WP Content Discovery

Who don’t want more traffic to their blogs? Download your free WP Content Discovery plugin.

This WordPress plugin promotes your posts throughout a content network in which other bloggers also activate WP Content Discovery, giving your posts increased exposure and attracting more clicks.

The demo video below best explains how it works:

Sounds good? It’s free for a 1-site license. If you like it, you can upgrade for developer’s license anytime so you can input more websites in the settings.

It’s maddening, isn’t it?

You’ve might have heard that all the big gurus split-test their sales pages.

To find out what converts the best…

And make more sales.

But the thing is, unless you know WHAT to change and HOW to change…

You might think that more sales via split-testing is out of your reach.

Split Testing Made Easy

You’re in luck today because my colleagues, Barbara Ling and Dennis Becker, have just released “Split Testing Made Easy“!

Barbara and Dennis taught themselves how to make split-testing work for them, and they really tested a wide array of marketing platforms and channels.

“Split Testing Made Easy” contains:

• WarriorPlus Step-By-Step Helpful Screenshots

• FB Ads Split-Testing Resources

• eMail Split-Testing Resources

• Instagram Ads Split-Testing Resources

• eCommerce Split-Testing Resources

• Fiverr Split-Testing Resources

• Amazon Split-Testing Resources

• eCover Split-Testing Resources

• CPA Split-Testing Resources

• Typography Split-Testing Resources

• Calls-To-Action Split-Testing Resources

• Pricing Tables Split-Testing Resources


Plus enhancements. You’re going to love these!

You’ll discover the art of conversational copywriting.

Have access to pre-written sales funnel templates…

Uncover the secrets to Big Ticket Mastery…

Start your journey here!