One day, your web pages start to talk…

Posted September 26th, 2017 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Audio/Video Marketing

Did you know that 84% of your website visitors never read your entire page?

People are just too busy these days traveling in their car to drop of the kids, go to work, or work out at the gym. They just don’t have the time to read your entire blog, that you so carefully constructed to lead your visitor to the sale.

But what if they could LISTEN to a page instead? AND you don’t have to read out and record every word of your content?


SpeakEz allows your page visitors to listen to your page HANDS-FREE, just by pasting a single line of code on your website!

As a professional voice-over artist, Kimberly Hash de Vries has worked behind the scenes with her team to create an application that helps you create your own voice-overs without having to pay a professional for the service. It simply takes the latest text-to-speech technology to convert any of your pages into a podcast, for your visitors to listen to!

You can also enable translation, to automatically translate the spoken text into the visitors’ native language. Now that creates a massive opportunity to extend your business horizons to international markets and increase your sales. To make this even more EPIC, SpeakEz transfers your GIF images into speaking animations with a quick mouse-over. Simply hover your mouse over the GIF and hear it speak out!

Check out all amazing features SpeakEz provides:

· Automatically turn Your pages into podcasts.
· You can choose your male or female voice for your voice-over.
· You can change the pitch rate, and speak rate of your voice-over (for the benefit of speed-listening).
· Choose your default language for your voice-over.
· Enable translation based on where your visitor is located.
· Customize your play/pause button.
· Enable auto-play to let your page speak whenever someone visits it.
· Create GIF images that speak out!

I am really excited about this new software and so should you and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to add voice to your pages!

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