to have your CTA on other people’s URLs and pages?


Yes, with SQZin! See these demos:

1) Slide-in box
2) Slide-in opt-in box
3) Overlay
4) Password gate

Take for example demo no. 2, you can instantly find viral content and turn it into a squeeze page with a slide-in opt-in box and gain more new subscribers! And there are more creative CTA designs at your disposal with using SQZin.

Use SOMEBODY else’s viral content which has been proven to get attention to increase YOUR conversions WITHOUT rewriting or recreating ANYTHING!

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