You may not have heard of Richard Butler, but as a career life and business coach, he is always interested to know why and how some people were so successful while others were not.

So he hunted down the best of the best in the online sector and grilled them. He’s got over 9 hours of life-changing interviews with with some of the leading experts in the Internet Marketing industry.

Here’s a rundown on some of the experts and what they are going to share:

Alex Jeffreys – from dead broke 10 years ago to owning one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

Erik Stafford – the man who walked away from 3 successful businesses he built—he deleted customers, lists, products—why he did it and how it helped him.

Reed Floren – never had a job in his life, but continues to earn day in day out from the Internet. Find out his secrets.

Felicia Slattery – from college professor to one of the sought-after speakers and trainers in the business—find out why you have to know how to communicate even if you will never be on stage.

Stuart Tan – one of Asia’s leading professional trainers, to date he has trained over 500,000 people. He talks about NLP and how to program yourself for success.

Mark Lyford – from living it up in the Bahamas to spending a couple of years in jail, his story is one of a survivor and go-getter. Learn from him on what it takes to keep on going.

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