Domain Security Pro will soon become the standard software for protecting your web pages and blogs against hackers, malicious bots, spam bruteforce attacks, and hotlink image and video file thieves. Every online marketer who owns websites will want this software.

Most WordPress users install security-type plugins. This is not effective! Not only does it eat up more resources on your WordPress install (you probably have too many plugins as it is), making your blog and browser speed slower, and causing conflicts with other important plugins you may have, but it simply is not as effective as protecting your WordPress sites from the outside so that malicious hackers and bots cannot even get to step 1 in their attempt to hurt your site. Once they make it into your admin, it is too late. No plugin will save you. A desktop application is much better, and faster, to do this.

Imagine managing 100 WordPress blogs, and you are in need of urgently changing your passwords to all of them. Without DSP, you have to manually log into each WordPress admin and change your password. This can take you hours. With Domain Security Pro, you can change all 100 of your passwords with the click on a button and it takes seconds.

Perhaps there is a malicious spamming bot that attempts to take your WordPress blog down by BruteForce attack, whereby it attempts to login to your wp-admin page over and over again. With Domain Security Pro, a person or bot will no longer be able to access your wp-admin page or URL. You have cut them off at the root before they can even get there. The only one who can visit your wp-admin page is you. You can even set it so that only your IP can visit your wp-admin page. And once again, you can protect all of your blogs this way with the click of 1 button.

Or perhaps it really annoys you when you see thieves taking your image or video files, hosted on your server, and embedding them on their websites. With Domain Security Pro’s hotlink protection, you can instantly set up hotlink with all of your websites so that thieves will not be able to embed your image and video files.

Maybe instead of a blog, you run a vbulletin forum, or a membership site. No worries. Domain Security Pro can protect your admin login page too.

Ultimately, if you want to protect ANY website or page, and make it only accessible via your IP address. Domain Security Pro will do it! It’s powerful and essential. Get it now at 50% off!

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