People are going crazy about the WordPress SEOPressor plugin now!

Why, you ask?

First of all, everyone in the past thought SEO = Backlinking…SEOPressor founder Daniel proves this all wrong!

The correct mindset should be: SEO = *On-page Leverage* X Backlinking

On-page Leverage is the *MISSING* multiplier! For ages we have missed this! No wonder SEO companies always get ahead on their projects and left us, the outsiders, wondering why they can rank higher with little backlinks!

Now that you know on-page SEO is crucial to skyrocketing to the top of SERPs, you’re going to need SEOPressor!


SEOPressor is now at Version 5, faster than ever before and equipped with 5 new features:

* Over-optimization check: An alert that tells you when you’re over optimized—never ever worry again how you might get penalized by Google!

* OG Tags & Twitter Card Integration: Powers up your social SEO, making sure you’re easily found on social network giants such as Facebook and Twitter!

* Rich Snippet Structured Data: Improves Visitor Behaviour and CTR by allowing you to display pinpoint accurate and relevant information about your page on SERPs!

* Automatic Smart Internal and External Linking: Automatically hyperlinks your keywords after the first time you do it!

* Multiple Keyword & LSI Analysis: Analyses your keywords and provides all the related keywords to include in your content to improve on-page SEO! Google loves LSI keywords!

It’s true what they say—Daniel Tan over-delivers!

SEOPressor is now being used by over 12 million WordPress sites and if you are not using it right now, you are losing out!

Check it out for yourself now, you just have to see it to believe it!

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