Some of the best opportunities in life are the ones that we create, and I wanted to share an exciting program which will allow you to start the year fast and create a pile of cash FAST!

Gary Ryan Blair, is about to launch a truly unique, highly valuable (and very reasonably priced) program that’s going to knock your socks off.

I’m so impressed with this program and the possibilities for making big money on the very first day of the New Year, and urge you to give this a serious look.

Here are the cliff notes of what I have to share with you:

The importance of the first 100 days of the New Year is often the difference between success and failure.

If anyone is SERIOUS about accomplishing great things this year, they’d be wise to come out of the starting gate fast, focused and fired up.

They must use the first 100 days to make major strides toward achieving their goals, because if they don’t, they’re going to be playing catch up the remainder of the year and regret getting off to a slow start.

Gary has created the most intense goal-setting program on the planet and it’s called the “100 Day Challenge”.

It’s all about getting things done, getting massive results quickly,and STARTING THE YEAR FAST.

The best part is that it has proven to be one of the highest converting programs ever launched.

It’s endorsed and promoted by almost every heavyweight in the industry to include Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, and John Assaraff to name just a few.

Gary has used this extreme performance workout with people from all over the world and from every conceivable occupation to make staggering performance gains.

Like I said, I’m so impressed with Gary and his 100 Day Challenge that I’ll be participating in both the program and in the campaign.

I suggest you sign up to become an affiliate right now so you can make huge commissions while helping your clients to start the New Year right.

The only logical way to overcome the “trading time for money” entrepreneurial challenge is to nurture a source of recurring revenue. Providing a subscription fee-based service is normally the first online business model that comes to mind, but not many marketers can master it because all the elements must come together in a right balance to provide maximum value for customers for as long as as they are willing to pay.

After 2.5 years of trial and error, Ben Adkins has refined a formula for building subscription programs with the best possible variety of content AND repeated his success several times.

Ben has tested everything and perfected the sales process, the “subscriber stick” process, and all of the mechanics that make it profitable. He has put together a training program called “Snap On Subscriptions” for only 500 people who wants to learn his subscription model.

Snap On Subscriptions

What’s Inside “Snap On Subscriptions”?

• An Uncensored Look at a 100K Generating Subscription Program

Ben is not someone who just teaches a concept. He tests it and refines it so that he can show you something that really works. He will take you behind the scenes of an actual subscription program that follows this exact model (it’s done pretty well for him). Just seeing the ‘guts’ of this is enough to help you put together your first successful subscription program.

• The 10,000 ft “Snap On Subscription” Model Overview

You’re going to get a full view of how the “Snap On” Model works and how it blends a ton of things that you’ve probably heard about as you’ve waded through the online space…but puts them together in a model that ACTUALLY WORKS. Yes, you can do this even if you’ve never gotten it right before.

• Why You Don’t Need Membership Site Software

Until you’re making over $50k a month online, you don’t need expensive membership software. Ben will show you how to do everything with a few easy to build web pages, an autoresponder, and your favorite shopping cart.

• How To Build A Subscription On The “Psychology of Collecting”

This is the core of why Ben’s subscription programs are so ‘sticky’. Once you understand how this works, you’ll be able to build subscriptions that get people to stick once they’re in.

• The EXACT Audiences That You Should Sell To

Face it. Not all audiences are built for subscription programs. Stop trying to force a Subscription Program on folks that won’t sign up and just let Ben show you the exact audiences that will.

• The Type of Content That Gets Subscribers (And Keeps Them)

This is the core of everything. Once Ben shows you the right audiences to target, you’ll just need to know what type of content they will pay you over and over again for. I’ll show you inside.

• How To Create The Special Content That Makes It Work

Ben will also show you a silly easy way that you can create the content for your subscription program. It takes a little work, but once it’s done, it will make you money for years. (and really…it’s not that much work when you compare it to a lot of the things you’ve done that haven’t worked in your business.)

• A Full Overview Of How To Create the Pages That Power It

You’ll see how to create everything that makes the membership work. You can build this stuff no matter your preferred page maker (WordPress, HTML, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc. all work).

• A Full Overview Of How To Power It All With An Autoresponder And Cart

Once you build the content and pages you just need to create the ‘brains’ to deliver it and make sure you get paid easily. Ben will show you exactly how he does it (you can pull this off even if you don’t use the same autoresponder or shopping cart that he does).

• Subscription Secrets for Making More Income Fast

Just know that this is the Secret Sauce that you add on once you get everything built.

• The 3-Pronged Snap On Subscription Asset

When you build things the way that Ben is going to show you inside, you’ll actually be creating 3 things at once. One to build a targeted list (who you can sell to later), one to build a monthly income, and one asset that you can sell for a nice one-time fee. Put them all together and that’s when the magic happens. The best part: you get 3x the money generating assets for just 1x the work.

When you reach the order page, you’ll notice two options. You can get everything inside of “Snap On Subscriptions” for the crazy price offered for the first 500 or you can invest a little more and get the “Snap On Subscriptions” Advanced Package.

What’s Inside Snap on Subscriptions Advanced?

You get everything inside “Snap On Subscriptions” plus access to Ben’s exclusive toolkit to build all the pieces fast.

You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes breakdown of 3 subscription programs that use this model (these are ‘live’ and making money now).

Specifically, you’ll get these in the Advanced Program:

•    A Private Look Inside a $9.95/m Subscription Program
•    Behind the Scenes of a $67/m Subscription Program
•    An Over-the-Shoulder Look at a $199/m Subscription Program
•    Ben’s PRIVATE Snap on Model Subscription Page Templates
•    Ben’s PRIVATE Subscription Sales Grabbing Script Templates

With this upgrade you’re going to get an intimate look behind the scenes at everything Ben’s team has learned about creating, running, and growing a subscription program.

Everything you’ll be learning in “Snap On Subscriptions” has made Ben a fortune and for your small investment if you are one of the 500 to get in before he sells out, Ben is also offering a monster guarantee: If you create your first successful subscription and don’t sign up your first member within the next 60 days, he wants you to ask for your money back and you will get it, no questions asked.

Sounds good? Get the know-how to build a simple and real recurring asset now!