65 Done-For-You Blog Posts

Need content for your blog without writing it yourself?

CoachGlue has put together a special package of 65 done-for-you blog posts on a variety of topics that you can use to fill up your blog, newsletters and social media accounts with scheduled content for the summer holidays (which are coming up fast).

This package is only available for a limited-time, so make sure you grab these while they last!

Here are all the titles:

All About Pricing:

• Easy Pricing Strategies to Determine Your Rates
• No More ROI: The Real Way to Sell High-Priced Packages
• The Art of the Discount: How to Never Lower Your Rates Again
• Stop! Before You Raise Your Rates…Do This
• Say it With Confidence: How to Discuss Rates Like a Pro

Writing Your Book:

• 5 Reasons Every Coach Needs a Book
• Overcoming Objections: Defeating Your Top Book-Writing Hurdles
• Easy-Peasy Book Writing: 3 Ideas You Can Use to Write Your Book Today
• Book Marketing Made Easy: If You Write it, They Will Come
• Four Publishing Options Worth Exploring

Branding Your Business:

• How Much Transparency Is Too Much?
• The Art of Storytelling
• You Are Your Brand
• How to Identify Your IDEAL Client
• Clarifying Your Offerings for Bigger Profits

Sales Funnels Profits:

• What the Heck is a Funnel, Anyway?
• Why Your Funnels Leaks And What To Do About It
• 3 Pages Every Funnel Must Have And What To Include On Them!
• Put Your Sales on Autopilot With a Follow-Up Sequence
• Top Tools for Building All Your Sales Funnels

Facebook Ads:

• The Missing Element in Your Funnel
• Storytelling: Your Autoresponder Secret Weapon
• Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Planning
• 3 Elements of a Squeeze Page That Converts
• The Art of the Upsell

Growing Your Lists with Giveaway Events:

• Can You Really Build a Business Giving Away Free Stuff?
• 3 Promotional Strategies You Can’t Afford to Ignore
• Giveaway Events: For Best Results, Make it Easy on Your Partners
• Giveaway Events: The Money is in the Back End
• Inviting Giveaway Guests: Make Her an Offer She Can’t Refuse

Your Own Group Coaching Program:

• Why We Love Group Coaching Programs
• What Your Potential Clients Wish You Knew
• Three Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business
• All About Product Funnels for Coaches
• Taming Technology: How to Easily Manage Your Coaching Business

Getting High-End Clients:

• How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?
• Lessons Learned: What A Lost Client Really Tells You
• Need More Clients? Think Like a Farmer
• Fear-Based Decisions Are Bad for Business
• Sales Tips for Reluctant Sales People

Creating Premium Packages:

• Mindset Matters: Getting Inside the Head of Top Dollar Coaches
• Your First Live Event: Start Small, Think Big
• 5 Ways to Uplevel Your Credibility
• Coaching Business Makeovers: It’s Time for a Change
• Simple Ways to Eliminate the Tire Kickers

Creating Business Systems:

• Your Automated Sales Force
• How to Network Like a Ninja
• Money Matters: How to Systematize Everything from Invoicing To Tax Preparation
• Hello Tech Support? How to Tame Those Technical Demons That Hold You Back
• 4 Solutions for De-Stressing Your Business Starting Right Now

Hosting Fun & Profitable VIP Days:

• Social Proof Sells: How to Build a Buzz During Your VIP Day and Sell Out Future Events
• Planning Your Day: Why Informal is the Best Way to Kill Your VIP Day
• Weeding Out the Wannabes: How to Design a VIP Application Process That Works
• Single Focus: The Secret to Powerful VIP Days
• VIP Days: The Secret Strategy of Top-Earning Coaches

Virtual Summits to Increase your Network & Network:

• Three Powerful Tools That Make Hosting a Virtual Summit Easy
• The Many Benefits of Virtual Summits
• How to Make Money With a Free Event
• Virtual Summits: Show Off Your Expertise (Even If You’re a Relative Newbie)
• Three Rookie Summit Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Webinars for List Building:

• Webinar Magic: 3 Powerful Benefits Every Webinar Offers
• Slide Secrets: How to Create Attention Grabbing Slide Presentations
• Webinar Repurposing Strategies That Make Sense
• Top Tips for Hosting an Engaging Webinar
• Webinar Timeline: A Proven Outline for Webinar Success

Awesome, right?

Now enjoy this awesome package with an awesome discounted price that is valid until Wednesday, April 19th, no codes needed!