7 Steps For Keeping Copywriting Clients Satisfied by Bob Bly

Posted December 27th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Uncategorized

The worst thing about freelance copywriting (or any other type of writing) is this: You write a brilliant piece that you are absolutely in love with. You submit it to your client or editor. And the client call or e-mails – and to your utter amazement says, “I hate this. It stinks.”

How can you prevent this unpleasant event and ensure your clients’ satisfaction? Here are a few ideas that work:

1. Listen and capture.

Often when you ask the client about his business or product, he will articulate its benefits in a clear and powerful way. Write down what he says, and incorporate the best of this verbiage in your copy. Not only is it accurate, but when the client reads it, he’ll be pleased with how you put things (because it accurately reflects how he thinks of the product).

2. Create a pre-approved sentence library.

Especially when dealing with a complex or technical subject, after reviewing the source material, write a bunch of sentences that express your understanding of the technology, function, and features as best you can.

Submit these sentences

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