To be a top-tier guru in this Internet Marketing business, you certainly won’t be peddling $7 info-products for long. Many well-known folks run their own coaching programs and teach their own methods to students. A primary motivation is to leave a lasting legacy, so they don’t mind the hard work. Coaching pays well too.

A big challenge is to come up with enough in-depth material to justify the cost of such a program, which can run from $5,000 onward. The great news is you can now cut short the curve by purchasing a package of ready-made study material, launch your coaching program and establish yourself as THE authority of your new-found I.M. knowledge.

Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery

Barbara Ling and Dennis Becker have released “Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery” with PLR. This contains the original material that Sean Mize used to coach, but since he has partially left the I.M. business, Barbara and Dennis have relaunched it so you don’t have to slave away 40-60 hour weeks, writing, figuring things out, creating audio/video trainings, selling the program lessons and delivering coaching.

Yes, other than the core coaching material, it comes with Sean’s high-ticket selling program (including sales letter for the coaching program) so that you can confidently market the coaching or any other high-ticket item you might already have in your sales funnel.

You can use this coaching material on yourself and be amazed with how it can elevate your expertise. Plus you also get Dennis’ bonus book called “Unlock the Coach in You” with PLR so you can learn the tricks of the coaching trade.

I will bet that you’ve gone through countless courses where the gurus and experts simply refuse to share all. This powerful package cuts through any mystery and get you started on the path to high-ticket success. Get “Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery” for much less than $100 now before they take it down!

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