Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you should know how insane Kindle is for any self-publisher.

Yes, it is great, but as the years go and more authors list their works in the Kindle marketplace, they get frustrated when they don’t make a ton of sales or hit the bestseller list…

And usually, they give up after publishing a few books on there.

But that’s a BIG mistake, because here’s how you really should be using Kindle…

…to mass-publish SIMPLE little books, for huge exposure.

You might have heard the saying before: “Stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap.”

And Kindle is no different.

Who do you think is gonna win: the dude with a couple of books on Kindle, or you, with 50 of those lead-generating suckers all over the darn place?

It’s not about making a fortune upfront…that’s never gonna happen when you’re selling dinky little books for a few bucks a pop.

It’s about mass exposure…and mass LEADS.

The more books, the more of an expert you appear, the more chance your target buyers will find you, and the more leads you can drive back to your real offers.

Another problem concerning Kindle authorship is formatting and publishing for Kindle is a nightmare to some, causing many aspiring authors to give up way too early.

But for those that have the right tools, mass-publishing on Kindle is a walk in the park.

KD Publishing Pro

That’s why you need KD Publishing Pro.

Not only does it handle all the nasty formatting woes that Kindle is known for, but it allows you to mass-submit dozens of lead-generating books on Kindle every day.

This tool has been in the lab for a long time, but you can still get it at 72% discount price, so grab it now, and get a firm start or reboot at Kindle Marketing again.