Old school SEO is dead for the most part. Remember not too long ago, you were worrying about putting your keywords in every paragraph, and adding them in H1, H2, H3 tags, etc.? Trying to get your keyword in your content 5% or something crazy like that? SEO has become a real drag lately. Every time you turn around, Google has come up with a new slap.

If you’re still doing SEO the old hard way, you should hang it up. There’s a better way, one that’s much easier and more enjoyable.

Social signals are your answer. You see, Google thinks it’s much more reliable to look at social shares from real social network users as a ranking factor. These are very hard to fake.

Bertus Engelbrecht came up with an ingenious idea of how to get power social network users not only to gladly and willingly share his content, but also to opt-in to his list and buy from him.

His rankings climb steadily month after month too. Not to mention that he is building his brand and authority with his system too!

The beauty of his system is that most people are already doing 90% of what it takes to make this work.

But what’s even better is very few marketers are taking advantage of this right now. It’s exciting to see something as unsaturated as this coming out.

Ready to stop buying links and solo ads hoping and praying that Google’s not going to nail you?

Then check out Social Signal Domination. It’s time to make getting links that stick fun again.

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