A brand new “Artificial Intelligence” website software has just launched, and boy, I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this before.

It’s almost like having a real-life human talking to your visitors.

With just a tiny bit of copy-and-paste code, your website or landing page is transformed in to an “almost human” speaking machine that can deliver any audio message to your website visitor that you ask it to.

The AIWIS software automatically ‘knows’ your visitors’ names, then asks them questions which are related to the actions they take on the site.

Each time the visitor returns, they can be asked a different question so no message is ever repeated twice.

So how does AIWIS perform its magic?

It uses an ingenious combination of text to speech and cookies, so the owner of the site can create messages using shortcodes which are transcribed into spoken audio.

These include:

[local time]
[time last visited]
[admins name]

To start off with.

AIWIS is highly engaging, it’s a totally unique concept, and it’s a tool that you can use to send entirely customized messages to build a strong relationship between your visitor and the website owner.

It’s super easy to set up—just type in what you want it to say, then copy and paste some code on your web page.

You really need to see this incredible tool in action to appreciate just how much it can help your business stand out and make sales.

Imagine how great it will feel to stand out from the boring “me too” marketers and have something that will totally WOW your visitor all the way to the sale.

See AIWIS in action and grab it now, before your competition beats you and you get left lagging behind, wishing you had acted when you had the opportunity.

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