Melissa & Nicole from CoachGlue have just released a special video course called “10 Quick + Easy Ways to Add Passive Income Streams to Your Business with Affiliate Marketing“.

In this course, they share:

• What makes products and programs appealing to Nicole when it comes to earning passive income. She’ll show you how to easily judge income potential so you don’t waste time and energy promoting offers that don’t convert.

• How to earn money from your blog even if you rarely post new content.

• How to grow your mailing list and make money with every e-mail you send (one of Nicole’s subscribers once remarked, “Nicole Dean is the only person I know who could send an e-mail with nothing but a buy link and still make money.”).

• Making the most of your ‘hidden’ assets—most people overlook these passive income streams, and they’re a total goldmine!

• The most important page on your website—and it’s one most coaches don’t even have!

• How to earn money on social media—without getting sucked into the abyss

• Practical back-end systems that keep the cashflow healthy—because let’s face it, without a good infrastructure, things can fall apart quickly.

• The little-used location on your website that can pack a big punch…if you know how to use it.

• The one spot that is proven to convert better than any other—and you’re probably not using it!

• How to get all of these (and more) passive income streams in place quickly, and without creating anything new (because who has time for that?)

It’s already affordable at $27, but you can enter coupon code ‘70‘ for a 70% discount on purchase! Valid till November 14th at midnight.

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