We have a HUGE problem, and the problem is to do with our sites falling out of the search engines (nearly all of us can relate to that).

Google is coming down heavy and dropping ENTIRE sites out of their rankings due to internal duplicate content.

I’m not talking about 100% duplicate content that is found on our sites; I’m talking about content that is similar such as our posts and pages that are similar to each other.

Many Internet marketers and authors don’t realize it is a real cause to the consequences they will suffer:

1. If any of your posts and pages are SIMILAR, Google will see them as duplicate.

2. If any of your posts and pages are identical, Google will see them as duplicate.

3. Google doesn’t know which post or page to rank due to your duplicates.

4. Google runs out of indexing quota for your site (another reason why your posts are not ranking)…

5. Google is now starting to lower ENTIRE sites’ SE rankings where as before it would only lower the duplicated page.

The GOOD NEWS is that a solution has been devised to secure your sites immediately before you end up losing your entire business.

Dupizer does its job in 5 steps:

1. It scans your website and gives each post and page a duplicate % rating.

2. It then AUTOMATICALLY deletes the newer duplicate.

3. It can MANUALLY delete duplicates if the site admin approves.

4. It will delete duplicates based on what % rating you set in settings.

5. It will enable you to easily monitor your content so that you can edit it at any stage bringing your content into the safety zone.

Like it or not, we are all affected to some degree and it’s up to you to read up more about the Dupizer plugin.


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