Finding a good personal finance PLR material that covers things you can actually do is hard to find. That’s why I am excited to share this particular PLR pack and deal with you today. It’s the perfect addition to your blog or website if you talk about personal finance or frugal living.

Smart Frugal Finance” contains 10 articles with more than 400 words each. The titles are:

1. 4 Things You’re Probably Paying Too Much For – 611 words
2. Dollar Store: Deal or No Deal? – 442 words
3. E-asy Ways to Manage Bill Times – 614 words
4. What Does Being Frugal Mean – 426 words
5. How to Spend Your Tax Refund – Don’t – 532 words
6. Paying Off Your Debt – Quick – 762 words
7. Staying Organized at Tax Time – 563 words
8. You Got a Tax Refund – 579 words
9. Thrift Stores Are Not Your Friend – 695 words
10. Non Extreme Couponing for Real People – 509 words

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You would have heard it a lot many times, viewers grasp 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

But, since almost every marketer and business is using videos in their marketing…

So, how do YOU make your videos stand apart and gain your viewers attention?


Don’t worry, I don’t want to scare you! Dr. Amit Pareek with his team has already found a solution for you and has created a brand new cloud-based software called VideoWhizz.

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Here’s how it delivers maximum engagement and conversions without getting involved into any learning curve:

– Personalize the prospect’s e-mail
– Customize your video player with the available default skins
– Embed video popups, lead gate and promo gate
– Integrate Google AdSense campaigns into your video marketing campaigns

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